Tonwoche 1939 № 472

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Reel №1

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The capitulation of the Polish city of Gdynia.

German troops in the city.

The soldiers searched the Poles.

Entrance to the property mortgaged with sandbags.

Polish flyer on the wall of an appeal to the citizens.

German general to accept the surrender of the city administration.

Poles are prisoners.

In the German tanks enter the city, go to the troops.

Residents look at the soldiers.

Commissariat building with the Polish coat of arms.

German soldiers tear coat of arms.

Bay of Gdynia, German launches free water from mines.

Germany: German women on the labor front.

Women go to work on bicycles.

Women in carts go into the field to harvest.

Women in the tram conductors.

Women in the German Red Cross learn to bandage the wounded.

The arrival of the first train of the wounded from the Polish front.

The wounded were carried away in stretchers.

A nurse treats a wounded grapes.

Concert for wounded soldiers.

Performance of three girls with acrobatics on the rollers.

Women work in munitions factories.

Manufacturing of shells for the front.

Composition with shells moves to the front.

Poland: the work of the German military bakery.

Bakers bake bread, soldiers carry a loaf.

German airfield, aircraft stand.

Pilots rest.

Training with shooting at targets from the air.

Destruction of the Polish airfield, followed by an explosion on the ground, broken machine.

The funeral of the French captain of the Foreign Legion, the German soldiers at the tomb.

German troops enter Cracow city views.

Townspeople watching the movement of German troops.

Mausoleum of Marshal Pilsudski in Krakow, are German sentries.


Captured Polish soldiers are on the road to the camp.

Bare foot soldier.

The prisoners sit on the ground, grab bread.

British prisoners in the barracks.

Speech by British officer at the microphone.

Search looters among the soldiers, a man passes system, pointing to one of the soldiers.

Polish Volksdeutsche settled in the lands.

On the way are women with children things.

Crossing the river by boat.

Beaten Volksdeutsche.

German soldiers are fed immigrants.

Soldier gives children chocolate.

Eat the elderly.





World War II

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Poland: Warsaw ghetto, house, synagogue.

Jews in the house, the person close up.

Camp for Jews, men sitting on the ground.

Jews on cleaning the ruins with shovels in their hands.

Jews clean channel road.

Jew removes broken bricks in a wheelbarrow.

The onset of the German army.

Riding tanks, trucks, artillery, overcome bridge, go through the forest.

Troops in the city of Lodz.

Residents welcome the troops.

Hitler on the Polish front.

Hitler board a plane, flies to the forefront.

Flying over Poland.

Hitler looks out the window.

Landing at the airport, meeting the Fuhrer's generals.

Hitler comes with officers trying food from the field kitchen.

Hitler comes to field nurses, shakes hands with them.

Goering, General von Brauchitsch and officers go to the train, in the car at the card.

Goering shows on the map.

Hitler was sitting at the window.

Among those present Himmler.

Motorcade with Adolf Hitler sent to Lodz.

Soldiers welcomed the Fuhrer, run the machine.

Residents on the road greet Hitler.

Towards the car go army convoy of prisoners.

Poles on the excavation.

Directions to Lodz by square with the cathedral.

Hitler had crossed the river watching the movement of troops.

Hitler was surrounded by soldiers.


A. Hitler
Himmler G.
G. Goering