Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 725

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Reel №1


View rates after the attack July 20, 1944 for the Fuhrer and staff officers, who are trying to make a small handful of dishonest officers.

Defeated room.


A few hours later after the assassination attempt on July 20 Mussolini and Marshal Graziani at the reception of the Fuhrer.

Hitler and Mussolini talking.

Duce says goodbye to the Führer of the car window, the train leaves.


Executives Board of the German defense industry.

Armaments Minister Speer award distinguished directors military factories.

The Director-General Kesler gets Knight's Cross with Swords, were also noted director Langinen and Lucian.

Hitler arrives at the meeting of the Council for the utterance of speech.

Speer sets in motion a new production line at a defense plant.

Inspection of the new military facility.

The new German tank "Panther" is competing with captured American tank.

Tanks go through concrete barriers, American tanks, it can not do.

Tanks shelling faustpatrona.

Comparative results of the shelling.

USSR. Eastern Front, Grodno-Bialystok-Minsk.

The retreat of German forces.

On the highway going car.

Shoots self-propelled artillery.

Heavy artillery moved to new positions.

Sappers blast railway line.

German rearguard after hard fighting leaves town, blazing house.

Refugees from the "Bolshevik terror" go along with "retreating to the new position of" German units.

German tanks were sent to the front.

Fragments of heavy fighting.

Damaged Soviet equipment.

German pilots sit in the car.

The plane takes off on a mission.

Planes in the air.

The bombing of an important logistical supply routes.

German planes dropping bombs.


Western Front map.

Handling heavy shells to be sent to the front, they are wrapped in woven blankets.

Convoy disguised branches, moving to the front.

Observers noticed a car enemy aircraft.

German anti-aircraft guns fired at American planes.


A. Hitler





World War II

Reel №2

Western Front.

Machine moving at night to advanced.

German soldiers in the destruction of the French city of Caen.

Kang turned into a burning torch across Normandy.

Convoys moving through the city.

Soldiers occupy positions.

German infantrymen front of the camera.

German cars, tanks.

The tanks followed by fast and maneuverable machine with ammunition.

Next are the paratroopers.

German soldier with Faust cartridges.


American tanks burst into the village held by paratroopers, begin firing.

German soldiers in the trenches.

German tank is shelling out their guns.

Shoot German guns.

German paratroopers pursue a fighting machine, to combat tank in the melee.

They use a Faust cartridges.

American tanks shelling. "Goliaths" are involved in this fight.

Germans discover seriously wounded American.

The Germans are preparing for battle.

The wounded were sent to the rear.

Captured Americans followed the camp.


Southern coast of England, a long-shot camera.

German planes raided England.

Launch missiles V-1, the so-called "weapons of retaliation."

Unexpected weapon was a response to the German defense industry on the Anglo-American air terror.





World War II