Space weekdays. (1974)

Documentary №52465, 6 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:B.Smirnov, Yu.Ivlev, G.Anohin, A.Kotov
Other authors:E.Stihin (muzika), L.Hmara (tekst)

Reel №1


Building space communications station in the mountains.

Radio telescope, Radio interferometers, space communications antenna.

Chronicle. 1971.

Design office space industry enterprises.

The assembly of the spacecraft.

The first orbital station "Salyut" checking instruments, individual components and assemblies station.


Scientists and astronauts discuss research program among those present - Eliseev.

Personnel chronicles.

Without date.

Cosmonaut Training Center.

Astronauts in training work out possible contingencies.

Test space suits.

Beginning of the 1970s.

Test spacecraft "Soyuz-12".

Crew training, astronauts and V.G.Lazareva O.G.Makarova. 1971.

Space station "Salyut" in flight.

Building and premises "home astronauts" at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, autographs astronauts to cabin doors.


Chronicle. 27.09 29.09 1973.

Flight spacecraft "Soyuz-12".

Cosmonauts and V.G.Lazarev O.G.Makarov at Baikonur, in the cabin during the flight.

Start and landing ship. 1973.

Press conference devoted to the flight of spacecraft "Soyuz-13", cosmonauts - G.T.Beregovoy, V.A.Shatalov podium in the press conference.

VNKubasov cosmonauts, Leonov and N.N.Rukavishnikov participate in the development of mechanical devices to improve enterprise navigation and orientation.


Chronicle. 1970s.

Telescope "Oreon-2" - on the stocks of space research and production enterprise. 1973.

Cosmonauts and VV Lebedev P.I.Klimuk laboratory research and production enterprise space master biological system installation "Oasis 2" participate in the work to improve instruments of navigation and orientation.


Chronicle. 1973

Staff research and production space enterprises conduct testing equipment spacecraft and spacesuit.

Leonov tries suit.

Cosmonauts and O.G.Makarov V.G.Lebedev participate in the work of the enterprise.

Members of the delegation of American experts and astronauts visiting the space station "Salyut", in connection with the preparation of the joint flight of spacecraft "Soyuz" and Apollo, "and listen to explanations A.A.Leonova V.N.Kubasova.

PART 3-4. Personnel chronicles. 18.12.1973 - 26.12.1973. Flight spacecraft "Soyuz-13".

Vehicle start.

P.I.Klimuk cosmonauts at Baikonur and VV Lebedev, in flight, in a state of weightlessness, conduct testing of the device "Levkoy."

PART 4-5. Personnel chronicles without shooting date.

Experiments on the manufacture and testing of elements fairings for future space stations in the high-temperature electric furnaces.

PART 5-6. Personnel chronicles without shooting date.

Model of the spacecraft.

Scientists and experts astronauts working on the simulator, train, conduct research experiments pose.

Key words

International scientific relations.
International economic relations.

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