Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 534 (1940)

Newsreel №54930, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:26
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Romania.

The consequences of the devastating earthquake.

Night shooting.

Dismantling the ruins of a collapsed apartment house.

Speaker of the German aid to earthquake victims.

King Mihai of Romania in Bucharest examining the ruins.

2. Italy.

A visit to Mussolini steelworks.

Duce and high-ranking officials in the shop.

Rally at the plant.

3. North Africa.

Construction of Italian troops military fortifications.

Laying telephone line.

Repair shop equipment motorized parts, repair tanks.

Italian trucks on the highway.

Italian anti-aircraft battery is shelling enemy aircraft.

Shooting anti-aircraft gun.

Downed aircraft.

4. Romania (Bessarabia).

Resettlement operations Bessarabian Germans from Bessarabia ceded under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Union.

Germans on carts with property leave the territory of Bessarabia.

Going over the bridge on the river Prut.

The arrival of expatriates to the assembly point in Galati.

German settlers in the camp.

Bathing children, caring for babies.

Cooking, dinner distribution to refugees.

5. Germany. 18/11/1940 Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano and Ramon Serrano Sooner arrive for talks.

Ciano talks with Keitel.

Ribbentrop welcomes Italian ministers.

6. Austria.


Hitler comes to Schönbrunn on the occasion of the celebrations in connection with the entry of Hungary in the Tripartite Pact.

Hitler greets officials and generals.

Hitler receives Prime Minister of Hungary Teleki and Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs. 20/11/1940 - Hungary ceremony reception in the pact.

Ribbentrop, Ciano and Teleki put their signatures to the document of accession of Hungary to the Tripartite Pact.

Hitler leaves the Schönbrunn Palace.

He gets in the car, which leaves from the palace.

Hitler welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of residents of Vienna.

Police tames the enthusiasm of the masses.

Reel №2

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7. Germany.


Arriving in the capital of Germany Romanian Prime Minister General Antonescu (23/11/1940).

Solemn meeting at the station.

Antonescu gets in the car.

Motorcade vehicles should be on the streets of Berlin.

The ceremony of signing the agreement between Germany and Romania, Hitler at the ceremony.

Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, von Ribbentrop.

The signing of the Tripartite Pact.

Handshakes between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Romania and Germany Gigurtu Ribbentrop.

8. Germany. 11.24.1940. Arrival at the Reich Chancellery premiere Slovakia Tiso.

The signing of the pact between Germany and Slovakia.

9. Austria.


Opening of the exhibition "Victory in the West."

Spoils of war captured by the German army, at the exhibition.

Modern German military equipment.

Goering visits the exhibition, he is greeted by representatives of the local administration

10. France.

Camp Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) in France.

Awakening soldiers, they dress, do physical exercises, wash.

Soldiers go on bicycles from the camp.

Distribution of spades.

Soldiers on the demolition of the old bunker.

Dismantling of the French fortifications on the Maginot Line.

Reel №3

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11. Norway.

Unloading the tier with the materials for the construction of the winter barracks, insulation existing buildings.

Military occupation of the Wehrmacht.

The arrival of mail in the unit stationed in the north of Norway.

Soldiers and local residents who came to the deer.

German soldiers drink cod liver oil.

German planes fly around the fjords.

12. Atlantic coast of France.

Goring in one part of the Luftwaffe on the shores of the English Channel.

The award ceremony distinguished pilots.

Supply of fuel to the location of parts.

Pumping fuel from the tank to the fuel truck.

Refueling aircraft.

German aircraft in the raid on England.

British anti-aircraft guns are trying to bombard German squadron.

Planes drop bombs on Coventry, explosions, fires.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Fires in British territory.

13. Return of the German U-boat after the military operations.

The crew commander.

Boat out to sea.

Captain monitors.

Sailor in the galley peeling potatoes.

Team members are on vacation.

The boat is moving forward.

Anxiety, the crew takes place according to the combat schedule.

English freight?

At gunpoint.

Release torpedoes, the enemy ship is sinking.

Submarine crew of his own affairs.

Printed representation of distinguished sailors to the Knight's Cross.

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