A Blue Lamp. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karmen R.

Composers: Khachaturyan

Text writers: Shergova G.


The film is about liquidation of illiteracy in Cuba after the Revolution won.

Historical background

1961 Revolutionary Cuba announced a year of education. Volunteer teacher with the blue lights went to the peasant villages to teach illiterates to read.

Temporary description

Fighting Cuban rebel detachments. Volunteers teachers in the villages of the peasant farmers are taught literacy. City of Havana. Speech by Fidel Castro at a rally. Demonstration of workers.

Reel №1

Landscapes of Cuba - with movement.

Episodes of the struggle with the American invaders in Cuba, Fidel Castro led battles.

Osvaldo Dorticos of fighters.

Acetylene lamp - CU.

Cuban young people - volunteers, teachers and blue (acetylene) lamps are sent to the peasant population.

Young girls are taught brigadistki illiterate in their homes.

Older farmers are learning to write and read.

The soldiers of the revolutionary army learn to read and write, not letting go of the rifle.

Russian book "Volokolamsk Highway" in a trench Cuban soldier.

Old Cuban woman, took the boy to fight, mourns over his portrait at the memorial prayer at the monument to Jose Marti Square in Havana.

The priest reads a sermon in the square near the monument to José Martí.

Black women and white women who lost their sons in the struggle for the freedom of Cuba at the memorial prayer.

Cuban mothers accompany their young children in villages in the fight against illiteracy.

Pass fighters-education - brigadisty (12 to 14 years old).

It takes a column and girls brigadistok brigadistov who came to Conrado Benitez Brigade - the first volunteer-teacher, who was killed in the mountains Eskanbay gang counterrevolutionaries.

Brigadisty are fighting form, prepare things in the way.

Parents accompany brigadistov.

Brigadist little in the way asked the way to the farmhouse, is engaged in the farmer and his wife.

Reel №2

Young brigadisty in peasant villages themselves studying rural labor, help on the farm peasants, teach them to read and write.

Brigadist boy learns to plow.

Farmers working in the rice fields.

Rally in Havana, dedicated the second anniversary of the agrarian reform - LS., PNRM.

Speakers Antonio Nunez Jimenez, Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro in an airplane during a business trip to the country.

Landscapes of Cuba from the plane - LS.

Brigadisty with blue lights on the back roads and trails in the village to go to the peasants, the peasants engaged in literacy.

Farmers ages steadily write letters on paper - MS., CU.

May Day demonstration in Havana - LS. the top point.

Protesters carrying a banner "Long live our - the first in Latin America - the socialist revolution."

On the podium, Fidel Castro, Osvaldo Dorticos.

A banner with a portrait of NS Khrushchev carry demonstrators.

Passes the 49th Battalion, one of the first to take a stab at the Bay of Pigs and the defeat of the invaders.

Brigadisty go with blue lights - the army of the Enlightenment.

Brigadistka farmer teaches literacy.

Blue light is lit - CU.