Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 748 (1945)

Newsreel №54954, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:55
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Record volunteers in the Volkssturm.

Headlines from the Fuehrer decree of October 1944 on the establishment of the Volkssturm.

Poster urging recorded in the militia 7-28 January 1945.

At the recruiting office, record older men, boys.

Collection of clothing and shoes.

Admission things in the population.

Warehouses with the collected items.

Volkssturm soldiers wear.

They faustpatrona.

They are on the march.


Leipzig monument "Battle of Nations".

Writing in the Volkssturm in Leipzig.

Speech by Himmler.

Oath militia solemn passage with banners.

Manifestation in the square, performance Gauleiter.

Slogans: "no sacrifice can be too great for the victory," "Call of the Fuhrer - this is our holy order."

Ceremonial march battalions Volkssturm.

Soldiers with rifles, shotguns, faustpatrona.

Buntslau representatives and other areas.

Locations: Germany [84]

Reel №2

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USSR. Fragment of battle in the Baltic and East Prussia.

Reflection attack Soviet troops.

Counterattack German grenadiers.

Speaker of the losses "of the Bolsheviks."

German torpedo boats in the Baltic Sea.

Fighting in the area Gumbinnen.

Shoot the German warship.

German tanks in Gumbinnen, they go ahead.

Marines rush.

Hemmersdorf village, burnt houses.

The corpses of civilians.

9,13,24 graves of those killed in the hostilities peaceful German inhabitants.

German infantrymen in the line of fire.


Exchange of prisoners between the German and American sides.

American prisoners in boats.

German infantrymen.

German generals counsel.

German soldiers reading letters from home.

Damaged American technology and beached ships.

Western Front.

German tanks.

Captured from the American town.

The corpses of American soldiers.

German tank on the streets.

Captured by the Americans.


German troops in the offensive.

German planes dogfight.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

German tanks in the attack.

Start German planes dogfight.

German pilots in combat with American planes.

Locations: France [77] USSR [863]

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