Tonwoche 1939 № 473

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

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Propaganda story about strategic food reserves.

The mouse nibbles grain.

Woman with shopping bags at the store.

Warehouse with the products.


German airfield commander gets the job, pilots run the machines, take off.

Flying Squadron, the bombing of the bridge, fires, explosions on the ground.

Burning houses in the city.

German soldiers are among the ruins of houses.

Riding horse artillery, machine moving on a pontoon bridge across the river.

Trucks with soldiers.

Motorized column moving on the road.

Fallen trees, mud.

Tanks are on hilly terrain.

The soldiers are moving in shallow water.

Columns of soldiers marching down the road.

Gunners slumbered in the carts.

Rest on the way, the soldiers are sleeping on the ground.

Tankers cleaning the tank parts.

Soldiers shave, wash.

Two soldiers are geese, plucked them, prepared for roasting a pig eating.

A line of soldiers with bowlers.

Soldiers sing and dance to musical instruments.

Field Post, there is an analysis of letters and parcels.

Key words

Gen. German soldiers



World War II; Air force
History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation

Reel №2

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Analysis of mailbags.

Soldiers dismantled bags, go to the part.

Soldier gives front newspaper on a road troops.

Polish formulations broken rail, broken armored train Polish army weapons, gas masks.

Broken machines, implements, wagons, guns at the river.

Polish city, Polish Volksdeutsche go to Germany.

Women and children in cars.

General Brauchitsch bypasses the formation of soldiers, shaking hands with them.

The city of Brest-Litovsk, meeting with representatives of the Soviet army.

Soviet officer reads German leaflet in Russian.

German and Soviet officers shake hands.

Meeting room at the table with a representative of the Soviet administration.

Out of the building Soviet officers, leaving the vehicle.

German troops enter the city, a parade of troops.

Watching Soviet soldiers.

German tanks on the road.

Soviet officers salute.

Soviet tanks ride.

General Brauchitsch takes parade.

German artillery breaks Polish court.

City of Danzig (Gdansk) is decorated to meet the German troops.

Hitler in an open car rides through the streets of Danzig, people welcome the Fuhrer.

Key words



A. Hitler





World War II