Horizon 1978 № 18

Film-document №52506 4 parts, Duration: 0:34:31 to collection Price category G

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:23

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: K.Rovin (rezhissyor vipuska), Yu.Aljdohin, O.Babushkin, G.Eljnickaya

Operators: Yu.Aljdohin, N.Filimonov, Yu.Shkundov

Reel №1

Kinoalmanah consists of 3 scenes.

The journalist Y. Vizbor is leading the movie almanac.

1 st story. "FOLLOW - STRAIN, RETURN - FUNNY."

Camera lens.

Passers-by with umbrellas pass along the city street.

Foreign Newsreel 1960-1970 .: The police are holding back a crowd of fans of the English vocal and instrumental quartet The Beatles.

The girls scream, cry, jump in ecstasy.

A group of fans surrounded the car of musicians.

A crowd of fans are pushed through the gate.


Lennon, P. McCartney and other musicians welcome their fans.

Italian actress S. Loren is held in the crowd of correspondents.

The car rotates at the exhibition stand.

French actress B. Bardo smiles.

A group of people doing yoga.

The Hindu is in a turban.


Two girls in mini-skirts are held by nuns in a city street.

Billboard of the American film "West Side Story".

Participants beauty contests on stage in swimsuits.

French pop singer-singer M. Matte speaks to the audience sitting at the tables.

Auto racing.

Performance of street musicians.

The girl in glasses, on which glasses are painted eyes.

Young people at a rock concert.

The girl performs dance moves, sitting on the shoulders of a young man.

A ray of light slides through the crowd.

The model adjusts the turban near the mirror.

The head of David's sculpture in the hall of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

Paintings by Michelangelo.

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl in the Vladimir region.

Icon of A.Rublev "Trinity".

A woman in a long dress, girls in mini-skirts, in shoes on a platform in Moscow streets.

The girl smokes.

Young people with long hair.

Wide trousers on a young woman.

Side-whiskers on the face of a young man.

Designers in the working room behind the development of the appearance of the car.

Fashion designer V. Zaitsev at work.

Architects at work.

Photos of modern buildings, Gothic cathedrals, antique buildings.

Key words

UK. Music. Italy. France. USA. Cinema. Exhibitions. Life. Museums. Painting. Christianity. Architecture. Garment industry. Youth organizations. Education (Higher). Trains. Maritime transport and road. Cities, towns, villages. Wildlife. Landscapes. Improving human settlements. Automotive industry.

Reel №2

The second part.

Photos, drawings of modern buildings.

Soldiers of the student detachment leave the train car, pass along the railway platform, greet those who meet.

2-nd plot. "LIGHTHOUSE".

Ukraine, Odessa.

The moon over the sea.

The helmsman at the helm of the ship.

Radist, captain in the cabin of the ship.

View of the Vorontsov lighthouse in the afternoon and in the evening.

A tablet with the inscription: "The Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Hydrography of KChF. Vorontsovsky lighthouse (founded in 1845) ".

View of the Vorontsov lighthouse in 19 in (photo).

A cargo ship swims by the lighthouse.

The cruiser "Battleship Potemkin" (photo).

Odessa ladder in the port (photo).

Copper old bell on the new lighthouse.

The raid is a road that connects the lighthouse to the shore.

The lighthouse keeper winds the clock with pendulum pendulums.

Radio equipment located on the lighthouse.

Lighthouse fire on the upper deck of the lighthouse.

The lens of the lighthouse, the mechanism of rotation of the lighthouse system, the flashlight-doubler.

The lighthouse flashes.

A sailing ship swims near the lighthouse.

Port cranes work.

Reel №3

The third part.

3rd story. «NIGHT GUEST».

Kind of village in winter.

Well "crane" in the village.

Stacks of firewood near the hut.

The house lights up.

A man and a boy leave the house in the evening.

Next comes a woman with a girl.

Cow, pigs, chickens in the shed.

Snowfall in the forest.

Woodpecker on a tree.

Female ferret in the forest in winter.

The harek gets out of the hole.

Thawed patches in the forest in the spring.

Kidneys in the trees.

Female ferret and ferret in the forest.

A web on a branch.

A female ferret digs a hole, then lays it with dry grass.

Khoryata and female ferret in the hole.

Boys with fishing rods walk along the river bank.

The dog runs up to the hole with the choriates.

The ferret's female digs the burrow in another place and drags its cubs into a new burrow.

Khoryat in the hole.

Nestling chibis.

Choriates "hunt" for frogs and mice.

Reel №4

Fourth part.

Ferrets and hedgehogs in the meadow.

Ferrets roll the hedgehog.

Female ferret hunt for a snake, and then brings it to her cubs.

Ferrets sleep in the hole.

Forest, field.

Ferrets "hunt" for the mouse.

Ferrets on the river bank.

Female ferret in the winter in the forest.

The fox is near the ferret's hole.

Female ferret climbs into the chicken coop, catches chicken.

The owner of the house enters the chicken house.

View of the village.

Winter forest.