Lenin's older sister. (1989)

Documentary №52189, 1 part, duration: 0:09:40
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Tomberg V.
Screenwriters:Tomberg V., Mihnenko M.
Camera operators:Martincev A.



About the life and revolutionary activities of Anna Ilyinichna Ulyanova - Yelizarova.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo of the Ulyanov family.

View of the building of the Simbirsk gymnasium, where he studied Ulyanova-Elizarova, A. I.

A photo of a street in St.

Petersburg late 19th century.

Portrait of Ulyanov A. I., 1887.

View of the Winter Palace.

Closed the gates of the Shlisselburg fortress, photographs of the courtyard of the prison.

Portrait of Ulyanov A. I. in 1987.

The plaque on the wall of the fortress Shlisselburg at the place of execution of Alexander Ulyanov.

The painting depicts a young VI Lenin with his mother.

Panorama of the village of Kokushkino, house, A. I. Ulyanov lived during his exile.

Interior view of the house-Museum of Lenin in Kokushkino.

Photo by A. I. Ulyanova and her husband M. T. Yelizarov

Photo of Moscow streets from the late 19th century.

Painting the speaker in the work of the Marxist circle of Lenin, fragments of paintings.

Terem picture of Lenin in 1895.

Titles of books, worked with Lenin, sitting in prison.

Inside view of the room of Lenin in Shushenskoye.

Cover of Lenin's book the Development of capitalism in Russia".

The first issue of the newspaper "Iskra".

Portrait Ulyanova-Yelizarova in the early 20th century.

Chess table with a hiding place for the carriage rooms "Sparks".

An employee of the Central state archive of the October revolution pulls the case out of the box in the store.

Policing and prison photo Ulyanova-Yelizarova.

Passing cab.

The title of the Bolshevik newspaper "Forward".

Articles and brochures, translated Ulyanova-Yelizarova from foreign languages.

Footage of the walking prisoners from x/movie "9 Jan".

Newsreel 1905-1010 years: the types of London street, cars and public transport.

Photo of the reading room of the British Museum.

The Letters Of Lenin Ulyanova-Yelizarova.

The first edition of Lenin's book "Materialism and empiric."

Photos of streets of St.

Petersburg 1900-ies.

Headers Bolshevik Newspapers and magazines, which worked Ulyanova-Yelizarova.

Copy of the first issue of the magazine "Worker".

Newsreel 1914-1916 years: soldiers kissing the cross during prayer at the forefront of the exploding shells.

Unloading the wounded from the hospital train.

House in St.

Petersburg, where she lived Ulyanov-Elizarova in the first world war.

The look of the room after the search, (re-enactment).

Newsreel 1917: the revolutionary events in Petrograd, the soldiers ' demonstrations, the destruction of symbols of the monarchy.

The text of the telegram of Lenin on arrival in Petrograd.

Photo Lenin, speaking from the rostrum at the meeting of the soldiers ' section of the Petrograd Soviet.

The interiors of the apartments Elizarovykh in Petrograd on Wide streets, where Lenin lived until July 5, 1917.

Game footage/film "October", shot guns of the cruiser Aurora, storming the Winter Palace.

Photo Ulyanova-Yelizarova in 1918-1919.

Newsreel of the 1920-ies: street children on the street are going have asphalt tank by sitting in it, Smoking, homeless person.

The distribution of the homeless soup.

Sessions on literacy in the orphanage.

The funeral Elizarova, M. T. in Petrograd March 13, 1919, people carry the coffin, the coffin is Lenin, photography Elizarova.

The funeral procession moves through the streets of Petrograd at the Volkovo cemetery.

Lenin is in the funeral procession, helping to close the coffin, the coffin was lowered into the grave.

Lenin Ulyanova Ulyanova and M. I. stand near the grave.

The views of the Moscow Kremlin and the streets of Moscow in the early 1920-ies.

Freedom monument on Tverskaya square.

One of the rooms of the journal "proletarian revolution" in which he collaborated Ulyanova-Yelizarova.

Documents archival business Ulyanov A. I.

Books with the memory of A. I. Ulyanov and revolutionary activity of Lenin, written Ulyanova-Yelizarova.

The view from the window of an apartment on Manezhnaya street in which she lived Ulyanov-Elizarova, the interiors of the rooms.

Students tour during a visit to the Museum-apartment Ulyanova-Yelizarova, children listen to a guide and visiting the exhibits.

Picture Of Lenin, Krupskaya N. To. and Ulyanova-Yelizarova with nephew Victor and Faith Lumber in Gorki in 1922.

The plaque on the wall of a house in Moscow, where she lived Ulyanov-Elizarova, residential house in Manezhnaya street.


Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich [841] - statesman and political figure Ulyanova-Yelizarova Anna Ilyinichna-revolutionary, social and political activist Maria Ilinichna Ulyanov-revolutionary, social and political activist

Calendar: 1905-1910 1914-1916 03.1917-04.1917 13.03.1919 1920-1924

Locations: Moscow [820] Petrograd [959] London [870] Russia [1]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

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