Footstep coming.. (1975)

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Director: Sokolov A.

Script writers: Fradkin G.; Shrejberg V.

Operators: M. Kamionskij, V. Kryuchkin, N. Petrosov

Composers: I. Kosmachev

Text writers: P. Korop


Scientific and technological revolution and its problems. The film reveals the contradictions between the new productive forces and nature, shows the possibilities and ways to solve planetary problems.

Science | Industry

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The light display.

Indicator lights.

Nurse in front of the remote signal.

On the changing table lay crying babies, alarm sensor in diapers.

Nurse swaddle baby.

Indicator lights.

Swaddling the baby.

Medical examination and weighing of the infant.

Typewriter writing data to a child: height, weight, pulse.

Doctor and Nurse in gauze masks.

General view of the Krivoy Rog Metallurgical Plant.

Computing Center, an engineer for the monitor.

Panel with the scheme of automated management of domain processes.

In the hot shop of the plant pours molten steel, metallurgists at work.

View of the plant (above).

In the hospital my mother with a child lying in bed.

Elderly woman crossing the road.

The car's brakes.

Woman crossing the road with heavy traffic, car brake.

Chronicle of the early 20th century:

A pair of horses driven omnibus on rails.

Passengers board the tram.

Split screen: hand with a wooden abacus and work on an adding machine.

Calculator, fingers tight on the keys.

Mast high voltage power lines.

Smoke a pipe plant, production equipment and transmission of electricity.

Chemical industry.

Shoes made of synthetic materials.

Fashion Shows: jackets, woven plastic.

Split screen: looms past and present.

Working with a computer, the printing apparatus.

Technological equipment.

Bags of fertilizer.

Laser system.

At the factory assembly line ready to go cars.

Tv Set.

Chronicle of different events: popular demonstrations in Portugal, a volcanic eruption, the work in the production of archaeological finds.

Matrix of the new paper over a distance of printing newspapers.

Spaceship above the ground.

The "Soyuz-Apollo": a meeting of the American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts.

Short plans of the various production processes.

Printed newspaper.

A crowd of pedestrians on the street.

Change of personnel: helicopter, radio, wheat field, radiogram, recorder, motion machines, military maneuvers, takeoff aircraft, launch rockets, explosions.

Printed newspaper.

Key words





Krivoy Rog

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Pre-school children in the meadow with a teacher: read poetry, dance in a circle.

Newsreel beginning of the XX century:

The first locomotive, the master regulatory mechanisms.

Locomotive carries coupling crews on rails, smoke from the chimney, the audience waving their hands and hats.

Shooting 1896: Lumiere Brothers film "Arrival of a Train."

Newsreel beginning of the XX century: workers go to the factory.

The wheels of the locomotive.

The workers in the factory shop.

Working out of the factory gates.

Building weaving factory.

Factory shop machines.

A man working on a mechanical loom.

Men turning machines.

View of Earth from space.

Models of satellites.

Photo: the lunar surface.

Photos of the planet Venus.

Start space rocket, smoke, fire.

The boy solves the problem at the blackboard.

Children at their desks in the classroom.

Teacher at the blackboard.

Children at their desks answer the question the teacher, raising signs with answers.

Newsreel 1935:

Miner Alexei Stakhanov set a world record in coal production.

Automated complex of coal miner at the controls.

Work at the lathe.

The machine is computer-controlled, an engineer at the controls.

Newsreel beginning of the XX century: knead clay feet.

Potter pot of clay.

Flies aircraft Tu-144. In a career working excavator (view from the upper point).

Split screen: working, equipment, conveyor belt to the ground.

Automated production of color picture tubes.

Split screen: conveyor using human labor and fully automated assembly line.

Split screen: face of a man with glasses and hand on the remote control, types of industrial production.

Key words

Scientific and technical progress


1896 1900-1920 1935

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Transistor and a stone knife Neanderthal spread on a cloth.

Hall of electronic equipment, scientists at the instruments.

The experimental setup for obtaining new physical particles.

Laser system.

Split screen: people go.

Fragments of feature films.

Newsreel 30-ies .:

Akademician Ioffe with his disciples.

Academician Vavilov at work.

Control Center automated processes of large enterprises.

Design Bureau, the designers at drawing boards.

Assembly shop scientific production association.

Various technologies drilling stone.

Factory "Svetlana", the assembly of integrated circuits using a laser device works automatically.

Automated production processes.

Career working unit.

Newsreel 1920's .:

Educational program: adult men and women at their desks.

Teacher at school is a lesson using hardware demonstration.

The boys in the class listening to the teacher.

On the question of the teacher guys meet pressing a button on the device at their desks.

On the remote flash bulbs from the teacher, showing who answered correctly.

Teacher talking to student, who gave the wrong answer.

Children laugh.

Mining in a career working excavator new design.

Lake contaminated with industrial wastes.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Drain waste into the river.

Newsreel: On the contaminated river motorboat rides.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Smog over London.

Smokes a pipe, the smoke over the city.

Key words

The technological revolution Ecology


AF Ioffe - Russia and the Soviet physicist, organizer of science, Academician.
SI Vavilov - Soviet physicist, academician, president of the USSR Academy of Sciences





Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Hungry, exhausted black children sit, lie on the ground.

Africans hoes and other primitive tools in the field.

Passers-by on the streets of San Francisco, and transport.

Transamerica Pyramid.

Travel across the bridge in San Francisco.

Streets of San Francisco.

Newsreel: USA. Shoppers at the grocery store.


Cars on the road, a railway line.

Computing Centre, external devices, tape drives.

Graphs of the global industry, depletion of natural resources, the process of environmental pollution, the growth of the world population, the growth of food.



Archaeologists working.

Finds: mammoth tusk with a picture of ancient man, stone tools, spearheads.

PNRM. with the waters of the river to the coast, the bones of extinct animals on the shore.

The bones were washed with water.

Mammoth bones laid out in a row, the scientists describe the findings.

Bank of the river (with motion).

View from the top of the reading room in the library tractors in the field.

Flying over a field crop harvested.

Planting on the tractor.

Fields and orchards of Moldova.

Automatic watering, spraying from a helicopter.

Apples on branches.

Animal farm, cows.

Automated feeding, milking.

Remote control, conveyor.

PNRM. enclosures for agricultural complex.

Ears of wheat, wheat field.

From the top of: harvesting combines.

CHP cooling tower.

Hall of nuclear power.

Remote control, generators of NPP. Cooling towers.

Key words




Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Draining of industrial wastes into rivers.

Polluted water.

Sewage treatment plants Baikal pulp and paper mill.

Laboratory employee taking water samples.

Manufacturing plant, smoke a pipe (above).

Reservoirs purification system (above).

Lake Baikal, the rocky shore.

Lights of moving vehicles in the dark.

Timber floating on the river.

Newsreel: Earthquake, collapsing houses.

Explosion at Medeo to protect Almaty from the mountain villagers.

View of the quarry and mining, open pit.

Truck of the body pours soil, bulldozer dub black earth.


Wrangel Island.

Helicopter lands.

Unloaded from a helicopter wooden cages with animals.

Muskox released from the cell.

Muskoxen in the corral, running on snow-covered field.

Scenery: Lake Baikal at sunset.

Stopped production of contaminated water.

Rallies unemployed.

School study chemistry.

Pupils at their desks producing experience.

Ural Pipe Plant, automatic rolling mill.

Remote control, remote control for the employees of the plant.

Production processes, hot pipe.

Working in the office of psychological relief, looking at screen relaxing color-music video.

Key words


Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Engineer at work at the electronic computer, monitor, printer.

Photo of Mars on the monitor.

Laboratory Institute of Atomic Energy Kurchatov in Moscow.

Thermonuclear Experimental Tokamak T-10. Members of the Institute are working with the unit.

Control Center Energy System of the USSR, the dispatcher on duty at the control panel.

Framing plans: a doctor, teacher, teachers, scientists.

Doctor performs ultrasound pregnant woman.

Monitor ultrasound machine.

Key words

Scientific and technical progress