Postwar Estonia. (1946 - 1949)

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Scene №1 Postwar Estonia

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Panorama of one of the destroyed during the war quarters of Narva.

The walls of ruined houses.

Destroyed houses on a street in Narva.

Panorama of the destroyed city.

General view of the Narva River.

General view of the exploded Ivan city.

Part of the fortress wall and tower.

Broken shells fortress gates.

The fortress wall.

Destroyed part of the fortress wall.

The ruins of the fortress.

View through a hole in the wall.

A general view of the Swedish fortress on the banks of the Narva.

Remains of one of the fortifications.

View of the ruined fortress.

View of the fortress.

General view Krenholm manufacture on an island in Narva (top).

General view of the destroyed buildings manufactory.

Narva waterfall.

General view of the factory buildings.

One of the destroyed shops.

Remains of plant equipment.

Interior view of one of the shops.

One of the buildings covered with scaffolding, work on scaffolding builders.

People place their boards to strengthen the scaffolding.

Bricklayers kneaded solution.

A general view of one of the buildings.

Working in a restored spinning mill Krenholm manufacture.

Recovered spinning machines.

Older workers Nurde I. working on the spinning machine.

Weaver Alt followed the work of machines.

Face weavers.

The yarns in a loom.

Young worker Tampers runs the thread in the shuttle.

Young weavers working at their machines.

Crane in the port crane cabin.

Sea waves.


Waves lapping on the rocky shore.

Sandy beach.

Estonian fisherman floats on a sailing boat.

Boats swim to shore.

Fishing nets hanging out to dry.

Fishermen hang network.

Gulls on the sea shore.

Fisherman's boat is at the shore.

An elderly woman weaves a network.

Fishermen on the network is prepared before going to sea.

General view of the sandy beach.

Windmills on Saaremaa.

Vert mill wings.


Cows graze among the rocks.

Cow grass looking at the stone.

Buried in the ground stones.

People dig up stones from the ground.

A man digs a shovel stone.

Moat dug around the rock.

People are trying to pick up a stone with wooden levers.

Tractor pulls the stone from the earth.

Bucs wheel tractor.

People cast stone wooden props.

Tractor pulls the stone, pulling him along the ground.

Woman breaks hoe roots stump.

People obkapyvayut stump.

Tractor uproots a tree stump.

Uprooted tree.

Plowing, freed from the stones.

Tractor rides.

Plow plowed land.

Silhouette of an ancient castle on the background of people passing on horseback.

Clouds are gathering.

The sun shines through the trees.

Clouds in the predawn sky.

View of the room in the castle.

Fireplace in one of the halls.

Corridor in the castle's dungeon.

Lancet window in the wall of the castle.

Armor in the niche of the castle.

Stone crosses the wall of the castle.

Woman with children watching plowing fields.

The farmer is the plow.

Family farmer Olesa O. watching plowing fields.

Oles tills the soil.

Olesa his wife's face.

Oles is the plow.

Oles stops horses, wipes the sweat from his forehead.

Olesa neighbor, Laane, goes behind the plow.

Laane follows the plow.

View of the central part of town (top).







Towns and countries; Construction; Agriculture; Industry
Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy

Scene №2

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General view of the central part of Tallinn.

Tiled roofs of the houses in the old town.

Tallinn's medieval towers.

One of the streets of old Tallinn.

People walk past the old houses.

One of the towers in the old town.

Bas-relief on the wall of the tower "Fat Margaret".

Interior view of the tower "Fat Margaret".

Tower "Long Hermann".

The walls of the ancient Toompea in Tallinn.

Palace in Tallinn.

Sculpture standing at the palace.

Engineers are discussing a plan to build the Estonian working village.

Workers carry a wooden frame.

Construction of wooden houses for the miners.

Work is the window frame.

Carpenter at work.

The wife of a miner Hirsi Paula cleaning a window.

Hirs Paul attaches to the door of the house name tag.

Paula nameplate.

The cat is lying on the porch of the house.

Smoke comes from the chimney of the house.

People walk past a new home.

General view of the resort on the beach.

Old man's face.

Splashing waves of the sea.

Man and woman onto a balcony, admiring the sea view.

Ocean waves lapping on the shore.

Field and forest in Estonia (top).

General view of the lake.

Boy tending a herd of cows state farm, dog runs up to him.

Hornless cow in the pasture.

Cow chews grass.

Hornless cow's head.

Cows in the pasture.

Shepherd boy petting a dog.

Milkers are milked cows out to pasture.

Milkmaid suited to the cow.

Milkmaid begins to milk a cow.

Milkmaid milking cows in the field.

Milkmaid departs from a cow with a full bucket of milk.

Milkmaid with a full bucket of milk produced is going to take.

Milkmaids poured milk in cans.

Milkmaids carry buckets of milk.







Towns and countries; Agriculture; Construction
Geography and Nature; Sectors of the economy