Soviet public health in the service of the people.. (1987)

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Director: Guljchuk N.

Script writers: Bagiryan R.

Operators: Dobrzhinskij A.


The film tells about the prospects of Soviet medicine.

Medicine | Health | Science

Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of Moscow.

View from the water at the Kremlin.

Athletes swim kayak.

Teenagers go for a drive in the park on skateboards, followed by a girl riding a bicycle.

Teenagers on skateboards go on the track.

Family jogging.

The workers on the shop floors.

Medical bus near the building.

The bus climbs worker.

Employees visiting team carried out medical examinations.

Doctors and patients in a hospital corridor.

People are questioning on the computer.

A nurse takes a blood sample.

Laboratory studies of blood.

Visual inspection.

Pressure measurement of the fundus.

Inspection at the office of the otolaryngologist.

Hardware Check view.

With the patient runs a neurologist.

The doctor prints the survey data and gives the patient.

The doctor walks down the hallway.

Patient ECG. Ultrasound procedures.

Experts process the data on a computer.

Man sawing wood.

Work on logging.

View of the house at the end of the path.

In the house come the men in white coats.

View from the stairs into the hall, people sitting at the bottom.

Climbing stairs.

Doctors conducting inspection of patients.

People are affected across the clearing.

Handling the victim to a medical helicopter.

The helicopter flies away.

Employees PBX receive calls.

Helicopter lands.

The victim was transferred from a helicopter into the car service resuscitation.

Doctors get in the car.

The car drives away.

Helping the patient in the way.

An ambulance arrives at the station.

In the courtyard of the hospital walking people running fountains.

Along the corridor carry a patient on a gurney.

Nursing position in the hallway on the floor.

Diagnosis using a gamma camera.

The nurse's office is held in a mask.

Cardiac Research by angeografii.

MRI procedure.

Examination of the patient's imager.

Laser treatment.

Operation eyes.

Use of the Ilizarov fixator for treatment of fractures.

Computer diagnostics.



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The door opens, the doctor comes to the House.

Experts check the equipment.

The apparatus "artificial kidney", a patient on hemodialysis.

A nurse takes blood from the patient.

Doctors working in the operating room.

There is a surgery to replace a heart valve.

View of the top operating.

Alternating: the operators of the remote control pressure chamber, the camera is surgery.

Operation prosthetic vessels.

The nurses are preparing the equipment to the procedure, the physician examines the patient in the ward.

A doctor examines an elderly woman.

Nurse talking on the phone.

The passage in the House.

The nurse brings food to a patient.

Inspection and hardware diagnostics of a pregnant woman.

A nurse with a baby.

The child is placed in a crib.

Top view of the Chamber, mothers with children.

Equipment for the care of premature babies.

Doctors carried out the necessary procedures for the child.

The nurse feeds the baby.

Sleeping baby.

Hospital staff coming up the stairs, go across the hall.

People go to the building of the hospital.

The doctors talk with patients.

The doctor with the patient walking on a treadmill.

The patient in the examination.

The doctor's face.

People in the resort lobby.

The patient has been on an exercise bike under the supervision of a physician.

Exercising in the pool.

Sporting activities in the hall.

Group Health is engaged in a park.

People in the spa pool.

Children go to school.

In the hallway, sitting children and adults, the boy gets up and walks into the room.

Doctors do children vaccinated.

School gym at recess.

The boys are a bunch of balls.

Train players on the field.

Runners run through the park path.

In a clearing in the grass playing with small children.

Children near an artificial pond in kindergarten.

Clinical examination in kindergarten.

Children solarium.

Children group aerobics.