Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 536 (1940)

Newsreel №54922, 3 parts, duration: 0:26:29
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. China.

Japanese planes bombed sent to China.

Planes in the air, flying bombs on target.

2. Romania.


Funeral Kodryanui killed 13 foreign players.

General Antonescu's funeral.

The coffins of those killed are on the streets, wreaths.

Bear grave crosses.

The funeral ceremony.

Romanian officers.

3. Norway.

Goebbels comes on a visit to Oslo, he is greeted by the local occupation authorities.

Goebbels lays a wreath on the grave of German soldiers killed in the capture of Norway.

Goebbels lays a wreath at the monument to the crew of the cruiser "Blucher", which sank off the coast of Norway in April 1940.

Goebbels on the spot death of the cruiser.

4. The General Province (former territory of Poland).

Construction of powerful hydroelectric power station and dam.

5. Germany.

Seminar-meeting members of the NSDAP, who left Africa after the beginning of the 2nd World War.

Gauleiter Bol welcomes refugees, talking with them.

Theoretical lessons.

Practical work (clearing land and planting trees).

6. Austria.


Construction of a new housing estate, apartment buildings, cottages.

PNRM. new settlement.

7. Germany.

Preparing for Christmas.

Collect gifts, repair and manufacture of toys.

Children prepare gifts.

Preparing packages for soldiers.

Loading parcels into wagons.

Presentation packages to soldiers in the units in the territory of occupied France.

8. France.

Sending food as a gift to Berlin.

A column of cars should be from northern France to Germany.

Machines with food in Berlin.

Transfer food authorities in Berlin.

Reel №2

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9. Germany.

Berlin House Radio.

Webcast 50th anniversary "concert on demand".

The inclusion of the transmitter.

The soldiers in the barracks listen to a concert, the orchestra plays.

The announcer refers to the soldiers.

Soldiers and officers listen to the radio.

Sings the chorus.

Soldiers listen.

Marika Rekk sings.


Wounded soldiers in the hospital listening to a concert.

The announcer says goodbye to the audience.

The choir sings a song.

10. Germany.


Maneuvers of German troops in the highlands.

The soldiers dragged gun, carry equipment and ammunition.

Target Practice, shoot guns, explosions.

11. France.

Atlantic coast.

Luftwaffe division is preparing for a raid on England.

Loading bombs, soldiers carry a heavy shell on the truck.

Reel №3

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Planes taking off, they are in the air.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Bombing of the British territory, explosions (Night Scene).


British anti-aircraft guns firing.

12. Germany.

Grand Admiral Raeder examines new warship "Bismarck".

It bypasses system sailors commands to sail.

The ship raises anchor.

Tug displays ship out of the harbor.

The crew on board tools.

The ship passes through the gateway.

Cleaning the deck.

Captain confers with officers.

Ship on the high seas.

Engine room.

Types of sailing ship.

Control Center.

Gun ship.

Waves rolling across the deck of the vessel.

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