Five Rings Above Rome.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Kassil L., Prok I.

Operators: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Leongardt U., Monglovskiy U., Oshurkov M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Kassil L., Prok I.


17 Olympics in Italy.

Historical background

In the summer of 1960 in Rome, the traditional XVII Olympic Games. In the XVII Olympic Games took part and Soviet athletes.

Sporting events


Temporary description

The film is about the 17 th Olympic Games. Italy. Rome. Grand opening games at the stadium Foro Italico. Parade participants. Pass athletes of Greece, Cuba, Germany, Ghana, Japan, India, USA, Italy. J. Perez (Italy) lights the Olympic flame. Racing cyclists. Pentathlon competition. Horse cross. Racing Women kayak single. Race of men in a canoe-twos. High jump, long. Races of men and women at different distances. Throwing core. Boxing. Greco-Roman wrestling. Fencing. Heats of men and women at different distances. Basketball. Weightlifting competitions. Jogging. Competition in gymnastics. Marathon. Speeches and rewarding athletes. Athletes see the sights of Rome. Among them: Geyshtor and Makarenko (Belarus, USSR), AB Mid (USSR), Kapitonov (USSR), L. stairs (Italy), V. Dyachkov (USSR), R. Shavlakadze (USSR), V. Brumel ( USSR), V. Bulatov (USSR), D. Bragg (USA), R. Johnson (USA), Kuznetsov (USSR), V. Krepkina (USSR), R. Boston (USA), J. Owens (USA), Schmidt (Poland), J. Bradford (USA), Yuri Vlasov. Closing games. Rome. Views of the city. Colosseum. Cathedral of St. Peter. Traffic and pedestrians. A police officer regulating traffic. Pass monks. Carabinieri in the stadium. Olympic Village. Shops. Hairdresser. Statue of Marcus Aurelius. Street trading. Brass band. Children play.

Reel №1

17 Olympics in Italy.

In the bowl of the Olympic flame is lit - close-up.

The ancient town in Greece - Olimpis - the general plan.

Olympian lights the torch and run - panorama.

Athlete runs with the torch - different plans, removed from traffic.

General view of Rome (removed from the aircraft).

Panorama of building the Colosseum - the general plan.

Panorama of St Peter's Basilica - the general plan.

Bridge near Castel Sant'Angelo - a common, average plans.

Rome street decorated with flags - the overall plan.

Hanging above the street five rings - a common, big plans.

Flags - the overall plan.

Houses decorated with flags - the overall plan.

Traffic on the streets, are girls, a monk, a nun - the average plan.

The entrance is decorated with flags of the people, athletes are - different plans.

Standing and talking athletes of the Soviet Union and the Americans - the average plan.

Talking head of the U.S. delegation, Mr.

Sober - the average plan.

Traffic on the streets of Rome - a common, average plans.

Evening plan - flags and lights in the sky - an outline.

Athlete runs with the torch and lights the fire in the Capitol - a common, average plans.

Chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports NN Romanov at the meeting read out a message of Khrushchev - a common, average plans.

Athletes applauded - a common, average plans.

Panorama of the stadium "Foro Italico", decorated with flags - the overall plan.

The audience in the stadium at the opening of the XVII Olympic Games.

Parade in the stadium - are athletes of Greece, Cuba, Chile, Japan, India, USA, USSR and others - different plans.

On the track stadium with the torch runs Giancarlo Peris - runner Italy - general view.

Panorama of the stadium filled with spectators - some general panoramas.

The fire is burning in a bowl Capitol - a common, average plans.

Doves fly over the stadium - some general panoramas.

Correspondents from different countries at work - different plans.

Read the cameramen - average plans.

Rent for Photographers - the average plan.

Cyclists start - Athletes from Germany, France, Italy, the Soviet Union - different plans.

Racers-cyclists at a distance - different plans.

Riders at the finish - overall plans.

Italians win.

Reel №2

Pentathlon competition in equestrian cross country - different plans athletes travel on horseback - different panorama.

On horseback pentathlete Novikov - medium, large panorama, removed rocking.

The velodrome "Olympic" competition going on tandems - different plans.

On the course, riders of the Soviet Union that

Leonov, etc.

Vasiliev in the competition with the German athlete Simon and Shtebekom - different panorama.

At the distance of the German and Italian riders and Bechetto Byankotto.

They're at the finish - different plans.

Cheering spectators - different plans.

Winners on pedestal - 1st place Italians, Germans 2nd, 3rd Soviet racers - the overall plan.

The stadium attendants endure Dutch riders faced with Italian cyclists - panorama.

Highway Albano - Medium shot, shot from the bus.

Lake Albano - the general plan, shot from above zoom.

Spectators in the stands overall, average plans.

Among the audience, the President of Italy

Gronchi - the average plan.

Racing kayak singles-average plans.

On the podium winner - building technician Antonina Middle (Moscow), who won the gold medal - the average plan.

Raised the Soviet flag - close-up.

On the course, the men on the canoe-pair - a common, panorama of.

Winners Zeyshtor (BSSR) and Makarenko (BSSR) - Gold Medal - medium, large plans.

On the course, women in the kayak-twos - general plans.

On the pedestal medalist A. The middle and Shubin - the average plan.

Nikolai Romanov kisses A. Shubin and Mid - middle distance.

Road race at 75 km - at the start of a group of riders on the course - different plans.

On the course, Kapitonov and Italian Livio Trag - different plans.

They are at the finish.

Winner Kapitonov.

Trained boxers - panorama.

In jumping exercise Shavlakadze R. & C Brumel - general view.

Coach B. Dyachkov photographs jumps - middle distance, removed from the collisions).

General view of the training stadium - the overall plan.

In training: record holder in pole vaulting V. Bulatov and world record holder American Donald Breg - medium, large plans.

Kuznetsov and American Refer Johnson - the average plan.

Vera Krepkina and Ralph Boston.

Ralph Boston gives Vera Krepkina lining for shoes - the overall plan.

Entrance to the stadium, "Foro Italico" - an outline, removed from the departure.

Public goes to the stadium - general panorama.

Legendary athlete Jesse Owens, who won at the Olympics in Berlin (25 years ago) just four gold medals, autographs - panorama.

Reel №3

Panorama of the flags of 76 countries.

Entrance to the stadium.

View of the spectators sitting in the stands.

Panorama of the stadium.

Broad jumps world record in the triple jump Josef Schmidt (Poland) - medium shot, slow motion.

Jumps in height Polanda Bolash (Romania) - medium shot, slow motion.

The field stadium is world record holder in the shot put from Leningrad Tamara Press - Panorama.

Leaps tall American John Thomas - Panorama.

German sprinter Armin Hari, run 100 meters in 40 seconds - the panorama.

Jumping world record holder in the long German Zhildrun Claus - Panorama, slow motion.

Jumping long Elzbieta Kshessinsky - Olympic champion (Poland) - total, average plans slow motion.

Jumping long Krepkina Vera, who won the first gold medal.

Women's race by 80 meters hurdles - wins I. Press - a common, medium, close-up, slow-motion.

On the pedestal I. Press awarded Gold Medal - medium, large plans.

Pushes the nucleus Hermine Brown - American - General, close up.

Pushes the nucleus Tamara Press - medium shot.

Sisters Tamara and Irina Press kiss - close-up.

The race of men is 100 meters - of running Armin Hari - Panorama.

The race of men in the 200 m - runs a student from Turin Livno Berutti - total, average plans slow motion.

Race Women 100m - finishing American Wilma Rudolph - the overall plan.

Wilma Rudolph on a pedestal - medium, large plans.

On the pedestal Wilma Rudolph, won first place, an Englishwoman Hyman - silver and Italian Leone, third place - the average plan.

Cheering spectators - different plans.

The race of men by 5000 m - the strongest runners on the course of the world, including New Zealander Myurret Hallberg, German Hans Grodotski and Pole Kazimierz Zimny ​​- different plans.

Feet running - Panorama.

High jump - jump Pole Sobota, Idriss Frenchman, an American Dyumas Swede Peterson, world record holder Thomas - different panorama, slow motion.

Placards with the words of 2 m 12 cm - the overall plan.

High jump - Victor Bolshov Robert Shavlakadze Valery Brumel - different plans, slow motion.

Placards with the words of 2 m 14 cm - close-up.

Jump: Shavlakadze, V. Brumel, V. Bolshov - different plans.

Jumping American Thomas - Panorama.

Stadium at night - panorama.

Backlit display with a 2 m 16 cm - close-up.

Shavlakadze jumps, Thomas, Brumel - different plans.

On the podium: Shavlakadze, Brumel and John Thomas - third place.

Olympic waving white flags - medium, large panorama.

The emblem of Rome - the legendary wolf at the entrance to the village - close-up.

Athletes: Shavlakadze, basketball Zubkov and others give autographs - different plans.

Reel №4

Panorama of the athletes' village "- the residence of Olympic athletes, athletes are on the street.

Girls in hairdressing hairstyle - medium shot with zoom into a close-up.

Athletes eat in the dining room - medium, large plans.

Athletes, sitting in the lounge, relax - general panorama of the plan.

Athletes watch on TV competitions in diving - the average plan.

Since jumping into the water jumps Ninel Krutov - an outline, removed rocking).

Jumping Englishwoman Elizabeth Ferrig, American Paolo Pope, German Ingrid Kramer (GDR) - general plans, removed rocking.

Man jumping from the tower Englishman Brian Feliz, Americans Harry tobiano and Robert Webster - general plans.

PNRM. from the dome of the case sports palace stands, filled the audience - the general view.

In the ring, flyweight boxer Sergei Sivko (USSR) and the Hungarian Gyula Terek - overall, the average plan, filmed zoom.

Gyula wins Terek.

In the ring, Oleg Grigoryev and Italian Primo Dzamparini - panorama.

Gold medal winning O. Grigoriev - awarding medals - the overall plan.

South American in the ring D. Bekker F. Pikolli - general, secondary plans.

Rewarding F. Pikolli - the winner in the heavyweight division - the general plan.

Cross country - different plans.

Runs Ferenc Nemeth (Hungary) - different plans.

Finishes Robert Beck - American - Panorama.

R. Beck put ice, give oxygen, it is - the average plan.

N. Tatarinov runs Leningrad - the average plan.

Hanno runs Selga - Estonia - the average plan.

Runs and finishes Igor Novikov - Panorama.

Rewarding pyatibortsev - middle distance, removed from the collision).

Soviet athletes received silver medals.

Panorama from the Colosseum to the street of Rome - the average plan.

Passage of spectators to the Basilica di Massentsio where there were competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling - a panorama.

The carpet Oleg Karavayev and Japanese Masamitsu Ishigushi - fighters bantamweight-average plan for victory O. Karavaev.

Panorama from the building of the Basilica di Massentsio the park.

Park of Villa Borghese - the general plan.

Muscovite Sergei Filatov equestrians demonstrates high class riding school - general plans.

Filatov out his art won a gold medal.

Pass the Romans in ancient knight costumes - participants of traditional tournament Quintana - general, secondary plans.

Riders hit the spear stuffed Quintana - different panorama.

In the Palazzo dei Congressi fencing competition held - act V. Zdanowicz and Frenchman Roger Kloss - different plans.

V. Zdanowicz wins.

Cheering - panorama.

Presentation of medals - gold medal B. Zhdanovichi, silver - Yuri Sisikin medium, large plans.

Women swim 100m - different plans.

The winner of the American L. Berg.

Men's swim in the 200 m butterfly stroke - the winner of American Michael Troy - a common, average plans.

Rewarding swimmers - different plans.

Reel №5

Playing basketball teams of the USSR and the U.S. - two different points in the game.

Score 81:57 - won by the Americans.

Competitions in weightlifting - American world record holder Tommy Kono squeezes bar weighing in at 135 pounds.

Bar in the 135 kg squeezes A. Kurynov (USSR) - the average plan.

Winner A. Kurynov - gold medal.

Arkady Vorobyov squeezes barbell weighing 142 kg - different plans.

Vorob'ev second time is the Olympic champion.

Panorama of the stadium without the people - the general plan from a helicopter.

Soviet athletes visiting Rome - different plans.

Statue of Marcus Aurelius - close-up.

Panorama of the ruined galleries Coliseum.

Cat lying on a ledge - close-up.

Soviet athletes in a district of Rome, talking to people - different plans.

Start of Race Walking - participants of the stadium sent a 20-kilometer route - Panorama.

The men's competition in long jump - jump American athlete Ralph Boston - Panorama.

Jumping Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan - panorama of the plan.

Jumping American Robert Irwin Roberson - Panorama.

Rewarding Ter-Hovhannisyan receives a bronze medal - a common, big plans.

Women's 800m at - at a distance Shevtsova and Australian Dickie Willis Brondeau Jones - different plans.

With a world record winning Shevtsova.

Awards - A panorama of the plan.

At a distance of walking Golubnichy B. and others - view.

B. Golubnichy first comes to the stadium, the second coming Australian Noel Freeman - a common, medium, close-up.

Launch party race for men at 10,000 feet - a panorama.

Runners on the course - different plans.

Running legs - close-up.

Ahead at a distance of Australian Power, Peter Bolotnikov, German Grodotski - different plans.

P. Bolotnikov comes first - the average plan.

Spectators welcome P. Bolotnikov.

Among the spectators W. Kutz and E. Zatopek - different plans.

Nikiforov coach congratulates P. Bolotnikov - middle distance, shot zoom.

Awards - P. Bolotnikov awarded a gold medal.

Italian journalist congratulates Ukrainian javelin B. Tsibulenko - close-up.

The cameraman shoots PNRM. T. Press, standing in a group of correspondents - the average plan.

Moskvich yachtsman Timir Pinegin - close-up.

Thrower Nina Ponomareva - close-up.

In the athletes' village "NN Romanov congratulates the winner in the hammer throw B. Rudenkova, rower Vyacheslav Ivanov, champion javelin E. Ozolina - different plans.

Competition in gymnastics - Total Team men's competition - free exercises on the mat Japanese athlete performs N. Ayhara - general view, close-up.

N. Ayhara became the champion in the form of gymnastics.

Reel №6

Exercises on the rings does Albert Azarian - view of the audience).

A. Azarian again won the title of Olympic champion.

Exercises on the bar serves the strongest gymnast Japan Takashi Ono - average, the overall plans.

Boris on the bar Shallin - medium shot.

B. Shallin perform exercises on the horse - panorama of the plan.

The audience applauded - the average, the overall plan.

Exercises on the horse performs Takashi Ono - Panorama.

On the podium absolute world champion and undisputed champion of the Olympic Games - the overall plan.

Exercises on uneven bars raznovysotnyh performs absolute Olympic champion Larisa Latynina - medium, the overall plan.

On the uneven bars raznovysotnyh Japanese Keiko Ikeda - contender for the title of Olympic champion - the average plan.

On the uneven bars raznovysotnyh young gymnast Polina Astakhov - she won the gold medal - the average plan.

Balance Beam gymnast performs Czechoslovak Bosakova Eve - she is a champion in this kind of exercise - Panorama.

Vault performs Margarita Nikolaeva, and the winner is - the general plan.

Young gymnast Tamara Lyuhina the carpet performs floor exercises - panorama.

The carpet L. Latynina performs floor exercises - the average plan.

Awarded for all-around female gymnasts: L. Latynina, S. Muratova and Astakhov - panorama.

PNRM. three Soviet flag - the general plan.

Cheering spectators - different.

Start marathon at 42 miles - the total view.

Marathon runners on the course - the general panorama of the total plan.

Marathon runners on the turn.

Leader was running athlete from Ethiopia, Bikila Ababa - the general plan.

The second comes from Morocco African arcade style - the average plan.

Awarding of the winners of marathon running in the arch of Constantine at the finish - the general panorama of the plan.

In Palatsetto Dello Sport performances by weightlifters in the bench press 175 kg, serves American Jim Bradford - the average plan.

Yuri Vlasov squeezes bar weighing 180 kg - the general plan.

Jerk of 140 kg makes D. Bradford - the average plan.

Yuri Vlasov spurt - bar 155 kg - middle distance, removed from the accident.

J. Bradford praying - medium shot.

J. Bradford push rods, weighing 182.5 kg - average plan.

Yuri Vlasov pushes bar weighing 195 kg - the average plan.

Yuri Vlasov pushes bar weighing 202.5 kg - average plan.

Cheering spectators - different plans.

Yuri Vlasov swing - the average plan.

Yuri Vlasov on the podium - the average plan, with an accident.

The parade of athletes at the closing of the Olympic Games - the overall plan.

Yuri Vlasov the banner - a common, average plans, removed from the accident.

Go-bearers - the general plan.

Spectators with burning torches.

Illuminated streets of Rome - a common, average plans.

Kremlin (Moscow) in the early morning - the general plan.

At Courant 6:00 - medium, large plans.

Red Square with pigeons - general plans.

Meeting of Soviet athletes at the airport - different plans.

Parade at the stadium.

Lenin - with flowers are the winners of the Olympic Games - different plans.

Five rings - the emblem of the Olympic Games at the stadium - the general plan.

Bowl with the Olympic flame - close-up, removed from the accident.