Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 575 (1941)

Newsreel №54935, 3 parts, duration: 0:58:50, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Bernzee,Benish,Eljzigan,Emtner,Ertlj,Zelle,Fisher,Frank,Langner,Yung,Katcke,Cajtlinger,G.Vajss,Mahinek i dr

Reel №1

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North Africa.

German soldiers in the shelter of the dugout in the area of Tobruk.

German guns firing at British troops attempting to break out of encirclement. "The Stuka bombers"in flight.

They dropped bombs on the position of the British.


German tanks moving in the direction of salloum.

Destroyed British tank.

General Rommel inspects the position.

The tank comes out the tank, all covered with moisture due to the extreme heat.

He cooks on the hot surface of the tank and eggs .

Moving crowd of Bedouins on camels, the Maharajah, the officer in a pith helmet.

The Bedouins are a Maharajah on his shoulders, bowing to him.

Pilots on vacation.

Performance for the Germans.

Snake Charmer.

Competition in riding on donkeys.

Boxing match.

The competition on the dynamometer.

A homemade carousel.

Sports festival with the participation of the native population, competition in tug of war.


Northern Norway.

Of the Soviet Union.

The Northern section of the Eastern front.

German Colonel-General Eduard Dietl in front of the camera.

The Germans repel the attacks of the "Bolsheviks".

Gunners shoot.

Wounded soldiers bandaged head.

Finnish Prime Minister Johan Rangell examining the ruins of the village after the battle, the German forward positions, the captured trophies.

German soldiers carry the pontoons, build a bridge.

Overcoming water obstacles German soldiers.

The soldiers are on the boardwalk, dragged guns.

Germans come to Viipuri /Vyborg/ annexed by the USSR in 1940, Shooting guns.

Marines in the attack.

Key words

North Africa, world war 2, warlords, personalities, troops, air force, tanks, weapons, snakes, sports, leisure, entertainment, population
Finland, Norway, Soviet Union, military leaders, personalities, soldiers, weapons, fortifications, war world 2, statesmen

Reel №2

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Of the Soviet Union.

Krivoy Rog.

The Romanian leader Marshal ion Victor Antonescu position, he inspects the battlefield.

Trophies: ammunition, canisters with gasoline.

The ruins of a city destroyed mine.

German experts starting work on surviving the mines.

Pathetic home miners.

The poor neighborhoods.

In the room, among the piled of things the baby is lying in a basket, crawling on it flies.

A woman combs the hair of daughter's lice.

Women go for water to the well.

The front door of the management building with the inscription: "the House of experts".

The building of the GPU. Prison, camera.

Solitary confinement, a German soldier demonstrates a solitary, stands in a narrow pencil of the room.

Anti-Semitic and anti-Soviet poster.

Employees of the Ukrainian police drill exercises.

The lifting of the suspended balloon.

The transmission of information by radio.

Artillery is ordered to fire.

Firing a weapon.

In the frame-the 5000-th shell of the battery.

The consequences of the shelling of the German artillery.

Broken appliances, dead soldiers.

Rest during the attack.

Horses graze.

The trek continues.

German cavalry followed to the East.

The peasants watched the passage of the cavalry.

The West Bank of the Dnieper.

Dnepropetrovsk shelling by German artillery.

The Soviet fighter in the air.

Shoot the German and Hungarian anti-aircraft guns.

Sappers are sent to the burning bridge.

The engineers under fire continue their work.

Downed Soviet plane falls to the ground.

The gun crew at the guns.

Motorcyclists follow the restored bridge.

Key words

USSR, war world 2, destruction, miners, beggars, children, women, prison, police, intelligence, air, radio, soldiers, weapons, military technique, cavalry, artillery, river engineers, bridge, fire, population

Reel №3

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5. USSR. The onset of Nazi troops in Revel (Tallinn).

German sappers neutralize Soviet mines.

Reval (Tallinn), a view of the castle and cathedral.

Germans on the streets.

The population welcomed the "liberators".

Wagon rides with men, they are waving Estonian flags.

Cheering crowd.

Girls go to the German soldiers in the vehicle.

Estonian women and girls with German soldiers.

Germans treat cigarettes thrown in the air, kiss.

6. The German offensive in the Baltic port.

Infantry moving across the river, across the field.

German artillery fires.

German aircraft raid on Soviet ships.

Broken Soviet tanks and vehicles left by the Soviet Army coastal guns.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

The road to Revel and the Baltic port.

Abandoned trucks with guns, tractors from the factory.

Soviet POWs are columns on the road.

7. Military operations in the Leningrad area.

Discussion of plans for operations in the division of the Luftwaffe.

Driven projectiles loaded into the aircraft.

Planes taking off into the air, they are in flight.

Bombing Soviet positions, roads, troop concentrations.

Soviet trenches after the bombing, the bodies of the soldiers in the trenches, in the woods.

German troops marching.

Reel №4

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Reel №5

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Reel №6

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