Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 740 (1944)

Newsreel №53765, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:56
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Mechanized cleaning and chopping potatoes.

Women clean potatoes.

Production of dried potato factory.

2. Germany.

Collection of innovations in the factories.

Work submitting a proposal, writes and throws in a special box.

Innovator with his invention.

Innovators in a factory making military uniforms, improved their machine.

Seamstress, serving multiple machines.

3. Germany.

Arrival women activists "Arbayterdinst" ("Working Service") on the anti-aircraft battery, they get the form.

Women in overalls have anti-aircraft gun.

Women prozhektoristki.

4. Germany.

Members of the Volkssturm in the hall, talking with them an officer, they acquire military skills, get form.

Women and men with rifles and grenades.

Men with faustpatrona.

5. Western Front.

Military action in the mouth of the river Fulda near the Dutch coast.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Shoot German guns.

Fragments of a firefight with the Allied forces.

Infantry in the attack.

Pointer to the city Endhofen, German tanks on the streets of the town.

Street fighting.

Marines face.

6. Hungary.

German troops, tanks move forward.

The population welcomed the Germans.

The prisoners.

German tanks east of Budapest.

Fragments tank battle.

Speaker of the reflection of the Soviet breakthrough in Hungary.

Damaged Soviet tanks, burning tanks.

Broken tools, appliances.

German tanks in the village.

7. East Prussia.

District Goldap.

German infantrymen to repel the attacks of the Soviet troops.

Marines after the fight.

Reel №2

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German soldiers in the burning of Goldap.

Soviet tanks were destroyed, damage and destruction of Soviet equipment.

Scattered on the street thing.

8. propaganda film "Countryman".

On the need for secrecy and vigilance.

A man with glasses are extremely sociable.

At first he treats beer and asks some soldiers in the pub, and then sits down at the table, where there is a general conversation.

At the station, the soldier recalls strange questioning a man with glasses.

He returns to the diner and sees how the subject is trying to elicit a soldier military secrets.

It interferes with the conversation, snatching at a suspicious subject card.

Spy gone to the police.

The camera zooms in on popular at the end of the war banner reading: "Hush, sir!".

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