Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 517

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Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Meeting of foreign ministers with Hitler July 28, 1940.

Arriving in Germany Romanian Prime Minister Gigurtu and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Manolescu.

At the station, they welcomed German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop.

The Romanian delegation sent to a meeting with the Führer.

The arrival of Hitler's residence Bulgarian Prime Minister Filov.

Slovak Prime Minister Tiso arrives for a meeting with Hitler in his residence.

Hitler and Tiso on the steps of the Fuhrer's residence.

2. Germany.

Bayreuth Wagner Festival in 1940.

Members of the organization "Strength through Joy" on demonstrations near the theater.

Soldiers and officers at the entrance of Wagnerian theater.

The arrival of the Führer.

The crowd welcomed Hitler.


Ley and relative Wagner.

The Fuhrer in the building, the crowd welcomed him.

3. Germany.

The opening of an art exhibition in Munich.

Exhibition halls.

Goebbels visitors.

Fuhrer examines exhibits.

Museums and exhibitions; Industry
Culture and Arts; Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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Individual painting exhibition.

Fuhrer examines sculpture girl.

Bust of Frederick the Great.

Portrait of Hitler.

4. Germany.

Munich, racing for the prize of "brown ribbon" fragment of the race.

Winner - the representative of Italy.

5. Germany.

Lindenau shipyard.

The descent of the new vessel into the water.

6. Germany.

Construction work on the freeway near Klagenfurt.

Construction of a new tunnel.

Construction workers on the track.

Construction of a new bridge.

Types of bridge.

7. Occupied Territories.

German railway reduced disruption to rail traffic.

German construction group in Norway.

Speaker of the large reconstruction work.

German sappers front of the camera.

They are on the construction and blasting operations.

8. France, Paris.

Renault factories.

The ruins of the destroyed plant.

Plants "Citroen".

Assembly of trucks and cars.

9. Inspection and repair damaged in the fighting after the summer offensive military equipment in parts of the German Wehrmacht.

Soldier washes clothes, the soldiers of the sewing, shoe repair.

Soldiers at dinner.

Military band.

In one part of the Atlantic coast of France soldiers to exercise.

Swimming in the river.

World War II; Air force; Fleet
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №3

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10. The German wounded rest and treated at the resort.

11. New German plane rescue a test flight.

He spends a rescue operation on water. "Crashed" pick up the plane.

12. North Sea.

Caravan of German warships.

Masts and skeletons of sunken ships.

German submarine, the crew of the submarine on deck.

The captain of the submarine.

Speaker of the merits of a submarine in the destruction of the enemy fleet.

13. The German planes raided England.

Aircraft in the air, the crew members.

At the bottom of the island, the lighthouse.

Ruined English airfield (shooting from the top).

British ships firing on aircraft.

The aircraft dropped bombs, bombs exploding.

Air force; Fleet; World War II
Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation; History

Reel №4

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Repetition of the scene 13.

14. Mediterranean theater of war.

Italian warships.

Italian aircraft takes off, the Italian guns.


Italian military court on the march.

Fragments of the sea battle, explosions.

The gun is firing enemy ships.

Italian cruisers and destroyers.