Golden Medals of Pentathletes. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Yeggers K.

Operators: Kiselev S., Makaseev B., Mikosha V., Piskarev K.


Competitions of the World Championship in Pentathlon.

Historical background

August 18, 1961 in Moscow at the Central Stadium. Lenin opened X world championship in pentathlon. The competition was held in Moscow, near the station and planar Mytischi.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. World Championship pentathlon. Parade participants at the Central Lenin Stadium. Horse cross. At a distance of a Kind Tapio (Finland), Nobyuki Uchino (Japan), Kurt Lindemann (Finland), Wieslaw Saydak (Poland), Klaus Junco (Germany), Robert Beck (USA), Androsh Balczó (Hungary), Igor Novikov, Boris Pakhomov, Ivan Derugin. Award winners: Novikov, I. Deryugin, L. Hoyer (Austria). Fencing. The battle between the Novikov and L. Hoyer. Shooting a gun at a shooting range in Mytishchi. They shoot: I. Deryugin, U. Nobyuki, K. Lindemann, R. Beck, A. Balczó, I. Novikov, V. Cerny (Czechoslovakia). Judges at the targets. Swimming. Sail: I. Novikov, A. Balczó, AB Pakhomov, R. Beck. Running over rough terrain. Ran: I. Deryugin, AB Pakhomov, R. Beck, I. Novikov, A. Balczó. Awards winners Pentathlon: Novikov, I. Deriugina, A. Balczó.

Reel №1

Animation: illustrations of the history of ancient sport "pentathlon" - competition in five sports.

Spectators in the stands of the Central Lenin Stadium at the opening X World Championships Modern Pentathlon - LS.

Teams of fifteen member countries are competitions at the stadium - PNRM., MS., LS.

Championship participants welcome: Organizing committee Championship Valuev and President of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon Toffelt.

The national flag is raised USSR - MS.

Flag of the Soviet Union - CU.

The wind fluttering flags of 15 countries participating in the world championship.

The flag of the International Federation pentathlon.

The first day of competition at Moscow station Glider: horse cross.

Selected for competition horses - PNRM., MS.

PNRM. to a competitor.

Competitors draw lots on a horse.

Warm up before starting.

Animation: circuit track.

Start cross.

On the track with a 21-m obstacle Finn Kare Tanno, Japanese athlete who committed Nobyuki.

Triple banquet held down Finn Kurt Lintseman.

Pole Wieslaw Saydva unsuccessfully overcomes bridge across the river.

Reporters and spectators at the track, including Toffelt.

On the course, the German Klaus Junco (Germany), the American Robert Beck, the champion of Hungary Androsh Balz, № 36.

Androsh Balz overcomes bridge across the river.

Androsh Balz finish - PNRM.

Start taking a three-time world champion Soviet athlete Igor Novikov.

Novikov overcomes Bridge Obstacles "sheep pen", the path continues and finishes.

Friends congratulate Novikov with a good result.

Novikov with a young son Sasha after arrival.

The two-time champion of the USSR Boris Pakhomov takes triple banquet down, goes to the track and finishes.

On the track with obstacles Soviet Olympic champion in Melbourne Ivan Deryugin.

Corresponding test results from the first day of the championship.

Austrian Lihtner Hoyer, who completed a cross with the best result among friends.

Lihtneru Hoyer awarded the prize for winning the cross-country race.

Hoyer, Novikov, Deriugina presented with flowers.

Animation: the result of the team account.

The judges of the second type events - fencing.

The second day of competition.

Fencing at the Luzhniki Sports Palace.

PNRM. the room - LS.

Playing teams of Mexico and Japan, Germany and the UK.

Is fighting with the enemy Androsh fingers and wins.

On the table, the judge off indicator light - CU.

Reel №2

Judges fencing competitions in the Palace of Sports.

Pyatibortsev Androsh fingers, Robert Beck, Igor Novikov, Lichter Hoyer and others on holiday in between fencing competitions.

Fight leads Novikov and Lichter Hoyer.

Indicator turns - CU.

The third day of competition pyatibortsev: competition in the rapid fire pistol, which take place at the shooting range in the Dynamo Mytishchi.

Close-ups of when firing: IM Deryugina, committed Nobyuki, Kurt Lindemann, Robert Beck, Androsha Balz.

A close-up of hands with guns during aim and shoot.

Spectators at the shooting range.

Affected and unaffected target.

Fires Czech Vladimir Cerny.

Target accurately struck Vladimir Cerny.

Friends congratulate Cerny with a victory - CU.

The fourth day of the World Cup: the competition of swimming in the pool of the Central Lenin Stadium.

The spectators in the stands, in the race Novikov (fourth lane) and the Hungarian Imre Nagy (the third track), Andre Balz (six lanes) and Boris Pakhomov (seventh track).

Balz finish.

In the swim, Robert Beck and I. Deryugin.

I. Deryugin finish with a score of 3 minutes.

Reporters - CU. PNRM.

The audience applauded.

Scoreboard with the result of individual and team championship.

The fifth day of the World Cup: the competition in the women cross country for 4 kilometers.

One by one go from the start, running on the course and finish I. Deryugin Boris Pakhomov, Robert Beck, Vladimir Chernov, Igor Novikov, Androsh Balz.

Friends congratulate Balz with a victory in the race.

Grand closing Pentathlon World Championships at the Central Lenin Stadium: Championship participants at the stadium, the chief judge of the competition, Army General Krylov Announces Championship - PNRM.

Presenting awards to the winners: Gold Medal - Novikov, a silver medal - I. Deryugin, a bronze medal - A finger.

Teams: first place - the USSR, the second - the United States, third place - Hungary.

The audience applauded.