The October Revolution (1917)

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Scene №1 The October Revolution

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Caption: "Gathering of students of all educational institutions in the area of Narva."

Students and high-school students go through the area.

Caption: "Passage of demonstrations by Maritime Board."

Detachments of armed sailors are on the street.

Pass the workers and sailors, spectators watching from the sidewalks manifestation.

Caption: "The demonstration in national costumes."

It takes a brass band, are soldiers and sailors.

Truck driving, are the demonstrators in the national costumes of the peoples of Russia.

General view of the demonstration.

Calendar: 1917

Locations: Petrograd

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Scene №2 October fighting in Petrograd and Moscow

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View of the Palace Square with the Alexander Column in St.


People in the square outside the Winter Palace, the barricade of firewood.

People at one of the entrances to the Winter Palace.

Damaged by bullets metal lattice pattern.

Broken window.

Caption: "The devastation in the Vladimir cadet school.

Broken bullets and shells wall of the school.

Caption: "The results of the shelling and street fighting in Moscow."

Miracles Monastery in the Kremlin, the victim of fire.

The damaged wall of the monastery.

Damage to one of the towers of the Kremlin.

Kremlin Clock, pierced shell.

Destroyed building.

House wall with traces of bullets and shrapnel.

Broken artillery hotel "Metropol".

The damaged wall of one of the Moscow churches.

Caption: "After the battle at the railroad station in the Baltic Station Gatchina.

Departure trains soldiers Guards reserve artillery battalion from the revolutionary forces. "

Soldiers roll into wagons guns and horses are introduced.

Caption: "4 th Don Cossack regiment, who fought with the Red Guards and the troops of the Military Revolutionary Committee, ready to ship.

In-car train with the Cossacks, wounded in the battle near the village of Pulkovo ".

Cossacks climb into the car.

Cossacks are injured at the site of the car.

Caption: "The funeral of the victims of the civil war.

Funeral cadets in Petrograd. "

Funeral hearses stand at the walls of the church.

The coffin was removed from the hearse.

People stand at the gate of the church.

Juncker stand in the pit in the Volkov cemetery.

The priest is a requiem for the dead, people place their funeral wreaths.

Caption: "The funeral of Red and soldiers."

General view of the funeral procession, bearing wreaths passes orchestra.

Is a detachment of Red Guards.

Red Guards carry the coffins of dead comrades held Orchestra, the detachment of Red Guards.

Key words


Calendar: 10.1917

Locations: Moscow [820] Petrograd Gatchina [957]


The Winter Palace Palace Square Miracles Monastery Hotel "Metropol"

Scene №3

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Caption: "Destroyed and burned buildings Nikitsky Gate."

The walls of the burned buildings, people on the square in the Nikitsky Gate.

A damaged by bullets and shrapnel wall of the building, on the building of a sign: "Confectionery Khatuntseva."

Broken building of the hotel "Metropol".

Caption: "The greatest hotel" Metropol ", shot the shells."

Broken building of the hotel "Metropol", people at Theater Square.

Key words


Calendar: 10.1917

Locations: Moscow [820]


Hotel "Metropol"

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Scene №4

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A poster with portraits of members of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, elected October 10, 1917.

Portraits of Lenin, VI, IV Stalin, Trotsky, Kamenev LB, GE Zinoviev, AS Bubnov, GY Sokolnikov, Sverdlov YM, Dzerzhinsky FE

Notebook with handwritten text.

Caption: "October 16 created a practical party center, guiding the uprising."

Poster with portraits of the leaders of the center.

Caption: "Ya.M.Sverdlov - Secretary of the Communist these days - a tireless organizer."

Sverdlov talking with people at the entrance to the Bolshoi Theater.

Caption: "At the same time organizing the Petrograd Soviet Military Revolutionary Committee.

Chairman of the Military Revolutionary Committee - Podvoisky. "

Podvoisky NI standing at the car of a train goes along the car.

The text of the order of the Provisional Government of the arrest of Lenin.

Caption: "Starts.

In the Winter Palace government troops. "

Panorama Palace Square, the troops are being built at the Winter Palace.

Soldiers build a barricade of firewood.

General view of the Palace Square.

Women of the shock battalion arrived to protect the palace.

Caption: "Starts.

In Smolny - the Bolsheviks. "

Machine gun on a gun carriage at the entrance to the Smolny.

Gunners and Red Guards on duty at the entrance to the Smolny.

Soldiers systems are included in the Smolny.

Armored car "Lieutenant Schmidt."

Caption: "... as clear as that now delay the uprising is like death."

Is a detachment of armed sailors.

A soldier checks a pass from the driver of the ambulance.

Soldiers and Red Guards stand at the armored cars.

Sailors eat soup from the pot standing on a machine gun.

Caption: "The Military Revolutionary Headquarters appointed ..." Staff members talk to each other.

Caption: "... the first People's Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs Dybenko".

Dybenko PE with his assistants.

Dybenko face.

Caption: "Gatchina - Soviet."

Detachment of sailors and Red passes palace in Gatchina.

Caption: "In Moscow, a few days later." Kremlin Clock, pierced shell.

A damaged by bullets and shrapnel wall of the building, on the building of a sign: "Confectionery Khatuntseva."

Caption: "Places of fights (Nikitsky Gate.

House, which housed the headquarters of the Red Guard cadets shot mortars).

The walls of the burned buildings, people on the square in the Nikitsky Gate.

Broken building of the hotel "Metropol", people at Theater Square.

Caption: "White Guard of the Citadel (Alexandrov and Alekseevskoe military schools).

The building of the Alexander Military School.

Building Alekseevskogo military school.

Key words

Street fighting


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - the state and political figure. Lev Davidovich Trotsky - statesman and political figure. Lev Kamenev - statesman and political figure. Grigory Zinoviev Evseevich - statesman and political figure. Bubnov Andrey Sergeyevich - statesman and political figure. Falconers Grigory Yakovlevich - statesman and political figure. Yakov Sverdlov - statesman and political figure. Felix Dzerzhinsky - statesman and political figure. Podvoisky Nikolai Ilyich - statesman and political figure.

Calendar: 10.1917

Locations: Moscow [820] Petrograd Gatchina [957]


Palace Square The Winter Palace Spasskaya Tower Hotel "Metropol"

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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