We are looking for wind. (1984)

Film №52291, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:11
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Rovnin K.
Screenwriters:E. Galjperina
Camera operators:P. Tartakov
Composers:P. Ovsyannikov


The film introduces the exciting sport - gliding.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Glider in flight (removed from the parallel flight), is visible at the bottom of the earth.

In the air, circling several gliders at the same time.

Interview about the glider tested in flight emotions.

Gliders roll out of the hangar at the airfield.

Easy engined aircraft.

Gliders on the ground, their clean washed, ready to fly.

Two cameras mounted on the glass of the cab.

The girl is preparing to fly a glider.

Glider parachute dress, sits in the cockpit.

Were scattered across the field plane towing.

Rise glider with towing.

In the air, the plane pulls a rope glider.

Glider in free flight.

The pilot in the cockpit of the machine.

Performing aerobatics.

Land with altitude.

Glider lands on clearing slows, stops.

Planting of the other machine.

Interview gliding about the qualities that are needed in the sport.

Monument on the hill near Koktebel: stele with a glider on top of the words "the founder of gliding. 1923-1973."

PNRM. on the way to the sea.

Landscapes with mountains of Crimea.

Seagull flying in the sky.

Photo: Designer of SP King sits in the cockpit of a glider on the ground, standing next to the pilot KK Artseulov.

More photos on the history of gliding in Russia.

Queen of the document, where it is called "pilot - glider".

Photo pilot Sergey Anokhin - one of the first glider in Russia.

Locations: Crimea

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Feast on the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Gliding.

Guests of the festival, the audience.

Aircraft designer Oleg Antonov.

Launching a glider in flight by a stretched rubber rope people.

Spectators watch the flight.

In the air, flying three airframe systems, perform aerobatics.

Spectators look up.

The view from the cockpit.

Two boys in the audience raised their arm up at the same time.

Landing triple gliders.

Man interview about his first flight.

Glider on the ground, two boys carry it across the field.

Boy in the pilot's seat wear a seat.

Glider moves across the field (without taking off), exercise for beginners.

Glider soars into the air, hovering at a height of 10 meters, sits down.

Interview a young man of gliders future.

Glider newest design in the hangar.

Preparing for flight.

The dog lies in the shadow of the wing.

Pilot wear a seat, closes the glass cover of the cabin.

The starter motor aircraft towing.

The dog runs after the plane takes off.

Glider in flight.

The man on the ground said in a radio microphone.

Glider pilot in the cockpit unit test design.

Radio communications with the ground.

Landing a glider with a brake parachute.

Dog runs across the field after the glider.

Pilot stroking dog zasunuvshuyu head into the cockpit.

Dog entirely climbs into the cockpit.

Aerial view of the airfield field: a set of gliders on the ground.

The sun sets behind the airfield.

Key words



Antonov DC - Aircraft designer, academician, Hero of Socialist Labor.

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