Horizon 1986 № 42

Film-document №52531 5 parts, Duration: 0:31:02.454 to collection Price category G

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:08:37

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: S.Rajtburg, M.Tavrog

Operators: A.Pavlov, T.Alejnikov, P.Filimonov

Reel №1

First part.


The machine issues the newspapers "Evening Moscow".

Passengers on the bus solve the crossword.

A professional crossword puzzle player VN Smagin composes crossword puzzles at his desk in his office.

Announcement of the crossword contest in the magazine "Smena".

Physicists brothers Eugene and Alexey [Knish], who taught to compose crosswords of computers.

Eugene talks about his method (sinhr.).

Alexey tells why they took part in the crossword contest (sync).

The computer is working, the process of compiling crossword puzzles.

Key words

Landscapes. Cities, towns. Architecture. Music. Theater and pop music. Physics, applied mathematics. Club-type facilities.

Reel №2

The second part.

Plot 2. Cary.

Lithuania, summer, Kaunas, PNRM. On the tiled roofs of houses.

The view of the tower, built specifically for the carillon (a tool consisting of a set of bells).

The central square, the townspeople gathered in front of the tower, the carillon sounds.

PNRM. By the faces of those present.

Musician Viktoras Kupryavichus plays in the carillon.

PNRM. On the instrument.

A group of girls on the square listens to a chime. V.Kupryavichus in his garden writes at a table on a musical note, in the foreground-phloxes.

View of the square from the top floor of the tower.

View of the central part of the city. V. Kupryavichus with his student graduate of the Conservatory Julius [Wilkonis] in the carillon.

Yu. [Vilkonis] performs in the carillon play of his teacher "Funny bells" (sinhr.)


Announcement on the board "HOUSE OF SCIENTISTS. TODAY NIGHT REST. IMPROVISATION TO THE TASK. " G.Moskva, evening, the facade of the building of the House of Scientists.

The auditorium, actor L. Broneva on the stage leads the evening.

Actor A. Kaidanovsky addresses the audience from the stage, he suggests drawing lots (sinhr.).

From the auditorium a man rises, announces the given topic (sinhr.).

The audience applauded.

Reel №3

The third part.

The actors L.Brooneva and A.Kaidanovsky play a scene in which observers interfere with earthmen to learn the truth, talk about space and time, about the universe, about matter (sinhr.)

Reel №4

Fourth part.

Actors L. Broneva and A. Kaidanovsky act out a scene in which observers examine the knowledge of earthlings. L. Broneva and A. Kaidanovsky play chess, talk about different versions of the game (sinhr.)

The audience in the hall of the House of Scientists laughs and applauds.

The facade of the building of the House of Scientists in the evening, lights in the windows are lit, the light goes out.