Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 № 525

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Reel №1

1. Norway.

Female volunteers working imperial service (RAD) in the camp.

Morning building.

They are on different papers: writhe forest, clean stones, hay harvest, transport it.

2. Transylvania (Romania).

Entry Hungarian troops in Transylvania, Hungary passed, 05/09/1940. Soldiers, cavalrymen.

Admiral Horthy with a group of soldiers.

Crowds of local residents-entering Hungary welcomes Hungarian troops.

3. Germany, Berlin.

Fuhrer takes Spanish Minister Ramon Serrano Sooner (26- 09.29.1940); in the new Reich Chancellery.

Sooner Serrano and Himmler in his division.

Hitler visiting the brand new car brand "Volkswagen".

It Ramon Serrano Sooner.

4. Germany.


Italian Minister of Colonies General Ferotstsi guard of honor.

His arrival in Berlin, visiting the Italian division.

Laying wreaths at the pantheon of the fallen soldiers.

Admission Ferotstsi Fuhrer.

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Political figures

Reel №2



The Italian Minister of colonies, Attilio Teruzzi inspects the scene of fighting in France, the bunkers of the Atlantic wall.


Engineering plant production processes.

Working at the bench.

Manufacturer of agricultural machines.

The finished machinery.


The installation of a powerful electric generator on one of the enterprises.

Installation of the rotor.

View of the finished generator.


A military Museum.

The first mines filled with black powder.

It was designed by Werner Siemens and Professor of Gimli.

Currently, the mine became the most important weapon of modern naval warfare.

Heavy mining English ports during the embargo is the best proof of that.

In the factory Museum shows the development of these weapons up to the most modern explosive devices.

Glass vial filled with a special liquid is inserted into the capsule, which breaks down on contact with the bottom of the ship, and flowing liquid actuates the arming mechanism.

War factory.

Workers for the production of primers for min.

Installation charges and elements.

Destroyers at sea.

Cast mines in combat readiness.

Mine with the inscription "First Lord of the Admiralty".


A Shoe factory.

Tailoring of marching soldiers ' boots.

The various operations.

The skin is prepared for treatment.

Fillets of soles.

Secrecy shop, here parts are sewn together.

Proshivka soles which are provided with spikes.

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Reel №3

10. France.

Occupied areas.

Weekdays German military unit.

Cleaning guns.

Tankers wash tanks, embellish them.

11. Atlantic coast of France.

The rise of the balloon in one of the units.

Observers transmit observations on the phone.

Aircraft fly around the balloon.

12. North Africa.

Italian bombers start from the airfield.

The plane flies over the sea and the desert.

The bombing of the English camp, flying bombs on target.

13. Bethel.

The consequences of the British bombardment of civilian targets and a shelter in the city, traces of destruction.

Representatives of the foreign press in the ruins.

Ruined Cemetery.

The victims of the bombing.

14. Northern France.

Goering and his staff officers inspect parts of the Luftwaffe.

Goering talks with pilots hands of the Iron Cross distinguished pilots.

Goering announces "flight retaliation" against England.

Planes in the air over the English Channel.

View of the English coast.

Airplane over the British territory.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Reflection attack British fighter.

Bombs are flying into English airfield explosions.

Aircraft in combat.

Bombs falling on London.

World War II; North African campaign