Guests from Ghana in the Soviet Union. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Grinberg, Istomin A., Maslennikov S., Mikheev I.


About the stay of the Delegation of the legislative Assembly of Ghana in the USSR

Historical background

In April 1960 in Moscow at the invitation of the Supreme Soviet delegation arrived Legislative Assembly of Ghana, headed by Economy Minister Kojo Botsio.

Temporary description

Stay in the USSR delegation of the Legislative Assembly of Ghana, headed by Minister of Economy of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the PP Lobanov, examination of the Moscow Kremlin, the presence on Red Square during the festive May Day demonstration. Stay of the delegation in Leningrad: sightseeing, the Hermitage, Leningrad Metal Plant, confectionery factory, Leningrad Palace of Pioneers. Stay Ghana delegation to Tbilisi: visiting Digomi experimental farm, village, interview guests with research staff management. Stay delegation in Sochi: walk through the city on the sea by boat, visiting the resort Macesta. Stay of the delegation in Stalingrad: visit Mamayev Hill, visit the city, the Stalingrad Tractor Plant, the construction of the Stalingrad hydroelectric station. Getting delegation to Moscow, a visit to Moscow State University. Lomonosov VDNH USSR. Visit the delegation of Ghana meeting of the session the USSR Armed Forces. Receiving the delegation Khrushchev. Speech Kojo Bice at the press conference (sinhr. in English. Language).

Reel №1

Moscow - PNRM. the top point.

The Supreme Soviet of the USSR - MS.

Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the USSR PP Lobanov receives a delegation from Ghana.

Sitting talking.

CU. Plan Lobanov and Kojo Botts.

General view of the conference room of the Supreme Council (without people).

Members of the delegation visiting room, then - St George's Hall.

St George's Hall with chandeliers (without people) - LS.

The guests in the winter garden of the Kremlin.

Guests accompanied by PP Lobanov.

Red Square with demonstrators from reaching the Historical Museum - LS.

Members of the delegation and other guests on the guest stands.

CU. - K. Botts.

On the mausoleum KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, children - LS.

It takes a column of protesters - different.

PNRM. in Leningrad, away Neva (the top point).

Ghanaian delegation at a reception at the City Council Vice Chairman Comrade.


CU. - Delegates.

CU. - That


Street Leningrad - LS.

Monument to Peter I on the general plan.


Isaac's Cathedral - LS.

The Winter Palace - LS., Shot through the arch.

CU., PNRM. the building of the Hermitage.

Guests from Ghana to the Italian audience.

CU. - A few pictures.

Guests in the Sculpture Hall - LS.

CU. - Mosaic floor.

The overall plan of the building of the Leningrad Metal Plant.

A sign on the building - MS.

Several general plans factory shop.

Delegates at the workshop.

Visiting guests confectionery.

Guests in the white coats are introduced to the production, try candy.

CU. - Boxes of chocolates.

Delegates visiting Leningrad pioneers.

The Pioneers tied their neckties.

The wing above the clouds - CU.

Members of the delegation on the plane.

The overall plan of Tbilisi from the plane.

Street of the city.

Residents welcome guests.

Village Digomi experimental farm with two houses.

Guests visiting from / agricultural machinery sector.

LS., PNRM. Greenhouse frames.

Plantation of grape cuttings.

Passing cultivator - LS.

Guests talk to researchers.

CU. - English-speaking Minister of Agriculture and Food Ghana Asare (synchronously).

On a mountain road in Sochi, riding passenger cars - LS.

Streets Sochi (with motion).

Guests on the waterfront.

Sea, far lighter vessels, such as fishing - LS., Evening.

A trip by speedboat.

The swimming pool at one of the resorts.

Guests in a medical building Matsesta.

Vacationers take procedures - inhalation.

Removes operator CSDF Ivan Mikheev - MS.

Guests are welcomed vacationers resort.

Reel №2

Embankment of Stalingrad to the stairs.

Several general plans of the city.

The common grave on Mamaev Hill - LS.

Gravestones plate with the NDP and flowers - CU.

Bombed-out building.

k / hr. k / m square in front of the Stalingrad tractor factory.

In the yard of the plant has new tractor.

Guests visiting the tractor.

Stalingrad wharf (removed from the ship traffic on the Volga).

Guests on the upper deck of the ship.

Ensign ship, far vision of the city.

Steamboat is a gateway.

Guests visiting the construction of Stalingrad hydroelectric station.

Soviet Square in Moscow (removed from the monument on City Council building).

Delegation at the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Gorky Street (above).

New buildings with Borodino bridge.

MSU - LS., And details.

Members of the delegation presented with commemorative badges and medals University.

CU. - A medal in a box.

Overall, PNRM. to new regions - South-West and Cheryomushki.

The overall plan ENEA away - heads Pavilion.

Delegates at the Pavilion of Urban Development, Pavilion Electronics.

Appearance of the pavilion electronics - LS.; Wall pavilion with the NDP - CU.

Turning on the TV screens on which images the guests from Ghana.

Fountain "Stone Flower" and "Friendship» - LS.

The queue at the Mausoleum (on Red Square).

Delegates to lay a wreath.

The upper part of the building with the flag and the building of the Supreme Council.

Meeting of the Fifth Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

MPs welcome the delegates present at the session of Ghana.

At the podium - Kojo Botts (national dress).

The session serves NS Khrushchev - LS., CU.

Admission NS Khrushchev delegation.

Guests in the national dress. K. Botts gives NS Khrushchev national costume.

Press conference for the press.

Said K. Botts - CU. (Simultaneously in English).

Sit journalists.

The upper part of the building with the flag of Vnukovo airport - CU.

Departure of guests.

Guests are forgiven and climb into the plane.

Aircraft in the air - LS.