Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 573 (1941)

Newsreel №54934, 4 parts, duration: 0:30:17, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Ashenbrenner,Klau,G.F.Funke,Maler,Kubesh,R.fon Pabst,Ressinger,G.Gejer,Fojgt,Vyust,Voljf i dr

Reel №1

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Preparation for the bombing of Murmansk.

German airfield near Murmansk, preparing for departure.

The soldiers loaded on the plane shells.

Winged mascots - manual Falcon sitting on the sleeve of his greatcoat soldier.

German planes in flight, shines the midnight sun.

The bombs falling on the airfield in Murmansk.

Bombing port facilities.

The area of lake Ladoga.

On the road riding German cavalry.

The forest rises the smoke from the fires.

Burning huts.

The offensive of the German and Finnish forces that have plagued and destroyed three Soviet divisions.

Finnish sappers erected a ferry across the river.

They are the logs, put a walkway on which the soldiers are moving to the other side.

German troops on the March.

The bombing of the gateways of the white sea-Baltic canal.

The GPU used political prisoners for digging the canal, tens of thousands of them died because of hardships and burdens barbaric forced labor.

The southern section of the Eastern front.

The arrival of the führer in the headquarters of the commander of army group "South" , the plane lands on the front-line airfield.

Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt and Colonel-General Alexander Lehr, commander of 4th air fleet, greet the Fuhrer.

Hitler in the car, he is greeted by soldiers.

Hitler travels by car through the village, then on the highway.

It is the headquarters, then out of it.

Hitler in the car.

Soldiers greet the Fuhrer.

Of the Soviet Union.

Romanian troops are moving to Odessa.

Close-up of soldiers ' feet in boots marching on a dusty road.

Of the Soviet Union.

German cyclists are moving to the city of Nikolaev.

German vehicles moving on a dirt road.

The population of one of the settlements East of the bug welcomed the German soldiers, the old lady puts the soldier in the car a treat.

In the South of Ukraine.

Many towns and villages have German names.

The Palatinate and Swabian peasants was once conquered these lands.

The election of a new mayor captured by the Germans in the village of worms (Grape) on the Western bug.

German officers shake the hand of a chosen elder.

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Reel №2

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The Germans come to Nikolaev.

Hungarian officers explain to the Germans deployed their part.

German advanced parts in the lower reaches of the bug.

Crossing the river bug.

The machine-gunners guarding the crossing.

The Germans at the railway, they blow it by stopping the Soviet armored train.

The shelling of Nikolaev German and Hungarian artillery.

Burning fuel depots.

German tanks and infantry in the attack.

The German assault units come in Nikolaev.

Port facilities and shipyards in the harbour was captured, a newly built cruiser, four destroyers and a submarine on the slipway.

The path of retreat of the army of Budyonny.

Broken trains.

Destroyed station.

Here stopped the evacuation of military materials.

Pathetic home port workers.

The front House of the red army.

The poor neighborhoods here, people live worse than animals.

Poor family with children sitting near his shack.

Street children.

In the Central sector of the Eastern front.

After the battle of Roslavl, the Germans move to Gomel to hit the army of Marshal Timoshenko.

Carts and motorized units driving on rough roads.

German infantry and artillery move in the dust.

German guns fired at Soviet positions.

The view from the slit of the tank.

Multiple shocks allow the German army to encircle the Soviet division in Gomel.

On the railway track is burning a Soviet echelon.

The assault team rides on the trolley, she cleans the debris on the road and clear the railroad tracks.

The bombardment of the oncoming Soviet patrol on the trolley.

Infantry clears out of the way a huge tree, the tanks are forward, smushing the trees.

Firing at the enemy tank.

Damaged and set on fire a Soviet tank.

In this battle the Bolsheviks lost 169 tanks.

The Soviet prisoners, searched them.

The cavalry rides on the road past the broken machines.

Killed by the soldiers.

After a ten-day attacks Gomel collapsed.

The ruins of the city.

The Germans come to town.

Cyclists ride past the ruins.

Key words

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Soviet Union, world war 2, artillery, weapons, railway, tanks, troops, prisoners, destruction, cavalry

Reel №3

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Taking Gomel.

A huge column of prisoners is on the road, made camp.

Prisoners sit, lie on the ground, among the prisoners - women.

Captive female battalion.

Women peeling potatoes, boil it in a pot.

Asian face prisoners.

View of the huge crowd of prisoners.

6. Eastern Front.

General Brauchitsch arrives at the headquarters of the Northern Front in the car, he was greeted by Field Marshal von Link General Küchler.

They come to the headquarters.

All the post.

Out of the house.

Brauchitsch sits in a light aircraft.

7. Map of the Eastern Front.


German wagons, guns, infantry on the road to Narva.

River with rapids, destroyed bridge.

View of the city from the river Narva.

PNRM. city, fire, fire knocked out of the windows of the houses.

Night Shoo ting, burning city.

Narva morning view of the ancient fortress.

German soldiers on the march.

8. The balloon balloon in the air.

Signalmen at work.

Cyclists passing along the coast, along the footbridge.

Traveling with guns on the boards.

Artillery has Novgorod.

Communication takes place over the phone.

German infantry on the dusty road.

The troops are on a wooden bridge, a soldier with a flamethrower tanks.

Lit tank with gasoline.

German artillery fires.

Trench left by the Soviet troops, the corpses of Soviet soldiers in the field.

German motorcyclists to enter the city.

Across the bridge view of the city, the Kremlin.

Reel №4

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Continuation of the story.

Germans come to Nikolaev.

Hungarian officers in the German society.

German tanks and Hungarian troops on the bank of the Bug, crossed the Bug.

Machine guns guarding the crossing.

The explosion of the railway.

Artillery fire on the city of Nikolayev.

Burning fuel depot.

German tanks and infantry in the attack.

German units come in Nikolaev.

Port facilities in the harbor, under construction on the battleship dock.

A list of the captured booty.

Destruction in the city.

Burnt tram, the ruins of the city, destroyed the railway station and the station.

Pathetic home workers.

House of the Red Army.

Beggars quarters, poor families with children, children.

5. The central portion of the Eastern Front.

Germans come to Gomel.

German infantry and artillery move in the dust, the German guns fired at Soviet positions.

The view from the slit of the tank.

Lights Soviet train, destroyed cars on the roads.

German engineers to inspect the trolley and clear the railroad tracks.

The shelling of the oncoming Soviet patrol.

Infantry assorted debris.

German tanks go ahead, firing at the enemy tank.

Padded and ignited a Soviet tank.

Broken Soviet technology, the corpses of soldiers.

Red Army prisoners.

Attack cavalry.

Type of burning Gomel, ruins of buildings.

Germans come to town.

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