The eighth blow (1944)

Documentary №53867, 6 parts, duration: 0:06:07
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gikov R.
Screenwriters:Gikov R.
Composers:Shvarc L.
Text authors:Agapov B.


The film is about the conduct of the Red Army operation to free the Baltics.

Temporary description:

The fighting Soviet troops in the liberation of Baltic: the offensive part of the Soviet troops, the interrogation of German prisoners. The commander of the II Baltic Front Army General Eremenko at the command post. The commanders of all the armed forces is given to the top offensive team fights. Fighting artillery, infantry, tanks and aircraft. Assistance to wounded soldiers. Forcing water lines. Kind of ruined settlements in Latvia, burning cities in Estonia. The release of prisoners of concentration camps. View Group Team: Marshal Govorov, Army General AI Eremenko, General of the Army Bagramyan. The fighting Soviet troops in the liberation years. Riga, Valga, Tallinn, Siauliai. Output of Soviet troops to the Baltic Sea. Login Soviet troops in Riga.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel, 1945: a general view of the fountain on the Red Square during the Victory Day parade.

Types of Red Square with built for troops parade (above).

Battalion captured flags on Red Square.

Participants of the parade in the ranks.

Column of the Navy in the Red Square.

Combined with the standard of the shelf fronts, face Victory Parade participants.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet troops motorized column moving along the road, passing tanks and self-propelled artillery.

On the roads moving Soviet infantry, artillery and tanks.

Reactive artillery took up firing positions.

Self-propelled artillery units are camouflaged in the forest.

Planes at the airport, the daily life of a soldier in the trenches.

on-line soldiers drink from his flask.

Scouts are prisoners of the Germans through the barbed wire.

General Korotkov GP interrogating German prisoners.

Loading ammunition into the tank.

Front commander, Army General AI Eremenko officers studying the situation on the map.

The commander of the frontline aviation General NF Naumenko reports on the readiness for combat operations.

The commander of the artillery of General PN Nichkov reports on the readiness of units assigned to him.

Artillery firing positions on preparing to open fire.

The command post of one of the infantry divisions put forward before.

The officers inspected the area with binoculars.

The soldiers with regimental banner put forward in the advanced trenches.

The officer sends a signal to attack a shot from the pistol.


Korotkov Gennadiy Petrovich - commander Naumenko Nikolay Fedorovich - commander Eremenko Andrei Ivanovich - commander Nichkov Peter Nikitich - commander

Calendar: 07.1944 06/24/1945

Locations: Moscow [820] Belarus [845] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Artillery attack units of the Second Baltic Front.

Fire from the "Katyusha" and mortars.

The offensive of infantry.

The nurse renders first aid to the wounded on the battlefield.

Soviet airplanes in the air.

Bombardment of enemy positions.

The offensive of tanks.

The offensive of infantry.

The orderlies take the wounded from the battlefield.

The offensive of infantry.

Fighters near the body of a comrade who died in battle.

The offensive of infantry.

The population of Pskov meets the Red Army.

The broken German technique.

Parts of the Red Army pass through the fields of Latvia.

Reel №3

View of the Lubansk Lowland in the Baltic States.

Parts of the Red Army pass through the swamps of the Luban lowland towards the German troops.

Burning forests, set on fire by the Germans to block the road to parts of the Red Army.

Parts of the Red Army pass through burning forests.

Forcing the waterfront.

General Kazakov at the command post.

Fights in the cemetery in the vicinity of the city of Madona.

The streets of Madona are Soviet troops.

View of destroyed Latvian villages.

The Latvian partisans return to their native villages.

The funeral of the wife of the commander of a partisan detachment, killed by the Germans.

Destroyed cities of the Baltic States.

General view of the destroyed city of Mitev.

Residents of Mitev come back from their shelters.

Reel №4

Kind of burning cities of Estonia.

The burning town of Võl.

The old man and the old woman who survived from the entire population of the town of Võl.

A view of the burning city of Tartu, the cultural center of Estonia.

The entrance to the German "death camp" is Clog.

A group of camp prisoners liberated by Soviet troops.

One of the prisoners tells Soviet officers about the methods of killing in a concentration camp.

Map of the Soviet Baltic States.

Commander of the Leningrad Front Marshal of the Soviet Union Govorov.

Army General Maslennikov, commander of the Third Baltic Front.

Commander of the Second Baltic Front General of the Army Eremenko.

Commander of the First Baltic Front, Army General Bagramyan.

Preparing for an offensive in the Baltics.

Map of military operations in the Baltics.

Reel №5

Artillery attack of Riga.

Soviet aircraft on the way to Riga.

Bombardment of German fortifications east of Riga.

Mortar fire units of the First Baltic front.

The advance of the parts of the Third Baltic Front to the city of Velga.

Soldiers of units of the Third Baltic Front in Velga.

Ruined houses in Velga.

The broken German technique in Velga.

The tank units of Marshal Govorov, who took Tallinn, On the streets of the city.

The soldiers and officers of the Red Army talk with the inhabitants of Tallinn.

A convoy carrying food intended for the Germans captured by the Red Army in the capture of Tallinn.

A column of German prisoners.

General view of the city of Tallinn.

Ancient Tallinn fortress Vyshgorod.

Map of the offensive to Riga.

Army General Bagramyan over the map.

Tank and infantry units, aviation are moving towards Siauliai.

General Chistyakov at the command post.

The advance of the parts of the First Baltic front to Siauliai.

The offensive of infantry.

The offensive of artillery on Siauliai.

Map of the offensive.

Reel №6

The advance of the parts of the First Baltic front to Siauliai.

General Chistyakov at the command post.

The advance of the parts of the First Baltic front to Siauliai.

Parts of the Red Army reach the Baltic Sea.

The offensive to Riga.

Map of the offensive to Riga.

Fights in the streets of Riga.

Kind of burning Riga, set on fire by the Germans on retreat.

The reinforcement of the red flag in liberated Riga.

General view of Riga.

The population of Riga meets parts of the Red Army.

Guards-Latvians pass through the streets of Riga.

The inscription: The Red Army fulfilled its patriotic duty with dignity and liberated our Motherland from the enemy.

From now on and forever our land is free from Hitler's evil spirits (Stalin).

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