Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 551

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Producer UFA

Operators: Flejshman, Gejpelj, Gesslj, Hejden, Kramer, Peljc, Rode, Tejer, Viljd, Ertlj, Fisher

Reel №1

1. Southern China.

Japanese troops in southern China.

Soldiers disembark from boats in the marshland.

Fragments of the fight with the Chinese.

Last minute hut.

Japanese soldiers run to the flag.

2. Germany.

Arriving in Germany, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Ladislaus Bardossy.

Hungarian Minister Ribbentrop met at the train station in Munich.

Honor Guard.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of fallen heroes.

Honor guard.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary arrival to the residence of Hitler's Berghof.

Hitler and Bardossy the conversation.

3. Germany.

International athletics competitions at the Sports Palace in Berlin.

Imperial Sports Leader Chammer-Austen on the podium.

Sprinters at a distance.

Rudolf Garbo from Berlin sets record.

Running hurdles.

4. Germany.

Exhibition of paintings at the House of Arts in Berlin.

Battle paintings.

Cartoons of the enemies of Germany - Eden Mandel, Churchill, Halifax, Reynaud et al., "Military sketches", devoted to the exploits of German soldiers and war weekdays.

5. Fundraising military parts of the "Waffen SS" for the needs of culture.

Two soldiers enter the building, the inscription on the door of raising funds for the "vunshkontsert."

Is a calculation of the funds raised, the money put in a large chest, carry it.

The grand meeting in the hall, a report on the collected funds.

On the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate plays a military band, is a fundraiser.

6. Berlin Lustgarten.

Exhibition of military equipment and collecting funds for the army.

Children climb on the tank, turn the handle.

In fundraising actors involved, the dog with a mug in his mouth.

Children ride on ponies.

Military exercises and demonstration sports.

Soldiers overcome obstacles, the rider demonstrates tricks.

Performances of amateur actors.

Actor on an old bicycle.

Rides, swing.

Children ride on motorcycles.

Tank shooting blank.

Check out the allegorical carriages with "runaway plutocrats-bourgeois": Churchill, Eden.

Pacific War; Sporting events; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №2

7. Posen (Poznan), the former Polish territory included after its capture in the territory of the Reich.

Holiday "Waterland" (so called as the land taken from the Poles and included in Germany).

Above the town hall breathes Nazi flag.

Laying wreaths troops "Hitlerjugend" on the graves of heroes and the victims "Volksdeutsche" (Germans living in Poland and the "dead" at the hands of the Poles).

Grand opening of the two theaters in Posen.

Hall, opened the curtain.


Grand Theatre, Poznań, the exterior and interior, auditorium.

Arrival of Dr.

Goebbels and his entourage.

The crowd in the square greets him.

Goebbels speech at the Grand Theatre.

A fragment of the play "The Prince of Homburg background."

In the box, Field Marshal von Kleist and Goebbels.

8. Renovation work in the "general province" (the rest of the territory of Poland after the transfer of part of its land in Germany and the Soviet Union).

Warsaw, a new swimming pool, swim German soldiers.

Competitions among women, rewarding.

9. Norway.

Winter mountain landscape.

Completion of the new section of one of the railways, workers are drilled rock from the tunnel face trolley with the breed.

Bridges in the mountains.

General opened a new section of road, cuts the ribbon is a train.

10. Norway.

Ski competition Wehrmacht soldiers.

Sailors skiing fall.

11. Goering arrives for a meeting in the occupied territories.

He gets out of the car, up the stairs to the building.

Generals Ernst Udet, background Kesselring.

Goring with Lieutenant Moeller enter the courtroom, examines some documents.

Meeting, there Eshonek generals, Sperrle, Udet.

Bust of the Fuhrer.

Goering talks with the generals.

Theater; Sporting events

Reel №3

12. Bulgaria.

German troops in Bulgaria.

Columns of German soldiers, carts go on mountain roads.

Snow in the Balkan Mountains.

Are German soldiers.

Horse-drawn implements.

Sprawling column.

German anti-aircraft gun.

The population welcomed the German soldiers.

The girl in national costume takes bread and salt.

13. Africa.


General Rommel inspects the German and Italian forces.

Traveling motorcyclists.


Rommel, Italian general and officers.

Passing tanks.

Local residents watch military parade.

Tanks on the highway.

Caravan of camels with the Bedouins on the roadside.

Tanks on the road under the palm trees.

Begins sandstorm.

Planes taking off to reflect the English attack.

Fragments of the battlefield.

14. The German planes were in the air, they are sent to bomb British cities.

Reflection attack British fighter.


English downed plane falls to the ground.

North African campaign; Air force