Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 526

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1. China.

Withdrawal of British troops from China.

Troops leave Beijing, pagodas pass, get on the train.

British troops leave Shanghai, go over the bridge, in the port sit on the steamer.

2. Romania.

The Return of the King Mihai mother in Romania.

General Antonescu meets her at the station.

Travel in a carriage through the streets of Bucharest, the people welcomed them, travel through Arc de Triomphe.

Antonescu and the queen on a balcony at the bottom of the people.

Parade of Legionnaires.

3. Italy.

The visit of German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop in Rome (18-22.9.1940).

Ribbentrop out of the car, he meets Count Ciano.

Honor guard, Ribbentrop avoids formation of soldiers.

Go down the street in the car.

In the pause between negotiations Ribbentrop and Ciano visit the park "Belladeste" view of the palace, fountain cascades.

4. Germany.

Count Ciano arriving in Berlin.

On the airfield built honor guard, the Italian part, female Italian fascist battalion "Federico Gvella."

Ciano Ribbentrop sit in the car, go around the city.

The crowd cheers ministers.

Ribbentrop, Ciano and Japanese Minister of maize in the Reich Chancellery on the signing of the Tripartite Pact of Germany, Italy, Japan (09/27/1940).

Hitler goes welcomes ministers.

Negotiating table.

Ribbentrop speech.

The signing of the pact.

Signatures Ribbentrop, Ciano.

Reel №2

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5. Germany.

Gathering "winter assistance" in Berlin, which is carried out athletes.

Dancing girls.

Speech gymnasts, boxing on a makeshift ring in Munich.

Exercises children with balls.

Speakers clowns with circus.

Riding a unicycle.

Girl spinning a wheel.

Paid bowling alley on the street.

Collects money sportfyurer.

6. Germany.

Exit the training sailing ship sail.

Cadets on the deck of rest, puppy playing with his cap.

Sailors drayut deck mops, quickly get on the yards.

7. Germany.

Berlin Sports Palace, a collection of the Hitler Youth.

Goebbels speech.

Scheme growth series Hitler from 1935 to 1940.

If in 1935 there were 200 000 members, in 1940 - 3.5 million.

Hall with young people.

8. Germany.

Harvesting and processing.

Apple picking them clean machine, manufacture compotes.

Salted cucumbers, pour into jars.

On the conveyor green peas, it washed, sorted, add other vegetables, canned mixture goes.

Sterilizing jars.

Warehouse canned.

9. Germany.

Sacks of flour, knead the dough in the machine.

Baking bread.

Sport; Agriculture
Sectors of the economy

Reel №3

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10. France.


Celebration in honor of the appointment of the new Gauleiter, grand building.

Laying a wreath at the monument to fallen German soldiers.

11. Alsace-Lorraine.

Todt organization working for the rehabilitation work, the restoration of the bridge.

Dismantling ruins.

Manufacturing of window frames.

Restoration of the building.

12. Norway.

Imperial units working life (EDA) for the construction of a new railway line.

Oslo city streets are German soldiers.

A new bridge with sculptures.

13. Occupied France.

Dismantling captured French aircraft.

Warehouse dismantled aircraft parts and ammunition.

Sending trophies to the Reich.

Trophy French artillery prepared to be sent to Berlin.

Echelon departs from the station, heading to Germany.

German invasion to France, Belgium and Holland
World War II; History

Reel №4

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14. The west coast of France.

German anti-aircraft battery fires on British aircraft.

15. Germany.


German anti-aircraft gunners to repel the attacks of British bombers.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.


16. Atlantic coast of France.

German squadron ready to fly over England, loading bombs.

Pilots receive rations.

Aircraft start pilots in the cockpit.

The plane flies in the England side.

Night shooting pilots discuss the plan of operations.

The plane takes off into the air.

The night sky.

Bombing of London, last docks.

17. Germany.

Launching of the new submarine.

Boat navigation.

Anxiety, boat sinks.

Attack undermined enemy torpedo cruiser.

The bombardment of the enemy vessel onboard guns.

German sailors on deck.

The narrator tells about the success of the German submarine fleet.

World War II; Air force; Fleet
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation