Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 655

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Reel №1

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Day of mourning in Berlin dedicated to the memory of soldiers killed on the eastern front.

Fuhrer comes to the building of the Arsenal, he is met by Goering.

Hitler out of the car, greeted with General Field Marshal Keitel, Rear Admiral Doenitz, Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler, General Field Marshal von Bock, General Field Marshal Milch.

A solemn meeting.

Sit Hitler, Goering, Keitel and others.

Symphony Orchestra, performing the 7th Symphony by Beethoven.

Hitler's speech / speaker in the retelling / insidious plans of Bolshevism and the merits of the German soldiers.

Fuhrer leaves Arsenal building, on the porch approaches him with a report of the commandant of Berlin, Lieutenant General Paul von Hase.

On the right flank guard of honor with 30 flags of the old army and navy, and 30 new banners Wehrmacht.

The parade of troops, bypassing damaged soldiers and sailors.

Hitler and Goering.

Visiting the grave of Hitler-the pantheon of the fallen heroes.

Four Knight Knight's Cross to lay a wreath on behalf of the Führer in the pantheon.

Declination banners.

Berliners, stretched out his hands in the "National Hi".

Hitler welcomes wounded and disabled of the 1st and 2nd World Wars, greeting, speaks to them.

Wheelchair users.

The ceremonial passing the guard of honor.


Passage of the parts of the Wehrmacht and sailors.

Hitler and Goering take hits.


German submarine in the northern part of the ocean in a storm.

This boat belongs to the fleet, which is directed against a large vehicle convoy Britain.

The crew on deck in waterproof overalls.

Powerful waves.


Anxiety on the submarine.

Crew takes place according to the combat schedule.

Actions of the crew.


The commander monitors the periscope.

Periscope is removed.

The boat leaves from the enemy destroyer.

Depth charge explosion.

Damage to the electrical wiring.

Establishing damage.

Restoration of the electrical system.

The commander at the periscope.

Boat launches a torpedo.

The boat floats.

Sinking ship of the enemy.





World War II

Reel №2

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German submarine.

Sinking ship of the enemy.


Enter additional parts of the Wehrmacht in Greece.

German tanks on the streets of Athens.



Loading tanks and other equipment to be sent to the island.

Maritime transport ship is sent to the island of Crete.

Destroyers escort.

German convoy at sea.


View of the island.

Construction of coastal fortifications.

German artbatareya.


Pilots board the plane.

Planes taking off into the air.

USSR. Battle of Kharkov.

Tanks, motorized formations Waffen-SS in the snow moves in the direction of Kharkiv, where the Bolsheviks took a defensive position.

Tanks and motorized infantry begin to attack one of the settlements near Kharkov.

Perestrelska goes with the Soviet troops.

Tanks go ahead.

Marines with the Nazi flag.

Motorcyclist rides to the tank, receives a packet.

After a sudden warming of the road turned into a quagmire.

Motorcycle riding through flooded road.

Anti-aircraft batteries clearing podhldy to the city.

German infantry in the attack.

German troops stormed the city from the north and east.

Germans in the suburbs of Kharkov.

Fragments of street fighting.

Shoot the German machine gunners, guns.

Wounded Soviet soldiers in the barracks, abandoned by the retreating Soviet units.

Germans in the city, relax the soldiers after the battle, they eat.

Knight Knight kroesta with oak leaves Fritz Witt, commander of the motorized regiment talking to a scout in camouflage suit of the card.

German tanks and infantry on the streets of Kharkov.

Soldiers steamer by the fence of the park.

Street battles going throughout the day.

Almost every house had to be taken by storm after an artillery barrage.

Burning buildings.

The soldiers are wounded on stretchers, the yards through the fences of the wounded taken to the infirmary.

With booth clean red flag.

Shot gun.

March 14 Kharkov was taken again.





World War II