Flight to thousands of suns. (1963)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: A. Erin

Script writers: V. Ponomarev

Operators: A. Erin

Composers: L. Prigozhin


Popular science film with elements of fiction film tells about the structure of the universe, space objects.


Reel №1

Night sky with stars.

Float fishing line in the water, PNRM. a boy (age 8), which looks at the sky.

In the sky "falls" star.

The conversation around the campfire boys and men about "the incident" the stars and other celestial objects.

Close-up: a toad.

The attack on the boy's face.

The rocket launched into space.

View of the earth and flying rocket.

Boy with a man in space suits inside the rocket flight control.

The Earth from space (multrabota).

Boy admires the beauty of the Earth.

Moon in space (multrabota).

Craters on the lunar surface.

Boy takes off camera.

"Milky Way" in space (multrabota).

View of the star system: the sun and the planets around.

Planet Mars in space.

A boy and a man in a spaceship.

View of the sun from space.

Constellation "Big Dipper" (Figure conditional bear on the stars).

Constellation "Perseus and Andromeda", "Pegasus", "Ophiuchus", "Orion and Taurus", "Auriga" (drawings).

Star "Epsilon".

Space objects "white dwarf", "Variable Star", "hot star".

Key words

Structure of the Universe

Reel №2

Boy on a spaceship. "Double Star" in space (multrabota).

Men and boys in suits on a spaceship.

Devices ship signal "anxiety".

"Invisible Star" (black ball).

Supernova (multrabota).

Boy unfolds from the foil and eating ice cream "Eskimo".

Starry space.

The boy sings about space.

A planet similar to Earth.

Globular cluster of stars.

Types of Galaxies.

Boys and men around the campfire.

Starry night sky.

The float in water.

Key words

Structure of the Universe