Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 613

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Producer UFA

Operators: X. Vilje, Franti, Gesslj, Grund, Rottenvaljter, Mozer

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Funeral Gauleiter of Oldenburg Carl Robert Berlin.

A memorial service in a mosaic hall Chancellery.

Hitler expresses its condolences to the families of the deceased.

Himmler, Goering, Ribbentrop, Rosenberg at the ceremony.

Laying a wreath at the Fuhrer.

Dust Robert goes to Oldenburg.

The funeral procession moves to the Brandenburg Gate.

The coffin, covered with the national flag, a lot of Nazi banners are the standard-bearers.

2. Germany.

Return to Germany of German diplomats from America.

US Ambassador von Weizsacker and the military attache.

Meeting them at the station and the reception Hitler.

Hitler presents the military attache Cross of Merit.

3. Germany.

Ceremony, Major General Schroeder Iron Cross for his efforts on the Eastern Front.

4. Pacific front.

The Japanese attacked Hawaii.

Japanese planes take off from an aircraft carrier at Pearl Harbor.

The bombing of the American harbor Wheeler burning airfield.

Fragments of air combat.

One of the small islands seized by the Japanese.

The Battle of Hong Kong.

Japanese aircraft in flight.

View of Hong Kong from the air.

The Japanese infantry in the attack on Cao-Lun.

Captured by the British.

Captured by the Japanese Kao-Lun (Cholon), the Japanese on the streets.

A pointer to the Tai Po.

Japanese envoys sent to the enemy with the proposals for an armistice.

The resumption of fighting after the departure of the British proposal.

The Japanese were firing to strengthen the sea from the ship's guns.

Bombing from the air, explosions, fire.

The bombing of the guns fortifications on Mount Victoria.

World War II; Pacific War; Air force; The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №2

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Continued. 25th December.

The entry of Japanese troops in Hong Kong.

Burning oil derricks and warehouses British.

British military equipment, a lot of masks.

Captured British soldiers and officers are sitting on the pavement near the building.

Japanese flag flies over official buildings.

From building out British officers, Japanese officers give them credit, shake hands.

Parade of air and ground of Japanese troops in Hong Kong.

Ahead riding Sahay General and Vice Admiral Them.

5. Murmansk front.

German convoys on a sled in the snow tundra, unloading products.

Tent camp of German soldiers.

Colonel-General Stumme examines strengthening.

German aircraft ready to fly, cars and roller clean airfield of snow and water.

The pilot in the cockpit.

By plane drawing - Satan flies on the projectile.

Planes are sent to an operation against the Anglo-American ships bound for Murmansk.


Ski battalion sent on a combat mission, fighting in the mountains of tundra.

Fires artillery battery, shelling the Soviet position.

Soldiers commit bounds skiers.

Captured position.

Soviet prisoners of war in the coats, the corpses of Soviet soldiers in the snow.

German radio operator reports to the commander of fierce fighting.

Transporting the wounded.

The wounded were taken to the dog sledding and taken to the field hospital.

Pacific War; Defense of Sevastopol; Air force
World War II; History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №3

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6. Military actions in Crimea.

Countryside views, German observers.

Shot gun.

German infantry in the attack, rush.

The soldiers dragged the gun.

Removal of barbed wire cutters.

Soldiers overcome deep anti-tank ditch, running across the field.

The movement of German tanks on the Kerch.

Soviet soldiers with arms raised, a huge column of prisoners.

The Germans on the highway, the column with carts, equipment, tanks.

Removal of the wounded.

German artillery fires.

German planes in the air, captured from the Germans in the Soviet troops position.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

German cars on the highway, the remnants of the destroyed Soviet technology.

German tanks, vehicles on the outskirts of Kerch.

View of the city of Kerch, the Germans on the streets.

View of the bay with skyscraper occupied by the Germans.

Mounted on a bayonet in the rocks Nazi flag.

The Germans shot out of a cannon on the outskirts of the city.

Fragments of street fighting.

Run two horses.

Soldiers knock the door of the building rifle.

German soldiers are systems, pass by the corpse of a Soviet soldier, look at him.

The ruins of the harbor, the German guns firing at the retreating Soviet courts.

Wrecks in the bay.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, a group of prisoners.

German corporal talking with the prisoner, apparently in possession of the German language.

The column is captured in the mud, mud boots knead, seen among the prisoners wounded.

Persons prisoners.

Column against the evening sky.

Panorama Kerch from the plane on the way refugees are seen in a cart.

Destroyed Soviet tanks, trucks, broken wagon.

PNRM. field scattered with broken appliances and machines.

Soviet prisoners sitting and lying on the ground.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers on the harbor.

German soldiers climb the tower and reinforce the Nazi flag.

World War II; Defense of Sevastopol