Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 567 (1941)

Newsreel №53875, 4 parts, duration: 0:37:04
Producer UFA

Reel №1

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1. Formation of anti-Soviet military legions in Denmark and Norway.

Scenes at the recruiting office, registration of new recruits, drill exercises.

Dutch legions marching through the streets of Amsterdam before sending them to the Eastern Front.

2. Franco's Spain.

Anti-Soviet demonstrations in the streets.

3. Spanish troop train heading to the Eastern Front, travel stops at a train station in Bordeaux.

Vichy welcomed the soldiers "Blue Division".

4. Italy.

Benito Mussolini examines motorized division before sending it to the Soviet-German front.

5. Romania.

Anti-Soviet rally in front of the German Embassy in Bucharest.

Romanian troops, leaving the eastern front, marching through the streets of Bucharest.

6. Slovakia.

Hits in Pressburg ^ Slovak troops, leaving the Eastern Front.

The head of the fascist government Jozef Tiso on the podium.

7. Horthy Hungary.

Hungarian army units, to be sent to the Eastern Front, marching through the streets of the city.

8. The northern section of the front (near Zall).

The movement of German vehicles on forest roads impassable.

Nazi soldiers on the construction of military roads.

Finnish colonel takes part in a meeting of the German officers.

Soviet Air Force raid on the German positions, bombs exploding.

German anti-aircraft guns in action.

Downed Soviet bomber.

In the battle included the German fighters, fight them with Soviet aircraft.

Flow tracers directed towards attacking Soviet bombers.

Soviet plane crashes and explodes on the ground.

Heavy German tanks advancing on the city Zall.

This is followed by infantry.

On one of the German airfields: discussion of the forthcoming operation a group of pilots with the White Finns.

Start herds of wild deer that prevent dispersal of aircraft on the launch pad.

Connect German bombers in the air.

Dropping bombs on the location of Soviet troops.

Explosions, burning forests (filmed from the air).

At the airport the German fighters: preparation of one of the machines to start, start the engine, the final preparations for the pilot sitting in the cockpit.


German aircraft attack on Soviet ships in the White Sea.

Fired at the ship sinks.

9. The southern section of the Soviet-German front.

The meeting with the Romanian officers before the attack.

Romanian infantry in the campaign.

The movement of German motorized units uncomfortable, pitted ditches, roads.

German engineers and local people restore the destroyed bridge over the River Prut.

Reel №2

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Traffic on the bridge of the German cyclists.

German troops (infantry and baggage) pass through the village.

Move along the country roads.

In one of the villages Ukrainian nationalists posted a poster welcoming the Nazis.

Residents greeted the Germans with bread and salt.

Destroyed in the fighting city.

German soldiers destroyed the Soviet flag, break plaster bust of Stalin.

10. The German offensive on Kiev.

Accumulation of Soviet military equipment, broken German aircraft.

Derailed train Soviet.

The movement of German convoys, transports, cavalry, reconnaissance armored vehicles on dusty roads.

Light infantry weapons (guns and machine guns) firing at the village.

Burning Village (filmed from a distance).

Soviet POWs with their hands up.

Among the prisoners are many Asian people, a female fighter.

Burning a Soviet tank, burning houses.

German soldiers walk across the field of rye, tear poppies collected bouquets they lay buried in the grave of his friend.

11. The German offensive on the city of Bialystok and Minsk.

The movement of tanks, cyclists.

Tanks cross the creek.

Infantry and convoys on the march.

Motorcyclists hardly move on unimproved dirt roads.

Destroyed bridge over the river.

Sappers constructing pontoons.

Cars with trailer artillery on the pontoon bridge stepping up the river.

Lunch at the soldiers in the camp canteen.

Rest in camp.

Soldiers potroshaschie chickens.

Hiking hairdresser.

Washing cars.

Bathing horses.

Games of the soldiers.

Impromptu orchestra.

German infantry on the march.

Columns of soldiers passing through the village, the smiling faces of the soldiers.

Aflame Minsk, ruins of buildings.

German troops entered the burning city.

Reel №3

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12. Fighting in the direction of Minsk.

German motorized units are on the streets of Minsk captured.

The facade of a multi-storey party and government administrative building.

The ruins of the city.

The population of homeless, trying to save from the ruins of the surviving remnants of household goods.

The movement of German troops on the eastern outskirts of Minsk.

Soviet posters urging people to fight against the Nazi invaders.

Actions of the German heavy guns, fire exposed advancing Soviet tanks.

A group of Soviet tankers captured.

Close-ups of Soviet prisoners of war.

Prisoners at the collection point, among them are women.

The column of prisoners on the stretch.

Panorama of the accumulation of broken Soviet technology.

German soldiers inspect a captured Soviet tank fortress.

Soviet airfield broken.

13. Baltic front.

Entry fascist troops in Riga.

Destruction in the city.

Population invaders were driven to clear the streets of rubble and debris.

Unloading arrested Jews out of the truck.

Jews digging ditches.

Excavation of graves Latvian nationalists killed by the Bolsheviks.

Weeping women.

Bodies of dead children.

Massacre of Jews.

Burning night synagogue.

Reel №4

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14. Actions by German aircraft on the Soviet-German front.

Attack bomber squadron on the position of the Soviet troops at Lake Peipus.

Fierce dogfight with Soviet istrebite- fields.

Bandaging the wounded German pilot in the cockpit.

The shelling of direct fire Soviet aircraft.

German bombers raid on Soviet military transports.

Frustrated by the Soviet railway train loaded with military equipment.

15. Military operations in Estonia.

Promoting German motorized columns.

German artillery firing on Soviet positions.

Last Minute Soviet tanks.

A column of German tanks moving in the woods along a country road.

Field Howitzer in action.

German motochasti entrance in the village.

Burning village, fighting in the streets, fires.

The movement of German transports, infantry, motorized units, tanks towards Leningrad.

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