Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 571

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Anti-Bolshevik meeting in Paris.

Hall of speakers.

On huge banners slogans legionaries: "Bolshevism is driven from a united Europe."

Review of the French Legion soldiers, he marched down the street.


Sending the eastern front of the Legion "Flanders" from Brussels (Belgium) and the Danish Legion of Hamburg.

Legion Building in the courtyard of the barracks. oath.


Hits Italian troops in Rome before sending them to the Soviet-German front.

Mussolini bypasses the formation of soldiers.

The movement of convoys towards the front.

The southern section of the Eastern Front.

Carts, horse-drawn guns go across the steppe.

Marshal Ion Antonescu, Victor among Romanian soldiers.

Camouflaged with branches warships Romania on the Danube.

The soldier on the ferry adapted color cap made of straw.

Accumulation of German and Romanian troops.

German and Romanian engineers suggest a pontoon bridge across the Dniester.

The employment of prisoners in construction.

USSR, Ukraine.

The march of the German anti-aircraft troops.

Storming the village, burning houses.

Germans captured Soviet train.

Meeting German population.

Soviet army left side of the battery.

Operation of Hungarian and Slovak troops.

The fighting in the village.

Out of the house overlook the Soviet soldiers, raising his hands.

Movement German Moto mechanized units of General Rundstedt on blurred rain roads.

Soldiers push the jammed machine.

Prisoners of war at the assembly point.

Asian and Caucasian types.

Prisoners of household activities.

The column of prisoners in transit.

Movement of Hitler's troops towards the town of Uman.

On the German airfield near Kiev.

Departure bomber squadron on combat operations, bombing.





World War II

Reel №2

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USSR. The central portion of the eastern front.

Hitler on the plane, flying over Minsk, where he was one of the biggest battles in world history, view of the city from a height, landing.

Soldiers and Field Marshal Fedor von Bock met Hitler at the airport.

Soldiers happily welcome the Fuhrer.

Hitler and the generals of the card.

Operations Germans in the Soviet Union since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and during the 1st World War / map /.

Movement Nazi troops towards Roslavl and Smolensk.

Types of terrain.

Germans near Smolensk.

Residents joyfully greeted the German soldiers, women presented with flowers.

The crowd near radioavtobusa soldiers communicate with residents.

Promotion to Roslavlev.

There is a battle, artillery fire.

Anti part in the offensive.

The German invasion in the town enveloped by fire.

Capture German tank farms, punched tank from which pour jet fuel.

Column Red Army prisoners.

Broken Soviet equipment on the roads.

Working village under Roslavl poor shack, a group of child beggar in front of the camera.

Abandoned Children's Hospital staff.

Emaciated, dying children in the mud on the beds.

Flies crawling on the child's body.

Naked baby lying on the ground in the debris.

Farmers are the corpses of the victims of the GPU, a funeral.

USSR. German offensive in the area of Lake Ilmen.

On the road going trucks with soldiers.

Transports, reloading ammunition.

Warehouse food and ammunition.

Cargo planes were transferred to machines that travel through the mud.





World War II

Reel №3

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USSR, Northern Section, District Ilmen and Lake Peipsi.

German technology on a dirt road, traveling the German tanks, machine guns being taken.

Signalman headphones transmits a message over the radio.

Artillery fire on the village.

Mortars in action.

Infantry attack.

Soldiers pass the river on logs.

On a stretcher are wounded.

The wounded German soldiers.

Columns of prisoners of war on the road.

Hitler's troops crossing through Lake Peipsi on boats.

Anti-aircraft fire on Soviet aircraft.

Downed Soviet plane is burning on the ground.


Disguised train in the forest - the headquarters of Goering.

By train goes Colonel Werner Mölders, holder of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, now it is presented to the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.

Goering comes out of the car, talking to Melders, awards distinguished pilots.

Oberfeldwebel Rudolf Nacka out the most important task as a commander of combat squadron showed heroism in more than 100 flight, he was awarded the Knight's Cross.

Major Walter Oezau with a cross.

Smiling famous pilot Galland.

Goering and General Rudolf Konrad at the map at the headquarters.

Conrad Reichsmarschall report on the situation at the front.


German telephone operator on the field telephone station, send a message to the headquarters of the Air Force to join the fight.

Pilots at the map, they are ready to fly.

Start of German bombers.

Visible air balloon barrage.

Air combat with Soviet fighters.

The bombing and shelling from a machine gun from the air columns of Soviet troops in the area of Lake Ilmen.

Tracer bullets are flying towards the ships on the water.





World War II

Reel №4

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Germany, headquarters Goering.

USSR, Finnish front.

On the road going cyclists, motorcyclists, carts with guns.

Artillery fire.

German troops enter the city of Novgorod.

View of the Kremlin over the bridge.

Troops in the city, the ruins of the houses, the fortress.

Map towards Revel and Narva.

The infantry on the march.

Rough river with rapids, destroyed bridge.

Narva, PNRM. the city.

Ruins of buildings, from the windows sees the flames.

Fortress by the river, are the German soldiers.

Artillery hit the city.

Map, Estonia, city Revel / Tallinn /.

View of Reval, the church.

Germans enter the city, the residents happily welcomed the troops.

Soldiers on vacation, they talk to girls.

In radioavtobusa shake hands on a German soldier.

Map, traffic on the island of Saaremaa Island.

The crossing by boat, landing on the beach.

Promotion fought to Ahrensburg.

The ancient fortress.

Germans in the city, is the infantry, passing carts.

German ships in the Barents Sea, a trip to Murmansk.


Admiral Raeder in submariners and minesweepers on the eastern front.

Admiral bypass operation sailors.





World War II

Reel №5

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Reel №6

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