This Troubles Everyone.. (1960)

Film-document №5424 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:55, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Musatova D.

Operators: Troshkin V. P.


About the Pentecostals in Moscow and Ryazan Regions.

Temporary description

Film about a Christian sect of Pentecostals. The cult's members perform rites of baptism, communion, worship, grind. The preachers of the sect V. Ryakhovsky, Fedotov. Members of the sect: Frolov, L. Fedotov, V. Semeneu, F. Klinina, M. Smirnov. Son of sectarians Sergei Slepov reads the Bible, playing with children. Children sectarian Kopylov pray. Pediatrician examining a child patient rickets, whose parents are members of the sect. House in the village Lytkina, where it was committed ritual murder-year-old Wasi, a portrait of Nina Nikolaeva, a member of the cult that committed suicide. Religious books published in the United States. The preacher of the sect Fedotov met with a U.S. citizen at the American Exhibition in Moscow. Orthodox church of the sect in the village Birgalevo Moscow region. Members of the sect out of praying at home. Labor collectives, which employs the preachers of the sect B. Ryakhovsky, Fedotov. Supports employee (synchronously), condemns the actions of members of the sect. Platform "Khrapunov, where committed suicide Nikolaeva. Train. City Drezna. Production processes in the textile spinning mill, where she worked Nikolaeva. City of Moscow. Paveletsky station. Railway square. Ticket station. Train. Wagon train. V. Ryakhovsky, Frolov at the box office.

Reel №1

Industrial landscape - LS.

The interior of a nuclear power plant - MS.

The workers go to work - LS.

People go to the planetarium - LS.

Bolshoi Theatre - MS. (Evening)

Reading room Library.

Lenin - LS., CU.

Group of tenth on Red Square in Moscow - LS. with a / t

Young men and old men read newspapers - MS., CU.

The Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), in front of the queue for tickets - LS.

Moscow - view of the Net ponds - LS. with a / t

Pedestrians on the streets of Moscow - MS.

The man at the telescope - CU.

Railway Platform "Khrapunov" at night - LS., PNRM.

Railroad tracks - LS.

Track A - CU. (With motion)

Glimpses of a passenger train - MS. (Night).

The girl at the open window reading a letter - MS., CU.

In the garden, sitting on the bench two girls - LS. (Shot through the open window.)

The railing of the bridge are two girls and a boy - LS.

Girl sitting on the shore - MS.

In the moonlight the girl and boy on the boat ride - LS.

Prayers and rituals of Pentecostal sects in the room (synchronous) - Various.

The baptism in the river.

Sectarian prayers in the forest (synchronous) - Various.

With flowers and songs is the youth on the streets on the day of May 1 - MS.

Dancing in the streets of Moscow - MS., LS.

Paveletskaya square - LS. with a / t

Platform does the train - MS.

Reel №2

Animation: religious books published in the United States - are different., PNRM.

View of the American Exhibition in Moscow - LS.

House in the village at night, lit one window - LS.

Sectarian prayers in the house.

Covering their faces, cultists out of the house - different. (Night).

Sectarian prayers in the forest (synchronous) - Various.

Persons sectarian preachers - different.

Two girls Voloshin included in the class and sit at the desk - different.

In the school gym children play - LS.

Faces of smiling girls - different.

Children playing football, including Sergei Slepov - LS., MS.

C. blind to read the Bible - MS.

Children Kopylova (four) kneel down and read a prayer - different.

A doctor in sectarian violence, where a child is sick.

Father refuses medical attention, conversation (synchronous) - Various.

Village Lytkino - LS.

House in the village, where there were molenya sectarians and died young children.

Photos of children - dead and survivors.

Assembly workers underground about sectarianism - Various

Is a woman (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Cheering and voting - MS.

Against the background of new homes builders are - MS.

Students go - MS.

Rally participants held.