Good News. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Script writers: Alekseev V.

Operators: Komarov V., Serov G., Usanov V.

Anouncers: Vdovina T., Khmara L.


About the activity of correspondents of the newspaper "Selskaya Zhizn'" [Countryside Life] .

Temporary description

City of Moscow. The building of the newspaper "Rural Life". Employee Editorial parses the message. Correspondent Poplavskii at work. Discussion of the next issue of the newspaper at the meeting with the editor. Typography. Issue one of the numbers of the newspaper. Kostroma region. Susaninskaya area. Village of Kashin. Landscapes neighborhoods. Students pass through the village street, the work on the collective farm field (planting corn, work on the tractor). The school presents an eight-year-graduate certificate of graduation. A schoolgirl from the village of Kashino G. Belyaev advocates at the meeting of the leading farm workers in Moscow (synchronously). Khrushchev appears from the rostrum of the meeting (synchronously). Kabardino-Balkaria. Argudansky collective farm named after Lenin. Kolkhoz chairman K. Tarchokov in the cabin of the helicopter, in a cornfield, meeting of the kolkhoz. The processes of cultivation of maize. Brigadier Komsomol youth level kukuruzovodov Zhenya Sabanchieva at work, at home with younger sister. Animal farm "Shuya (Ivanovo region). Milkmaid ZI Zabotina, dairyman DI Zaborin on the farm for work. Farm farm. Parlor. Cows in the milking, pasture. Movement of trucks with milk. Kazakhstan. Kustanayskaya region. State Farm "Aydarlinsky. Streets, buildings of the village. TD Belopol'skaya, wife of the farm director, kindergarten teacher at work in the new building of the kindergarten. Children in kindergarten. Director farm AD Belopol'skii, baker farm KA Borovskaya, mechanic A. Bohr at work. Construction city Tselinograd. Architects on the construction. Tashkent. State Farm "political department". The Grocery wagon rides through the streets of state farm village. Farm workers take ordered in-store products. A festive meal in the family tractor H. Hwang. Director farm Keun Rhee, kukuruzovod Love Lee, G. Hwang at work in the field. City of Moscow. Man-Keun, and H. Hwang at the Exhibition of achievements of the national economy.

Reel №1

The building of the newspaper "Country Life" in Moscow - LS.

Sign edition - CU.

Worker edition examines the numerous letters received to the newspaper "Country Life."

PNRM. the letters - MS.

Landscapes of the Kostroma region.

Branches of cherry blossoms, fruit trees - CU.

The building of a rural school in the village of Kashino Susaninskaya area; cherry blossoms.

Students come to school with his teacher.

Schoolgirl Galya Belyaeva gives the last school bell - MS., CU.

Meeting foremost agriculture in the Kremlin.

Schoolgirl Galya Belyaeva in Kremlin talks with farmers.

From the platform supports NS Khrushchev.

On the podium Galya Belyaeva.

In loosened earth falling corn - CU.

Kashin school pupils on the school site to plant corn by hand.

Pupils prepare the tractor and planter for planting corn.

Brigadier mechanized link Sasha Mukhin sits at the helm of the tractor is a tractor with a corn planter on the school site.

Pupils correct the fault of the tractor.

Transfer Certificate students.

Collection of seven-year graduate school of Kashin.

School director Anatoly Maximovich Novoselov a speech at the meeting (synchronously).

Pupils listen - CU.

Correspondent of "Country Life" NF Poplawski wrote an essay in the office.

Corn fields Argudanskogo collective farm.

Lenin Kabardino-Balkaria (helicopter).

A helicopter flies over the corn fields.

Chairman of the collective farm.

Lenin Hero of Socialist Labor Kambulat Tarchokov in a helicopter.

K. Tarchokov by car inspecting cornfield.

The cultivation of maize.

K. Tarchokov is meeting the collective farm.

Komsomol youth team leader Eugene Sabanchieva link at the board meeting and the work in a cornfield.

Polivka cornfield streams of water, walking along irrigation ditches in the field.

Eugene Sabanchieva evening at home preparing for the exams for admission to the Institute of Agriculture.

Poplawski correspondent sends correspondence to the newspaper (synchronously).

A worker takes editorial correspondence.

Editorial staff to discuss the band room dedicated Zinaida Zabotina - milkmaid farm "Shuya" Ivanovo region.

Milkmaid ZI Zabotina in the parlor.

Milking machine "Herringbone» - PNRM., LS., MS.

Reel №2

Parlor with the device "Herringbone» - MS., CU.

Milkmaid ZI Zabotina and her husband, D. Zabotin inspect the unit before milking.

Zabotina calls for milking cows (synchronously).

The cows are in the milking parlor.

Zabotina milked cows.

The tube apparatus pours milk - MS.

Cans of milk, PNRM. to move off the tank "Milk."

Makeup headlines "Country Life."

Is proof photo essay "The town in the desert," the family Belopol'skii of virgin farm "Aydarlinsky" Kustanai region.

Kindergarten Belopolskaya Tatiana and her husband - director of the farm, Aleksandrov Belopol'skii work in a young garden.

The town on the virgin snow - LS. (Helicopter).

House Belopol'skii - MS.

Photos of the first store, the first buildings and the first furrow in the virgin lands, first kindergarten, organized Belopol'skii.

TD Belopolskaya works with children in kindergarten farm.

New teacher Lyudmila Kulikova reads a book to children.

Boy Shreds Borowski in the garden.

Mother Tolley KA Bohr's work in the State Farm bakery.

Ready bread at a bakery.

Father Anatoly Tolley Borowski repairing farm machinery.

State Farm "Aydarlinsky» - LS. (Helicopter).

Borowski, a child returning home after work.

Construction of the new building of the kindergarten.

Digger digging a trench for a water pipe.

Laying water in the desert.

The construction of new residential areas in Tselinograd.

Newspaper "Country Life" go to the printing press - MS.

Copies of "Country Life" (zoom).

Spring Street in the village farm "political department" Tashkent region.

On street passing car that delivers kolkhoz products on orders for home.

Mistress of the resulting products.

In the house of the collective farm tractor H. Hwang.

Woman puts food and wine in the fridge.

Gerasim Hwang, who returned from a trip to Moscow, including his family.

Family holiday house Hwang.

Family at the table.


Hwang says the house of ENEA.

Tractor Driver G. Hwang, along with the chairman of the collective farm Hwang Man Gynom at ENEA in Hall of Uzbekistan at the stand of the collective farm "political department."

Love Lee at work in a cornfield.

Corn on the site Love Lee.

Love Lee and inspect the tractor field before harvest.

Harvesting corn on the farm "Politotdel» - LS., MS., CU.

Love Lee and his son home.