Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 518

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Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Feast of the German Red Cross.

Performances and acrobats before resting one of the resorts.

Aerialists climb on a pole, trapeze artists rolls along the rope on the wheel.

The audience, many of them soldiers.

Comic number on the rope: acrobat sitting on a chair at a table with a samovar, a chair falls down.

Acrobatic performances vacationers looking to kayak right from the river.

At the height of the acrobats are in the hands of a tickle.

2. Germany, Berlin.

Carl Hagenbeck Circus, the name above the entrance.

Circus representation for injured soldiers and vacationers.

Trained horses, elephants, tigers.

Acrobats jumping off the board up.

Appreciative audience.

3. Germany.

Pension for women.


Girl jumping in height, gymnastics, throwing the nucleus, do exercises with hoops.

4. Germany.

Large German exhibition in 1940 in Munich.

The door opens directly opposite the entrance a triptych: in the center of a large portrait of Hitler, flanked by images of two soldiers.

Exhibits: genre paintings and sculptures.

5. Germany.

One of the laboratories to develop new models of tanks.

Drawing of the new tank.

The laboratory staff at work.

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Circus; Museums and exhibitions
Culture and Arts

Reel №2


Factory producing tanks.

The production of parts of tanks.

Working at the bench.

Turning and machining of parts.

Display of the work machines in the spirit of German genexpression.

Assembly shop, being assembled tanks.

Some operations on the Assembly.

The workers at work.

General view of the plant from the top.

The crane lowers the body of the tank, the workers accept it, collect the welder works.

Guns tanks ready for Assembly.

Ready-made tanks leave the shop and go to the test site.

Tanks on the road.

Test on rough terrain.

Tank runs into the camera.

Work on the plant continues.

Working in the shop.

During the break, working men and women are performing physical exercises.


The district of Hamburg Barmbek, traffic, tram rides, pedestrians amble along the sidewalk, a man standing with a Bicycle.

Consequences of the bombing of this area of the city by an English aircraft.

Ruined house, broken Windows.

Members of the press visiting Hamburg to see the falsity of the assertions of the English press about the destruction of Hamburg. pnrm. the city from the observation deck.

Journalists take notes in a notebook.


View orders captured in a huge pile, captured from French troops.

Close-up of several orders on hand.

The medal "For the capture of Hamburg".

French prisoners of war to harvest in Germany, they put the wheat in stacks.

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Reel №3

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8. The occupied territory of France.

Prisoners of war ship a variety of materials to be sent to Germany from a warehouse in cars: ingots of metal, timber, pipe and other.

Restoration of damaged power lines.

Sappers at work.

Demolition of the ruins of buildings destroyed by war.

Loading debris and rubbish on the car.

Presentation iron crosses participants French campaign.

General bypasses the formation of soldiers.

Nelka sergeant receives the Iron Cross.

Formation of soldiers in the woods, non-commissioned officer Kalki awarded the Iron Cross for undermining the hopper.

9. Island of Jersey, coat of arms on the facade of the building.

The territory of the British bases on the island of Jersey in the English Channel, captured by the Germans.

Management bases RAF. The building of the German commandant, standing sentry.

The streets of the town, English policeman opens the door of the car, out German officers, go to the commandant.

By car flag with the inscription: Commandant.

Streets, double-decker buses.

German soldiers stand near the English "Bobby", smiling.

German positions guarding the island base.

10. Germany.

German submarine returns to base after a raid.

Boats in the harbor.

Mooring boats.

Rear Admiral Doenitz awards submariners iron crosses.


11. The German military airfield.

World War II

Reel №4

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Refueling aircraft.

German pilot on vacation.

Pilots read, sunbathe, play chess, golf.

Dog at the airport.

Landing combat aircraft.

Pilots greet friends.

The development of film, filmed reconnaissance aircraft.

Develop plans for the next operation in the headquarters.

Pilots sit on the machines.

Plane with automatic cameras.

Shift into gear, planes take off into the air.

Squadron directed towards England.

Planes in the air.

Visible vessels in the English Channel.

English sinking ship.

English coast.

Bombs are flying into the goal.

Planes dive, explosions.

Fires in British territory. 12. propaganda film.

A fat man arrives with a suitcase and forget about it in a store of musical instruments.

Engaged in the acquisition of the piano, completely forgetting about the suitcase.

Remembering opens suitcase.

While there spoiled potatoes.

Moral: you must take care of the products, to prevent them from spoiling.

World War II; Air force
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation