Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 550

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Producer UFA

Operators: I. Gasslj, E. fon den Hajden, K. Mollenhauer, G. Celljner, E. Niderrajter, Fr. Rottenvalljner, K. Zegler; K. Zeljbah, G. Cajtlinger

Reel №1

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1. Japan.

Tokyo, the arrival of the diplomatic representatives of Thailand and Indochina.

Diplomats out of the cabin.

Group shot.

Talks on border issues.

Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoka.

2. Germany.

Competition between Italy and Germany Fencing Imperial Head of Sport (reyhsshportfyurer) Chammer-Austen fans in the box.

The winning team.

3. Germany.


Fragments of a football match between Germany and Switzerland.

4. Germany.

Berlin Sports Palace.

Skaters Speaker duo from Vienna.

5. Austria.

Celebrating the anniversary of the Anschluss (attachment) of 12 March 1938 in Vienna.

Rally residents.

Goebbels and von Schirach at the rally.

Jubilant crowns.

6. Austria.


Children who come from Berlin, welcome Gauleiter of Vienna Baldur von Schirach.

Meeting in the night. "Sudden" appearance of Hitler, rejoicing crowds.

Hitler rises to the podium and giving a speech.

This retelling of the proximity of the speaker of the final victory of Germany.

7. Germany.

Berlin, the pantheon of the fallen heroes.

The arrival of the Führer.

Honor guard.

In the hall of ceremonies.

Hitler gives a speech, the audience.

Hitler sent to the monument, monument.

World War II; Sporting events
History; Sport

Reel №2

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Memorial Day.

Hitler SS system bypasses are wreaths, funeral music sound.

Laying a wreath.

Hitler follows the soldiers carrying a wreath, he bows his head before the tomb of Hitler and his entourage are removed.

After laying wreaths Hitler welcomes wounded veterans of the Western and Eastern Fronts He talks to the wounded, shakes hands with them.

The ceremonial passage of troops Bearers.

Are soldiers, sailors.

Hitler welcomes the passing troops.

8. Bulgaria.

German troops in Bulgaria.

Passage of a motorized column.


The local population brings various treats German soldiers.

Folk dances.

German soldiers among Bulgarians.

German soldiers with children.

9. Germany.

German submarine returned from a hike.

Captain Muller, he is greeted by fellow sailors.

The crew of the boat.

Grand Admiral Doenitz presents Captain Muller order.

The awarding ceremony of the crew.

10. The crew of another submarine and its newly appointed commander.

His colleagues are welcome, bring flowers.

The orchestra.

Lifebuoy flooded the British ship as a souvenir.

Submarine out to sea.

Orchestra on board the boat accompanies the music.

The boat is removed to the open sea.

Fleet; North African campaign
Army; Defense and internal security; World War II; History

Reel №3

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11. The German cruiser sank HMS and transportation.

In the port of friends welcome German sailors.

Captured sailors picked up the crew of the cruiser.

12. Africa.

German forces in North Africa.

German soldiers on the streets of Tripoli.

Ceremonial formation.

General Rommel inspects a motorized division.

PNRM. for troops and equipment.

Passage of troops.

Planes in the air.

Tanks and motorized infantry.

13. Occupied France.

German soldiers on maneuvers.

The shelling of the "enemy".


Shoot flamethrowers.

The explosions of shells.

World War II; Fleet; North African campaign
History; Army; Defense and internal security