Visiting Us In the City of Sevastopol.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Script writers: Rappoport K.

Operators: Zaporozhskiy I., Krylov A.


About Sevastopol and its inhabitants.

Temporary description

Sevastopol. Landscapes of the Black Sea. Streets, buildings of the city. Street Chertsova. The hero battles for Sevastopol during the Great Patriotic War, AE Chertsov passes through the city streets. Construction of new buildings, including: the Palace of Pioneers. The courtyard house number 39 on the streets of the Soviet. Residents care for flowers, fruit trees. Residents of the city to plant flowers and trees. Pioneers monitors the cleanliness of the streets. Druzhinniki leading violator of the order. Druzhinniki patrolling the streets. Female garment factory earning wages. Passengers buying tickets on the bus without a conductor. Supermarket. Cinema. Holidaymakers on the beach. Yachts in the sea. Demonstration of fashion in the central square of the city. Vendors serving customers in parts of the store. Customers in diet dining room. A wedding dinner in the dining room. The bride, groom and guests. Visitors on the veranda of the restaurant on the beach. The audience walks along the promenade. State Farm Vineyards Gold beam.

Reel №1

Sevastopol - LS. (Removed from the sea, with movement).

On the deck of the boat AE Chertsov arrived in Sevastopol on vacation - CU.

Suitable boat moored to the pier.

AE Chertsov coming off the pier, go upstairs Count's Wharf.

The Count's Quay - MS.

Nakhimovskaya Nakhimov Square with the monument - LS.

Other area.

Stairs Historical Boulevard.

From coast through the branches of the trees removed from the sea boats and yachts.

Monument chief military engineer to the lead defense work in 1854-1855. EI Motlebenu - LS.

Gun bastion.

Eternal Flame.

Sailors watch the eternal flame (at Malakhov Kurgan).

Monument obelisk memorial complex grief.

The monument to the soldiers Brigade, Colonel Gornischenko - CU.

Flowers at the monument - CU.

AE Chertsov goes along on the street that bears his name.

Street name on the wall: "st.

Chertsova 11 »- CU.

A. looks Chertsov - CU.

The streets of Sevastopol - LS., MS.

Animation: the inscription: "Turn Sevastopol city high labor!"

Area of ​​construction of new buildings.

On the construction site is a team of Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Music - MS.

N. Music in construction - MS.

Team for finishing work.

Promenade overlooking the sea.

Palace of Pioneers in scaffolding - MS.

Building work on the construction of a group of sailors.

New residential areas - LS.

Vineyards farm "Gold beam ', the girls are working in the vineyards - LS.

Works team communist labor Yakov Ivanovich Lyaha - MS., CU.

Road to the communist school masters and foremen - CU., Hitting.

Animation: the words "transform the city of Sevastopol in perfect order!"

The streets of the city.

Is landscaped courtyards.


Branch with cherries, peaches, grapes - CU.

Huge yard (gazebo, volleyball court, playground) - LS.

Duty of service parents mom reads a book to kids in the gazebo.

Children - MS., CU.

Janitor AG Nowicka talking to girls in the yard.

Children play volleyball - LS.

Sailors and girls are planting flowers.

Pioneers Toll Tokarev and Vova Barabash removed from lawn sign reading "do not walk on the lawn", "Flowers do not vomit."

Two warriors are seated in the cab and a drunk.

Pioneer patrol the streets.

On the street are the terrorists.

Lawn, a portrait of Lenin from flowers.

Pass children - MS.

Two men removed from the wall-issue board on one of the enterprises.

Shop garment factory - LS.

Girls - CU., MS.

Cashier lays envelopes salary.

Hands are laid envelopes - CU.

Envelopes - CU.

One of the girls takes the envelope with the money signs.

Hands holding money.

Reel №2

On the streets of Sevastopol bus passes.

Trolley passes - CU.

Driver - CU.

Passengers tear tickets.

The hand pulls the ticket - CU.

Cinema building "Victory» - MS.

Visitors to detach themselves from the ticket a receipt and drop it in the box office.

Cashier control - CU.

Street deli.

Customers in the store.

Vendors release products.

The customer purchased the packaged goods and pay.

Thank Kurylev working at his workplace.

Animation: the inscription: "We turn to the Sevastopol city of high culture."

Street Sebastopol.

Out of the hospital Doctor Larisa Kochetkova with a friend.

Larissa Kochetkova interviewed in front of his house.

Sevastopol beach - LS., MS.

Monument drowned ships - LS.

Yacht at sea - different.

Fashion show of the season in the central square of the city.

Building of the main department store - MS.

Team leader of communist labor, one of the best shopping city employees.

Lyudmila Oleynikova helps shoppers choose the material for the dress.

Stand with fabrics.

Cutter store talking to buyers.

Building in the city - MS.

Corner Boulevard.

Sign: "Table serves Komsomol youth team» - CU.

Lunch cafeteria.

Director of dining Komsomolets Mikhail Kiselyov approaches to one of the tables, talking with visitors.

Cook Komsomol Lenya EVSIKOV Masha Pryakhin, ValyaTereschenko In the kitchen, preparing a special dinner for the wedding.

Komsomol wedding celebration and Victor Nelli Melnichenko indoor youth room.

Youth on the veranda by the sea.

Boys and girls sitting at a table, one of the boys playing guitar, reading other poems.

At the coast there are boats, one boat to sail to the shore.

Sea - LS.

Yachts in the sea (sunset).

Couple walking on the boulevard and promenade.

Sea at sunset.

Sevastopol - LS. (From the sea, evening).