Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 591

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

1. Germany.

Manufacturing of shells and guns of all calibres in munitions factories.

Women at work at the bench, woman welder.

Production processes.

Steelmakers in the furnace.

Assembling guns, aircraft assembly.

The plane is removed from the hangar.

PNRM. the shop build tanks.

Crane is ready tank.

2. Germany.

Collection of scrap metal from the population.

Scrap on the trolley reset.

Remelting scrap.

Textile scrap collection and processing it at a textile factory.

3. Germany.

Collection of the population of funds in favor of "Winter aid", as well as warm clothes for the soldiers-veterans.

Newspapers with headlines about the situation on the Eastern Front.

Collecting things at home, woman gives a fur coat.

Point for things drive up their carts.

Shoes, mittens.

4. Map of Europe.

Territories occupied by the Germans during the past period of the war.

Comparative scheme of military operations undertaken by the forces of Germany in the First and Second World Wars for the same period of time.

5. Norway, Denmark, Kirkenes, along the coast are German soldiers with horses.

Post with the word "Arctic Circle", the German breaks it attaches Nazi flag.

The system of fortifications along the west coast of Europe.

Coastal battery in Norway.

German aircraft flying over Norway in the mountains above the sea.

Along the coast stretch poles with barbed wire.

Go over the bridge German motorcyclists.

Pointer to the border between Norway and Denmark on the bridge.

German airfield, stands sentry.

Reel №2

Eastern Front.

The movement of German tanks in the snow.

The soldiers pulled the rope stalled truck.

Car, track rod pulls gun, stalled in the snow.

Soldiers carried on the shoulders of the shells, unloading the truck, put them in stacks on the conveyor.

Dugout in the forest, above the pipe smokes.

Snowstorm, riding trucks with soldiers.

Horse riding carts in a blizzard, low visibility.

German airfield, aircraft stand in the snow.

Mechanics clean snow from the plane, ready to fly, to refuel.

On board the inscription: "Condor Legion".

Planes taking off, flying over the snow-covered terrain, down flying projectiles, arrows scribbling machine gun.


Emperor Hirohito comes to military maneuvers, he rides on a white horse, followed by the officers.

The emperor is watching the maneuvers with skyscrapers.

Riding tanks, infantry in the attack.

North Africa.

German Junkers in-flight bombing of strategic installations, explosions on the ground.

Artillery hit the aircraft.

Downed English bomber pilots standing beside him.



World War II

Reel №3

German ships in the campaign against England.

Top view of the squadron.

Ships escorted fighters.


German soldier looks into the distance of the bay and city with skyscrapers.

German artillery battery on shore.

German aircraft will start in the direction of Crete through the Aegean Sea.

Connected German ships at sea.

Sailors raise the sail on the ship.

Radioman discourages message in Morse code on the bank receive a report.

All of the battery.

Military action near Leningrad.

The snow goes soldier in white fur coat, he passes the dying houses.

German airfield, aircraft to go skiing soldiers, bring shells, place them on the machine.

Pilots get a job, take off.

Soldiers from the ground watching the flight of Junkers.

The bombing of the Soviet position.

Artillery bombardment of the city.

German troops in the forests south of Leningrad.

Infantry in the attack, soldiers with flamethrowers.

Occupation of the burned villages, burning houses.

Quick story.

Tank on the streets.

German ships in the sea, shooting guns destroyer.

Nazi flag.



World War II