The Morning Of Our City. (1959)

Documentary №5216, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:53
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Grigorev U., Grigoreva R., Dovlatyan F., Mirskiy L.
Screenwriters:Lyukov V., Panov U., Uvarov YU.
Composers:Nikolaev A.


The film tells about Moscow: its monuments, the outside broadcast around the city.

Temporary description:

Film about Moscow. City of Moscow. Streets, buildings, plazas, monuments, embankments, bridges. Squares and parks. The children and young couples are on the streets of the city, standing on the bridge. Trolleybus Park. The movement of grain wagon. Electricians on lampposts. Water bus from the pier. Red Square. Changing the guard at the mausoleum. Community services workers of the city for work. Movement irrigation machines. Swans in the pond. The building of the telegraph. Down the street comes the postman. Movement taxis, cars, trolley buses. The manufacturing processes at the factory "ball bearing" at a construction site. Passers-by on the streets. The operator at the switchboard at work. The building of the airport. The arrival of the aircraft. Foreign tourists visiting the sights of Moscow. The girl gives flowers Italian singer M. Del Monaco. Shop windows. Trade in stores. Park of Culture and Rest named after Gorky. Amusements.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Moscow at dawn.

University on Lenin Hills, Moscow streets, monuments, AS Pushkin, Yu Dolgoruky, Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Cloudy sky over Moscow during dawn, on the waterfront in the Lenin Hills walking boy and girl.

Trolleybus park before the - LS.

Boy and girl on the bridge to meet the dawn.

High-voltage mast, factory building.

Pipe Metallurgical Plant "Hammer and Sickle" at dawn - MS.

On street passing car "Bread» - LS.

Electricians repairing electrical wiring to trolleybuses.

River boats at the dock - LS.

Moscow Kremlin at dawn - LS.

Boy and girl go empty street.

Kremlin chimes - CU.

Changing of the guard at the mausoleum.

Walking foot boys and girls in the area - CU.

Changing of the guard at the mausoleum - LS., MS.

Bute Chimes - CU.

The sun rises over Moscow - LS.

Passenger aircraft at the airport at sunrise - LS.

Railway bridge on the Moscow River - LS.

Cranes - LS.

Orlikov Lane - LS.

Machines watered streets.

The sun in a cloudy sky - MS.

Red Square - LS.

Bute fountains in the square in front of the University on Lenin Hills - LS.


Livestock pavilion, fountain "ear" at ENEA.

Watering trees and flowers at ENEA.

Workers cleaned the glass in a subway station "Lenin Hills» - LS.

Machine pours Soviet area.

Pedestrians on the street, a car wash embankment.

Cafe (no visitors) - LS.

Black swans on a pond.

Moscow River near Kiev station - LS.

The boy and girl are the steps Library.

VI Lenin.

Telegraph building on Gorky Street.

Postmen with newspapers out of the building.

Taxi, ready to travel the route.

Taxis are parked.

Pilots are to airplanes.

Trolleybuses out of the park.

Sculpture Worker and Collective Farm at ENEA.

People go to work, to school.

Young workers at the bench - CU.

Pedestrians and vehicles, trolleys in the streets.

Muscovites at the subway station, the railway station.

Students go to school at MSU.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In the design office architects.

Levelman measure the area on the construction site - CU.

Construction of a house - LS., MS., CU.

Built up a multi-storey residential building - PNRM.

Muscovites out of the house, the mother of children are in kindergarten.

Kids in strollers - MS.


Girl sitting on a bench in the park.

Marching feet boys and girls - MS.

A father and child, man and woman relax on the boulevard.

Seniors on a bench.

A mother and child walking along the boulevard.

The girl feeds pigeons.

Two students are engaged in the morning in the park.

Children play on the boulevard.

Students read, talk on the bench on the boulevard.

In the streets people are passing.

Vehicles on the streets.

Moscow - LS.

Globe on the Central Telegraph building - CU.

Working telegraph - CU.

Network of telephone lines.

Work telephone operator.

At the airport passenger plane taxis - LS.

Arriving passengers leave the plane.

Foreign visitors are directed to the terminal.

Vnukovo airport terminal building - MS.

PNRM. the building of the hotel "Ukraine", the people at the hotel.

Foreigners in the hotel.

Tourists on the streets of Moscow.

Girl presented with flowers Italian singer Del Monaco.

Del Monaco is sent to the car and drives down the street.

Vehicular traffic in the Theater passage.

Pedestrians walk in the tunnel.

Pedestrians pass through the tunnel at the Children's World on Dzerzhinsky Square.

People walk past storefronts Children's World.

They leave with their purchases from stores.

A woman with a full mesh products - MS.

Shoppers in stores on Gorky Street.

The reflections in the glass display cases pedestrians.

A customer in the arcade.

Muscovites buy newspapers at a kiosk.

Girl on the street buying balloons.

PNRM. Children in the building of peace.

Buyers are on the stairs in the building of Children's World.

Drawings on the glass display cases at the Children's world.

Muscovites are swimming in the pool, in the Moscow River.

Children of the parapet of the Moscow River.

Muscovites ride the rides "Airplane" in the park.

Sadovaya Street - LS.

Running machine-gun at the Moscow plant "Ball."

Traffic Lights - CU.

The hand on the control panel - CU.

The green traffic light - CU.

Car at a traffic light - LS.

Operation of the power station in Moscow.

Remote control traffic signals on city streets.

Pass the car.

Boy and girl look at Moscow from Lenin Hills.

Moscow - LS. (The top point), PNRM.


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