Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 522 (1940)

Newsreel №53764, 2 parts, duration: 0:24:55
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Benish, Ertlj, Fisher, Yanzen, Rottenvalljner, Shmitt, Cajtlinger

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Advocacy story on the topic of courtesy.

In the tram one man pushes another, and then join with him in the fray.

Pretending to be ill (allegedly after surgery) man seeks a place for himself and sits down.

Unceremoniously looks into a newspaper, read by a neighbor.

Then, giving way to a lady who comes to foot some passenger.

2. Germany.

Plants "BUNA".

Construction of barges.

Barge is launched.

3. Germany.

Leipzig Autumn Fair.

Street of the city, decorated with banners.

International Exhibition of Consumer Goods.

Customers visiting the exhibits on display in the halls.

Typewriters, fabrics, china.

4. Germany.

Rewarding distinguished themselves at the front tank.

Exhibition of captured military equipment and technology to the streets of Berlin.

Children climb on the tank.

On the street there are planes, guns, their visiting residents.

5. Germany.

Preparing for winter.

Brown coal mining, the work of the conveyor.

Unloading coal train with coal is unloaded into hoppers industrial enterprise.

Manufacture of lignite briquettes under pressure.

6. Germany.

Prisoners of war are at work, the Chinese prisoners on the site.


Prisoners of war for earthmoving, agricultural work.

They ship the cars, engaged in unloading.

7. Germany.

The results of the British bombing of German cities.

Destroyed buildings in Weimar, damaged tomb of Bismarck.

Destruction in Berlin.

Ruins of houses, broken windows, walls traces of bullets.

Population busy dismantling the rubble after the bombing, residents clean streets.

8. Austria, Vienna.

Hungarian-Romanian negotiations 30 August 1940.

Hungarian Minister Teleki, Romanian Minister Manolescu, Ribbentrop and Ciano discuss the issue of border and national minorities.

9. Hungary.

Budapest, the grand opening of the German House in the Hungarian capital.

10. France.

France's return to the internees in Africa French soldiers in accordance with the Armistice Agreement.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

11. Italy.

Visit to Italy of German workers.

German House, a hospital for the wounded German soldiers, visiting the wounded. 12. Japan.

Visit of young people from the Hitler Youth in Japan.

Hitler Youth squad is on the field, visible curved roof pagoda.

German youths involved in charging, are systems.

Girls dance folk dance.

13. Germany.

Sports: steeplechase, the fans.

14. Italy.

Mussolini in white uniform visits young Phalangist.

Duce at the layout of the dam.

Construction of the dam, the dam burst.

There is a stream of water.

15. Germany.

Military airport, the pilots.

Techniques poured gasoline lay in aircraft missiles, ammunition for the machine gun shooter.

Aircraft start, aerial view, flying over the river.

German bombers flying on British cities of Plymouth and Birmingham.

The bombing of cities.

Hands pilot at the helm.

Night shooting lights explosions.

16. German warship at sea, a submarine on the surface.

Admiral Lyukens awards officers.

17. The loading bombs on the ship.

The engine room, the engine is running.

The ship sails away.

The ship's crew.

Signalman waving flags.

Ship at sea, he picks up speed, visible trace of the cuts the waves behind.

Bow of the ship.

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