Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 576

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Reel №1

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Eastern front.

The reception of Hitler in his headquarters of the Hungarian dictator Admiral Miklos Horthy.

Horthy sought the withdrawal of Hungarian troops from the front in the Ukraine and the transfer to the service "to maintain order" in the occupied countries, referring to their poor military-technical equipment.

Welcome Horthy to Supreme commander of the army.

Visit to Horthy, Brauchitsch and Goering.

Discussion of the situation on the front of the card.

Of the Soviet Union.

Eastern front.

The Northern section.

German soldiers service HAPPY to fortify.

Awarding the Iron cross for distinguished work.

Unloading meat and other products.

Soldiers drink coffee.

General pet, a tame bird, sits on the cap of a soldier.

The advance of the troops.

The crossing of the river.

A transport plane drops cargo by parachute.

Laying of new communication lines.

The engineers are pulling the cable.

The South front.

District Of Krivoy Rog.

The Romanian troops in the attack on the Black sea coast.

On the way, go carts, marching soldiers.

Marshal ion Victor Antonescu, leader of Romania at the front with his soldiers, talking with the officers.

Hungarian cavalry troops on the March.

The retreat of the Soviet troops and is marked by the fires and destruction.

Burning oil tank.

In the air huge clouds of smoke.

The soldiers put their hands in the river, but hands remains the layer of oil.

Ukrainian farmers harvest derived fuel for tractor engines.

The city of Krivoy Rog, the center of both metallurgical and oil and chemical industries.

The city steel mill, mines.

Despite the incredible wealth of natural resources, the Soviet authorities did not care about the lives of the workers (the announcer says).

The village workers, dilapidated primitive shacks.

The women cook something on the stove outside.

Multi-storey building of the plant.

The battle in the center of Dnepropetrovsk.

German guns firing on the city from the opposite Bank of the Dnieper.

Radioman hiding in the wreckage.

Crossing the river in assault boats under enemy fire.

Dnepropetrovsk, a big part of that so fiercely resisting the city's blazes.

The retreating Soviet troops and here lead to the execution of Stalin's orders and set fire to entire neighborhoods of the city.

Burning buildings.

The streets of the city.

Ruins of buildings.

Together with the vanguard troops entered the city and a construction battalion.

It is necessary to disassemble the ruins, which at any time can collapse.

The Germans blow up the ruins.

German soldiers clearing the streets.

Remove scraps of roadside lines.

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Reel №2

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German troops boost Dnipro with the help of a pontoon bridge and ferries.

Troops on the march.

4. The central portion of the Eastern Front.

Nazi flag is raised, the structure of German soldiers in the square.

Decorated with garlands building.

Joint Meeting of the German occupation authorities and the local population in Minsk.

The transfer of control in the hands of local authorities.


Operates radio stations broadcasting in Russian.

Population listens to the radio on the street.

The building of the commandant's office in Smolensk, German stands sentry.

People read the newspaper on the bench mark on the map of German advance.

Trading in the store, women with string bags buying vegetables.

The main railway station, the arrival of a German train.

Soldiers unload bread.

Motorized units of the German army advancing eastward.

Machines are on a dirt road, bridge.

Gun driven by truck, motorcycle with a gun.

Tanks pass by dragon's teeth.

Artillery fires at the position of "Bolshevik".

Radioman in headphones.

Battle for the town, there is a tank.

The corpse of a Soviet soldier in the field.

German technology boosts the river, is the infantry.

Column of Soviet prisoners of war is on the road.

5. The occupied territories in the rear.

Restoration of German sappers destroyed bridge, diving operations.

Restoration of bridges on the roads.

The employment of Soviet prisoners of war, they are sleepers, digging the ground.

The car goes past the construction site, the oncoming cars.

German motorcyclists.

Frontline workshop for current repairs of motor vehicles.

Worked as a mechanic, welding.

6. The northern section of the Eastern Front.

The entry of German troops to Revel.

Destruction in the harbor, a sunken destroyer.

Blasted troop train, derailed, incapacitated Soviet armored train.

Flooded ships in port.

On the banks of the broken gun.

World War II; Battle of Smolensk (1941)

Reel №3

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7. Eastern Front, the Great Onion.

German soldiers recovered driftwood on the river Lovat for construction and repair of bridges.

German cavalry on the march.

Horse carts, horse pulling a cart with difficulty.

Veterinary care of horses, the sick and wounded horses withdrawn at the assembly point, where they assist.

Bathing horses in the river.

Soldiers on vacation in the woods.

They sleep on the ground, a soldier at a fire warms the feet.

Soldiers shave, play cards, carry crates of beer.

The soldiers chasing chickens and geese, catch a pig.

Military field kitchen.

Soldiers eat boiled chicken.

Distribution of mail.

8. Military operations near Leningrad.

German planes bombed the road and columns of Soviet troops.

Bombing enemy fortified area.

Last Minute Soviet tanks.


Flying over the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

The bombing of the village.

German infantry moves to a new position.

Preparation of tanks and infantry to attack.

Demining the road.

Settlement captured by the Germans, street fighting fires.

German infantry attack under cover of artillery fire.


Shelling of Leningrad.

World War II