Towards the Shores Of Africa.. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Poselskiy I.

Operators: Monglovskaya G., Reyzman O.

Text writers: Gorelik I.


About the voyage of Soviet tourists on Board the motor ship “Estonia” along the shore of Africa.

Historical background

In March 1961, three hundred Soviet tourists went on the ship "Estonia" to the shores of Africa.

Reel №1

Seagulls over the sea.

Ship "Estonia" in the sea - MS.

On the deck of Soviet tourists.

Among them the artist Dolgorukov, chairman of the Uzbek farm Hamutkan Zaripov, professor of city Bubakovsky Michurinsk engineer Peter Nyrkov from Bratsk - CU.

On deck, the tourists played rounders.

Dolphins in the sea.

Tourists try to catch fish from the boat.

Captain of the ship "Estonia" Aram Oganov in the wheelhouse of the route map.

CSDF operator Galina Monglovskaya removes from the boat.

Motor ship enters the bay of the "Golden Horn", at the marina.

Fishermen in boats welcome boat.

General view of Istanbul.


Selling fish on the dock.

Streets of Istanbul (overcast, a light on).

Living on the streets.

Master cabinetmaker.

Street lawyers with clients.

PNRM. at the mosque courtyard.

Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Doves - CU.

PNRM. per person read the newspaper.

Tray with newspapers and magazines.

Istanbul residents in the streets.

The building of the Istanbul University.

Library building.

Monument to Kemal Ataturk.

PNRM. in Istanbul (from the sea).

The bow of the ship, leaving the Dardanelles - CU.

Storm on the sea.

Navigator, a waitress, a cook at their jobs.

Waitress invites tourists for lunch.

Calm sea.

General view of Tangier (Morocco) (from the sea).

Moroccans welcome Soviet tourists.

Dance Moroccans ZARIPOV, Soviet girl.

Give icons.

Arabian quarter of Tangier.

Veiled women.

Market trading.

PNRM. the city (with the top point).

PNRM. by port of Dakar.

Loading operations at the port.

Dockworkers visiting tourists on the boat (talking, playing chess).

General view of the streets of Dakar.

Traffic control officers on the street.

Soviet tourists photographed.

Soviet artist makes sketches.

Reel №2

Parliament House - LS., MS.

The flag of the Republic of Senegal.

Soviet tourists talk to the Senegalese.

Monument in honor of Independence against the parliament building.

The building of the Bank of France.

Luxury villa.

The French in the garden, in the café.



On a primitive loom weaver street works.

Street barbers.

The population of Medina escorted bus with tourists.

Abidjan - the capital of the Ivory Coast.


Palm trees on the beach.

Travel on the road (the bus).

Fishermen in the fishing village: weave networks, mend, pull the network out of the sea.

Fishermen on the butchering of sharks.

French ships in the Gulf - LS.

Independence Monument - MS.

Homeless people sleep on the streets.

Working artisans: wood carvers, on ivory.

Pass the French sailors.

Conakry (Guinea).

PNRM. along the beach and port.

Tourists go to the ship.

Meetings with Guineans.

Soviet tractors in port - PNRM., CU.

Passing Soviet tractors.

School Street: there is a lesson, do Guinean children.

Construction of the "House of the Press."

Monument to victims of colonialism.

Landfills thrown monuments Guinean former governors.

Poster of Moscow, Red Square, left Guinean students - CU.

Farewell to Guineans.

Mourners at the port.

Motor vessel departs from the pier.

Ship in the sea - LS.

The national flag of the Soviet Union on the mast ship - MS., CU.