Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1943 № 682

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Reel №1

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Parade of the Spanish fleet at the opening of the Naval Academy.

Decorated ship coming to the pier.

Vehicles with General Franco arrives at the dock.

Franco on the ship, toured the flotilla.

Gun salute ships.

Cadets are lined up on the masts.

Parade before the caudillo on the beach.


Harvesting tobacco in Serbia.

Women sorted collected leaves, strung on a thread, air-dried.

General Government (Poland).

Parade Nazi Panzer Division "Feldherrnhalle" in Danzig (Gdansk).

The streets are decorated with banners with swastikas, the people watching the parade.

Go ahead drummers, the banner of the division.

General of Infantry Bodevin Keitel and Chief of Staff of the SA Wilhelm Schepmann bypass operation.

Division solemn passage area.


Home Apartment Fuhrer.

Hitler is on track with the officers.

Pilot Otto Skorzeny, freed Mussolini from captivity, close to the Führer.

Assigning Skorzeny rank of Major of the Waffen SS and handing him the Iron Cross knightly degree.

USSR. Hitler down the plane, he bet General Erich von Manstein on the Soviet-German front.

Meeting at the headquarters of the card.

Manstein shows the Fuhrer plans of operations, present Colonel-General, Chief of the General Staff of the SA Kurt Zeitzler and other officers.

Check out Hitler.

Manstein accompanies the Führer at the airport.

Hitler at the window.


Hostilities German Navy off the coast of Spitsbergen.

Squadron at sea.

The soldiers are resting on the deck, smoking, watching the approaching shore.

Artillery effort on the shore of the guns.

Troopers sent to the boat ashore, conducting blasting operations and returned to the court.

USSR. The northern section of the Eastern Front.

The Germans saw logs into planks at the sawmill for the construction of strategic roads and fortifications in the immediate rear.

Construction of roads, strengthening its sawn stumps, seaming roller.

The employment of local people in the construction.

On the road going carts on horseback.

Chart of the area and places of Nikopol, Mikhailovsky, Tossno and others.

German police controls traffic on the roads, stop the car, checks the documents.

Leningrad front, the construction of a huge bunker.

Pouring concrete into the forms.

Soldiers on the suspension bridge are boxes with.

Assembling hopper their units, equipment foundation for guns.

USSR. The central portion of the front.

General aviation Robert Ritter Graham at the command post of the card.

Returns the order to attack.

Hitler's well-known fighter pilot Walter Nowotny before the start, he plays with a colleague in the cards.

Nowotny board a plane takes off.

A squadron of German fighter planes in flight.


German soldiers from the ground watching the progress of the battle.

Lit downed Soviet plane.

Nowotny landing at the airport.

Landing at the airport of the burning of the German reconnaissance aircraft, extinguish a fire engine from the airplane.

View photo reconnaissance, mark it on the map.


Franco F.
A. Hitler





World War II

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The central portion of the front.

The retreat of German forces.

On the way, riding tanks, trucks with soldiers.

Soldiers adjuster on the streets.

The machine transports cows.

Against the background of the monastery in the background go German cars.

Undermining buildings and warehouses during the retreat in the air flying debris board.

Spectacular shooting explosions vzmetayutsya up the pillars of fire, air, huge clouds of smoke.

Minesweeper fuse turns the handle, is heard a huge explosion.

Detailed display of the bombings.

View from the traffic of the city, where there are explosions.

View from the airplane on the railway with trains.

Oppeln station, on the platform of the train is worth.

Two women in the foreground cook over a campfire.

Check out the local population, the woman drags a sack on his back.

Loading sacks of grain in the car.

Railroader writes data to the log.

People in the packed car smiling, waving their hands.

German sappers undermine the rails after the departing train.

Rearguard in the campaign, going mechanized artillery.

Gunners mounted gun, ready to fight.

Radio operator receives messages over the radio about the occurrence of the Bolsheviks.

Counterattack German tanks, the view from the slit of the tank.

Tanks go on a field of sunflowers, shooting guns tanks.

Burning Soviet tanks.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

From the tank looks German tanker.

Smiling German drinking schnapps.


From German armored train leaves the tunnel.

Sitting on an open platform soldiers near the guns.

Motorized movement of the column of German troops to the leading positions on the Riviera.

Troops move along the waterfront resort.

View of the city, the palaces.

Tanks, trucks go by vineyards.

Italian fascist part, fighting on the side of Germany.

General arrives in the Italian part of a horse, the soldiers greet him.

Fortifications on the Mediterranean coast.

Gunners mounted gun, shoot.

Smoke break in the pause, faces of the soldiers.

PNRM. by nabrezhnoy.

Fighting in the streets of the city.

Soldiers jogging, shooting a machine gun.

Go armored vehicles.

Pointer: San Stefano di Rogliano.

Soldiers riding in a tank, self-propelled artillery moves along the mountain road, the soldiers climb the hill.

Artillery has a city seen fires.

The terrain in the smoke.

Observer with binoculars, radio operator.

Fighting in the streets of the city.

The soldier on the way drinks water from the column runs between the houses.





World War II