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In Agram (Zagreb) arrives with Archbishop Hermogenes.

Archbishop goes to the cathedral by soldiers of honor system.

Together with Metropolitan Hermogenes conducts the service for Orthodox people.

By Hermogenes suitable military, read the text, he shakes his hand.

People pray, Metropolitan blesses them cross.

Hermogenes at a reception at the military.

Sweden: Stockholm, June 6 is the traditional National Day of Sweden or the Day of the Swedish flag.

Soldiers marching down the street with the national flag.

Go girls with flags.

Parade at the stadium.

Spectators in the stands.

On the track stadium passes carriage with King Gustav V and Queen.

King in military uniform, the queen and suite rise to the podium.

General salutes, anthem.

King presents the flags of different representatives of Swedish companies and organizations.

Boxing matches for the French workers working in Germany, at the Olympic Stadium.

Boxer Max Schmeling enters the ring, hugs former world champion Georges Carpentier, welcomes visitors.

The audience watching the fight with the French boxer Zh.

Karpante Gaston Mato.

Carpentier wins.

Germany: International Regatta in Grünau.

Military in the audience.

Racing kayak-four.

The first place - the athletes from Switzerland.

The racing eights victory belongs to the Italian athletes.

Winners floating in a kayak along the waterfront, pulling his hands in a Nazi salute.

Homecoming Spanish volunteers from the Eastern Front.

Train with legionaries in Seville at the station Irun met.

Soldiers in the windows of cars.

Cross with the figure of Christ in the hand of a soldier.

Station Del Norte, hang fascist and Spanish flags, people welcome foreign players.

Arrival in Madrid.



Religion; Sport; Holidays
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Reel №2

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In Madrid, crowds greeted fighters against Bolshevism.

People scream, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

The soldier raises the window of the car child girl kissing a soldier on the platform.

Soldiers in trucks traveling through the streets of Madrid, to be greeted residents.

People watch the movement of vehicles from the balconies of the houses.

Burma: at the airport are pilots.

Japanese squadron takes off and flies to Rangoon.

Scheme operation on the map.

The pilots in the cockpit.

The bombing of areas of the city.

Exploding shells, fires.

Eastern Front: fighting in the Crimea.

The bombardment of Sevastopol from the heavy guns.

Sappers with probes are minefields neutralize mines.

German soldiers in the trenches.

Shooting from the grenade launcher.

Cannon hit the ground.

View of the battlefield from the plane.

German planes bombed the city.

Africa: fighting in Marmarik.

Field Marshal Rommel hill watching the progress of the battle.

The movement of German troops and tanks to Tobruk in the desert.

Rommel rides in the car.

Mechanized artillery moving forward, anti-aircraft gun mounted gunners. shoot.

American tank rides on it beats the German anti-aircraft gun.

Lights lined Anglo-American technology.

Attack of the German and Italian infantry Ghazal, soldiers firing machine guns, grenade launchers.

Sturm Tobruk from the air, German planes bombed the city.

Italian artillery fires.

Rommel on the armored car talking to an officer.

Soldiers tied to the gun tank Nazi flag.

Sappers constructing the crossing of the anti-tank ditch, equipment goes through the crossing.

Rommel observes the movement of troops.

There is a captive Englishman.

Germans escorting convoy of British and American prisoners.

Key words

Defense of Sevastopol the war in Southeast Asia War in North Africa





World War II