Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 578 (1941)

Newsreel №53794, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:10
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. The northern part of the Soviet-German front.


German transport ships in the port of Pechenga, the arrival of German reinforcements.

The movement of convoys to the best lines.

Warning of the approach of the enemy.

German cars with masked soldiers with horses.

Promotion of German soldiers on the marshland.

General Dietl talks with officers to discuss military issues.

Artillery fire on Soviet positions, damaged Soviet equipment.

Transportation of wounded German soldiers planes.

2. The island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea.

German planes are dogfight.

The German fleet at sea, minesweeping enemy mines explode.

Signalers work on board.

Bombarding ships shore positions of Soviet troops.

High-speed torpedo boats in the sea under the guise of Aviation sent to the bank.

Pilots are an attack on the lighthouse.

Court shell accumulation of Soviet troops.

Pontoon bridge between the islands of Saaremaa and Muhu.

The landing of the German assault, unloading military equipment and vehicles.

German infantrymen in combat.

Burning buildings.

Burning Soviet artillery battery.

Soviet prisoners of war, they are sent to the continent.

Reel №2

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German troops on the march.

Offensive in Kingisepp, the capital of the East Rova Hiiumaa, and the invasion of it.

Germans welcomed the local population.

3. Military operations near Leningrad.

Overloading of ammunition and food from the cars in the car.

The movement of the columns to the German forward positions.

Pavlovsk, Brokedown Palace, the Church.

German columns move to Leningrad.

Announcer of "ganging ring around the city."

German planes bombed Leningrad.

Announcer that "the Bolsheviks did residents hostage and doomed to extinction."

4. Field-Marshal von Brauchitsch leaves his residence after celebrating his 60th birthday.

He and a group of officers.

5. Alteration of railway track by German sappers in the occupied territory of the USSR. German train with troops and ammunition sent to the front.

Tanks, about-za.

6. War in Ukraine.

The onset of Italian troops on the village.

Captured "Bolsheviks", interrogation of prisoners.

Romanian infantry in battle near Odessa.

German battery observation post in suburban-like Odessa.

Sunken Soviet transport at sea.

The bombardment by the Germans Soviet positions.

PNRM. Odessa with the German positions.

Burning oil loading port.

7. The German troops enter the burning and destroyed Kiev.


Last minute buil-tion.

Beggarly home working in Kiev.

Reel №3

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8. The central portion of the Eastern Front.

Fighting in the region of Kiev.

Movement Guderian's tanks, they complete the encirclement of five board-ing armies.

Tank battle.

Tanks on the highway.

German troops occupied the village, fire, destruction.

Fighting in the coppice.

Burning Soviet equipment and ammunition.

German tanks in the attack.

Soviet bombers, they fired at the German anti-aircraft batteries.

Connect tank armies Kleist and Guderian east of Kiev.

German tanks in the city.

General Guderian front of the camera.

September 27, 1941.

Surrender of Soviet soldiers.

Endless Column POW-tion.

Faces of the soldiers Asian and Caucasian nationalities.

Column prisoners goes past the camera.

German troops rush farther east.

Shoot German guns, are tanks.

German planes bombed the Soviet territory.

German technology as a symbol of power and invincibility of Hitler's army.

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