Rocket launch complex "East - Union".. (1990)

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Director: Agapov I.


A film about the world's first launch pad for space rockets.


Reel №1

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Start spaceship from the Baikonur "cosmodrome."

General view of the launch at Baikonur (above).

Newsreel 1957: The first artificial satellite in flight.

The dog Laika to space flight.

Yuri Gagarin on the bus, following the start of the spacecraft April 12, 1961.

Gagarin in a chair on the ship "Vostok" is ready to fly.

Start of spacecraft "Vostok-1".

Sheets with drawings and sketches of the launch complex.

The creator of the launch complex Academician VP Barmin at your desk.

General view of the launch complex (top).

The work of extinguishing the complex.

View of a portion of the ejection starting complex.

Transportation spacecraft to the launch site.

Type lift with a missile in a horizontal position.

Cab service extends from the niche launch facility.

View workroom cab service.

Translation rocket from a horizontal to a vertical position.

Set in a rocket launch system.

Launch installed in the launch system.

Securing the rocket by means of support trusses.

View of the supporting trusses.

Installing the unit grounds maintenance work zones missiles.

View of the turntable at the base of the starting system.

Rollers turntable.

Homepage Layout system, showing a turn of 360 degrees.

View of part of the mechanism of the turntable.

General view of the launch complex.

Type stationary storage of liquid oxygen.

Type containers with liquid nitrogen in the storage.

Kind of a compressor station for the air supply system ejection.

View of part of the rocket fuel filling system.

Feeding the oxidizer and fuel on board the missile.

View of the light mimic.

View refuel missiles (bottom).

Rocket at the start while feeding liquid oxygen.

The cabin is cleaned in a niche service launching facility.

View rocket before launch.

View dashboard.

The launch.

Academician Barmin behind a desk.

Barmin lays on the table photo of astronauts.

Photos of cosmonauts and astronauts - participants of the program "Soyuz-Apollo".

Photographs of participants in the program "Intercosmos".

The spacecraft before launch.

A spaceship takes off.


Yuri A. Gagarin - cosmonaut


1957 04/12/1961





Heroes of Space; Conquest of Space; Launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.
Biography; Space