Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1945 № 747

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

The famous German actor Paul Wegener in the day of his 70th birthday.

A fragment of his new movie "The thing Molander" (was finished in 1945).

2. Germany.

Members of the "Hitler Youth" celebrate old German folk festival solstice.

Downhill skiing with torches in their hands.

Youth fires.

3. Germany.

Mountain of the Wehrmacht in the mountains on the teachings.

4. Germany.

Sports Palace in Berlin, skaters.

Singles and pairs.

The audience, many of them soldiers.

Performance of ballet on ice.

5. France.

Exchange of German prisoners of war for the Americans in one of the Atlantic ports.

Sailing vessel with the Americans.

German soldiers arrive, they are greeted commandant of the fortress and the garrison commander.

6. Germany.

German nurse preparing Christmas gifts from the Red Cross for German soldiers on the front.

The soldiers at the front reading letters.

7. Atlantic.

Broken German paratroopers allies.

Crippled ships and port facilities.

8. Hungary.

German ace Rudel at the headquarters of the phone.

Rudel on a mission: a raid on Soviet tanks.

Lit city, burning Soviet tanks.

9. Western Front.

Strasbourg area, Belfort.

The shelling of the Anglo-American positions shells V-1, night shooting.

Shoot the German plant explosions.

Reflection attack Allied troops landed, the first captive Americans.

Bodies of dead American soldiers.

German tanks burst into the village, the promotion of German reinforcements.

German tanks overcome barbed wire and enter the village.

Infantry smokes Americans from individual homes.

Marines shoot, install the V-1 tanks.

Marines on the streets.

Nye captive Americans to leave their homes.

The whole American regiment with a white flag goes into captivity.

Destroyed by American technology, tanks.

German soldiers in the downed American tank, try to speak American phone.

Waffen SS General Sepp Dietrich in positions among the soldiers.

German infantry goes forward.

The spoils of war, destruction of tanks, equipment and property.

German tanks and motorized units in the attack, the tank teddy bear.

American prisoners, they are wounded.

World War II; Air force; Sport

Reel №2


American bombers in the air, they fired at the German anti-aircraft guns.

Calculation at the guns.

German fighters in the air.

German soldiers watching the air battle.

German tanks in the village reclaimed.

Local residents welcomed the soldiers.

General Model with soldiers who apart the rubble.

General talks to soldiers.

American prisoners of war.

Faces of Germans.

Faces of blacks prisoners of war.

Collection point for prisoners.

A brief respite from the soldiers, they drink schnapps, eat, smoke.

Faces of the soldiers.

German tanks coming through the streets of a busy city.

10. The propaganda film "London says" Hazard hearing foreign radio.

In the German hospital wounded soldier is in a pessimistic mood, he is concerned about inflation, threatening, allegedly, Germany.

Then - the collapse of all life plans.

Nurse-patriotic mood of the soldiers concerned.

In the hallway, she hears sounds from the radio.

It turns out that the soldiers secretly listen to the BBC BBC in London.

Sister enters the room and says a fiery speech in which he explains that all the rumors about inflation and attempts to organize - a consequence of the conspiracy of Jews and plutocrats in England.

Dismissing rumors about inflation and financial collapse, they are trying to demoralize the population in Germany.

Soldiers under the influence of "lectures" and begins to see the nurse decides not to listen to enemy radio.

World War II; Air force