Trip To the Atlantic.. (1960)

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Part 1 0:09:49

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kulagina K.

Operators: Aldokhin U.

Text writers: Gorokhov V.


About the 7-th trip to the Atlantic of depot ship "Mikhail Lomonosov".

Temporary description

Film about the seventh voyage in the Atlantic floating base hydro Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Mikhail Lomonosov ". Route Map "Mikhail Lomonosov". Ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Storm. The command ship, the expedition members at work, including the German scientists. Scientific research work. Above the ship is flying an American plane. Canada. The port city of Halifax. "Mikhail Lomonosov" in the port (winter mode). Streets. Blizzard. Movement of road transport, buses, trolley buses. Snowfall. Trolley buses in the parking lot. Works concrete diamond machine. Pedestrians on the streets. Team Meeting "Mikhail Lomonosov" with Canadian scientists. Landscapes of the Atlantic Ocean. Movement of fishing, scientific research vessel "Ob", "Zarya", "Vityaz" submarine "Severyanka.

Reel №1

Atlantic Ocean.

Algae and fish stocks in the deep.

Floating fishing boat - LS.

Dizelelektrohod "Ob" in ice - LS., MS.

Antimagnetic ship "Dawn" in the sea - LS.

Vessel "Vityaz» - MS.

Submarine Laboratory "Severyanka" on the surface - LS., MS. (Top).

Boat engine room.

Hand includes radio - CU.

Radio operator in headphones - CU.

Hand working on a key - CU.

Radio mast against the sky - LS.

Mother ship Sea Hydrophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR "Mikhail Lomonosov" in the ocean - LS., MS.

The bow (top).

Animation: map, which marked the path of "Mikhail Lomonosov" from Riga to the Atlantic Ocean.

The deck of the vessel (top).

Mate from logging into the microphone gives the command.

Megaphone on board - CU.

The staff and crew of the floating base "Mikhail Lomonosov" are ready to start work on mnogosutochnoy station.

Boatswain Nikityuk, head of group that studies the formation and development of the waves.

Vladimir Kuzmin.

Specialist stereofotosemke Yuri Tyuflin.

A team of German scientists - members of the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Mate of the ship stops.

Various research to study the air and underwater currents.

The storm.

Climb aboard devices.

Preparing for the storm.

The waves in the ocean.

Waves poured deck.

Hands knotted metallic rope winch reinforce - CU.

Two seagulls in the sky - LS.

In a calm ocean is "Mikhail Lomonosov» - LS.

In the laboratory, scientists continue to study the ship.

Hydrologist Dmitry Aksenov in hand with a test tube with water.

Lowered overboard recorder.

Pulled out of the water trawl.

Scientist examines a jar of plankton.

Indoor scientist with a microscope sees a drop of water.

Drop on the slide.

Past the ship flies the American seaplane (evening).

PNRM. the Canadian port of Halifax.

"Mikhail Lomonosov" in the port.

Deck of the vessel, covered with snow.

Icy ropes tackle.

Snowstorm on the streets of Halifax - different.

Snow removal on the streets.

Passing car with headlights on.

PNRM. the city (with the top point).

The bow of the ship, and with the words "Mikhail Lomonosov".

A team of Canadian scientists visiting scientists of the Soviet ship.

The commander says VK Agenor of the 7th Atlantic flight and on the Soviet oceanographers - LS., MS.

The vessel raised the Soviet flag.

Ships in port.

"Mikhail Lomonosov" in the ocean - LS., MS.

The waves in the ocean.