The Communist party - the organizer of the victorious conclusion of the great Patriotic war (series history of the Communist party). (1975)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Granatman V.

Script writers: Arhipov I.

Operators: Petrova N.


A film about the final release of the USSR from the Nazi invaders, the liberation by the Soviet army peoples of Europe, the capitulation of Nazi Germany, the Soviet victory over Japan and the contribution of the Communist Party in the defeat of the enemy.

World War II | CPSU activity

History | Domestic policy | Policy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1944: MI Kalinin speaking before a microphone on the radio with New Year's greetings to the Soviet people.

Map of the occupied part of the USSR. Newsreel 1944: watch the post under the bridge across the Neva.

People walk across the bridge.

Children are on the street.

The inscription on the wall of the house, warning of danger op shelling.

Workers in the shops of the Kirov plant.

Production of artillery ammunition.

Armored train sent to the front.

The soldiers in the trenches are preparing to attack.

Photo Commander of the Leningrad Front General Govorov LA and AA Zhdanov Photos of party-political events in the armed forces, conducted in preparation for an offensive.

Newsreel 1944: Persons in positions of fighters.

Presenting party card driver of the tank.

The officers at the command post.

German soldiers digging trenches.

German soldiers installed barbed wire.

General view of the barbed wire on the front.

Soviet planes dropped bombs on enemy positions.

Baltic Fleet ships firing at the enemy.

Signalmen on the position establishing telephone.

Fighting Soviet and German troops.

The shelling of German positions.

Tanks are put forward to meet the enemy.

Soldiers moving on all fours.

Leaflet "liberated Peterhof".

Newsreel 1944: artillery shelled the German positions.

The Red Army and the Red Village Duderhof.

Poster "liberated Gatchina".

Newsreel: fighting in the streets of Gatchina.

Soviet paratroopers jumping with a parachute behind enemy lines.

Guerrillas delivered dismantled weapons.

Meeting guerrilla commanders.

Leningrad region guerrillas behind enemy lines.

The corpses of Nazi soldiers.

Captured Nazi flag.

Fires Artillery.

The infantry attack rises.

Planes attacking ground targets.

Map liberation of Leningrad region.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet offensive.

The corpses of the Germans in the mortar position.

Broken German technology.

German prisoners of war.

People on the streets of Leningrad read posted on the wall of order to the troops of the Leningrad front.

Shading warning on the wall of the house.

Salute in honor of lifting the blockade of Leningrad.

Happy faces.

Fireworks over the Neva.

Burning buildings in Ukraine.

View of the ruined city block (the top).

General FI Tolbukhin examines the operational situation on the map.

General Malinovksy RY and members of the front staff to develop a plan the operation.

The generals are on the lookout for the trench.

Soviet planes dropped bombs on the target.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

The texts of leaflets and posters calling for the liberation of Ukraine and Belarus.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet tanks are on the attack.

Soviet troops liberated the streets of villages and towns in western Ukraine.

Soviet soldiers freed from prison for women and children.

Persons liberated people.

Corpses hung on the balcony of the building.

Corpses of people executed by the Nazis.

Red Army soldiers swear mercilessly destroy the enemy.

General Vatutin NF at the command post.

Photo Marshal Konev IS talking on the phone.

Text leaflets calling finish surrounded by the enemy.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet planes bombed the German positions (synchronously with the card Korsun-Shevchenko operations.

The fighting Soviet troops.

Message in the newspaper on the Elimination of Korsun-Shevchenko enemy force.

Newsreel 1944: go lennye Germans.

Caricature of the Nazis.

Newsreel 1944: the corpses of German soldiers and broken appliances.

The text of the order awarding the soldiers of the Czechoslovak team.

Photo of General L. Svoboda, read out the order before the order.

Newsreel, 1944: on the road moves Soviet military equipment.

Photos of fighters, establishing a border post on the restored border.

The texts of newspaper reports on the restoration of the Soviet border.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet troops stepping up the river.

Photo by Soviet troops crossing the Romanian border.

The statement of the Soviet government.

Newsreel 1944: fighting for the liberation of Crimea.

Map liberation of the Crimea.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet troops go on the offensive.

The texts of newspaper reports on the release of the Crimean cities.

Newsreel May 1944: the corpses of German soldiers on the coast in Sevastopol.

Panorama of Sevastopol.

The Soviet soldiers are part of Sevastopol.

Soldiers and sailors on the Count's Quay.

Waving Soviet naval flag.

Black Sea Fleet ships are moored in Sevastopol.

The text of a news story of the Allied landing in Europe.

Newsreel 1944: Allied planes bombed the German positions.

Allied troops landed on the coast of France.

Map of the Coast of France in the landing area.

Newsreel 1944: German gunners raised the alarm.

Allied ships shelled the coast.

American soldiers landed on the shore.

Runs a German prisoner.

British soldiers are prisoners of the Germans.


Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure
Andrey Zhdanov - statesman and political figure
Tolbukhin Fyodor Ivanovich - commander
Rodion Malinovsky - commander
Nikolai Fedorovich Vatutin - commander
Ivan Stepanovich Konev - commander
Freedom Ludwig - Czechoslovak statesman and politician, military leader




Leningrad region



Generals and war heroes; Political figures; Korsun-Shevchenko Operation; Crimean operation; Leningrad-Novgorod operation; Normandy operation ("Overlord")
Biography; Policy; World War II; History

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1944: General view of Paris (above).

People build barricades in the streets of Paris.

Resistance fighters are fighting on the streets of the German troops.

Soldiers are on the street German prisoners and collaborators.

Celebration in honor of the liberation of Paris, people greet each other.

The soldier's face.

General de Gaulle welcomed the Parisians, takes the girls a bouquet of flowers.

People on the Place de l'Etoile.

The national flag of France rises above the Arc de Triomphe.

Soviet troops led offensive in Karelia.

Soviet troops stepping up the river.

German troops in the defense.

The Soviet machine-gun crew firing at the enemy.

The fighting Soviet troops.

Map liberation of Karelia and access to the Finnish border.

Newsreel, 1944: view of the liberated Petrozavodsk.

Soviet border guard officers casts Chinen task for the protection of the Soviet-Finnish border.

The officer's face.

Nenets soldiers break into the house.

German soldiers on a halt.

Women harnessed to a harrow.

The face of a German soldier, chewing cucumber.

Photos atrocities Nazi invaders.

Newsreel 1944: German sappers blow up houses.

Belarusian partisans.

Text guerrilla leaflets in the Belarusian language.

Map of the guerrilla zones of Belarus.

Newsreel 1944: Partisans attacked the German railway echelon.

Blow up bridges.

Soviet aircraft in the air.

Lights shot down a German plane.

Start of artillery preparation.

Soviet troops were advancing on the road muddy from the rain.

The onset of the rivers and swamps of Belarus.

Carry a wounded soldier on a stretcher.

Bandaging the wounded.

Riddled party ticket.

Presentation party tickets at the front.

The texts of newspaper reports about the battles in Belarus.

Newsreel 1944: Soviet soldiers face.

People mourn slain.

People are selected from the cellars.

Soviet infantry and tanks attacked the enemy.

German soldiers ran into a trench.

Soviet artillery fire on the enemy.

Map of the liberation of Belarus (synchronously with the chronicle of hostilities).

Newsreel 1944: Soviet motorcyclists attack along the railway tracks.

Tank rides on Liberation Square in Minsk.

From the roof of the building falls Nazi swastika.

Rally in honor of the liberation of Minsk.

Red flag over Minsk.

Broken German technology.

German generals surrendering.

Go German prisoners.

German soldiers and officers taken prisoner in Belarus, led by Moscow under escort.

General view of the Moscow district (top).

Photos and texts of newspaper reports about the fighting in the Baltic, Western Belorussia.

Newsreel 1944: Civilians returning home.

Women stoke the furnace surviving on the street.

Photos agricultural work in the liberated areas.

Photos remediation industry.

Newsreel, 1944: miners working in the mine.

General view of the plant.

Workers in the iron foundry plant.

Production of cast iron plant.

Poster calling the front give more bread.

Newsreel 1944: Field installed a sign "Hectares of defense."

Harvesting combine.

Woman at the helm of the combine.

Photo grain convoy to the front.

A poster with the inscription: "In the enemy."

Newsreel 1944: Working with machines in the factory shop.

Women sew uniforms.

Photographs and newspaper reports about the success of the advanced production, engineers, designers and farmers in the work on defense.

Newsreel 1944: assembling aircraft shop aircraft factory.

Production of artillery and tanks.

Tanks on railway platforms sent to the front.

Presentation of the tank combat vehicles built with money collected farmers.

Advocates political commissar.

Flying Soviet planes.

Tank rides on the street.

Flying airplanes.

Map liberation of Moldova.

Newsreel 1944: tanks come through the field.

Moldovan village residents consider a caricature of the Nazis, painted on the wall of the house.

Go prisoners Romanian soldiers.

Soviet tanks on the streets of Bucharest.

Photo of the meeting of Soviet soldiers in Bulgaria.

Newsreel, 1944: people welcome the Red Army.

Soldiers passing through the streets of European cities.

The appeal "To the peoples of Yugoslavia."

Newsreel 1944: Yugoslav partisans are on the streets of Belgrade.

People welcome the guerrillas.

Tito passes IB

People greet Tito.

Soviet troops moving on the road.

Passes through the tank with troops on the armor.

German troops are retreating in the Baltic States.

Map liberation Baltic (synchronously with the chronicle fighting Soviet troops).

Poster "Baltic freed."

Newsreel 1944: Soviet border detachment intrudes on the protection of the state border in the Baltic States.

Face guards.

The officer explains the tasks to subordinates.

Faces of the soldiers.

Border guards remove hats in memory of those killed in 1941.

The officer's face.

Photos of Soviet soldiers and officers pointers near the German border.

Newsreel 1944: defensive engineering works on the border of Germany.

German soldiers run along the wire fence.


Charles de Gaulle - French statesman and politician, military leader
Josip Broz Tito - Yugoslav statesman and politician, military leader




Republic of Karelia



Belorussian operation ("Bagration"); Belgrade operation; Baltic operation; Industry; Agriculture; Political figures
World War II; History; Sectors of the economy; Biography; Policy

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1945: German troops are advancing in the Ardennes.

Broken American military equipment.

Captured American soldiers.

American soldiers help keep his wounded comrade.

American prisoners under escort.

Text messages Churchill Stalin IV asking for help.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet generals discussing battle plan.

Commander of a tank unit combat mission puts officers.

Flying Soviet planes.

The pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

Soviet planes dropping bombs.

Receding German soldiers.

The officer gave the order over the phone.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

Burning a German tank.

Soviet tanks drive through the streets of the city.

Soviet troops are fighting.

Leaflet with information about the liberation of Warsaw.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet and Polish soldiers set the Polish national flag on the roof.

Residents of the city welcomed the Soviet soldiers.

The release of prisoners in prisons and concentration camps.

Woman shows the documents "Eastern workers."

Girls tear off clothes Stripes Eastern workers.

Freed American and British prisoners of war out of the gate of the camp.

Prisoners of war talk with Soviet soldiers.

Leaflet about the atrocities of the Nazis at Majdanek.

Newsreel, 1945: Panorama of the concentration camps (above).

The corpses of inmates of the death camps, piled in stacks and ready to be burned.

Dentures killed prisoners.

Mountain women's hair.

The corpses of prisoners.

Are the Soviet soldiers.

Poles welcome the Red Army.

Soviet officer gives people the national flag of Poland.

General view of Yalta.

Stalin arrives at an international conference.

Churchill and US President Roosevelt F. during a meeting at the airport.

Flag waving the Allies.

The meeting of the Yalta Conference, the table - Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.

Stalin listens to an interpreter.

General view of the conference sessions.

Flag waving the Allies.

Leaflets calling for the capture of Budapest.

Newsreel, 1945: Panorama of Budapest.

Soviet officers at the observation post.

Fires rocket artillery.

Fighting in the streets of Budapest.

Panorama of Vienna (top).

Statue of St.


The statement of the Soviet Government's attitude towards Austria.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet troops liberated the streets of European cities.

Leaflets calling to go to Berlin.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet planes fly.

Bombs fall.

Road signs to Berlin.

Are tanks with troops on the armor.

Handwritten leaflet about the beginning of the storming of Berlin.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet artillery firing at Berlin.

Planes attacked a German airfield.

Gen. looking through binoculars.

Tanks are attacking through the field.

Fighting in the streets of Berlin.

German soldiers surrendering.

From the windows of the building shoots Faust cartridge.

Rocket artillery firing at the Reichstag.

Artillery fires on the streets of Berlin.

Poster calling hoist the flag of victory over Berlin.

Newsreel, 1945: Soldiers with the banner running to the Reichstag.

Hoisting the red flag on the roof of the Reichstag.

Banner of Victory over Berlin.

Soviet tank rides on the streets of Berlin.

Towards the tank is moving column of German prisoners.

The commander of the defense of Berlin, General Weidling, together with staff officers surrenders.

Captured Nazi banners.

Photos of the signing of the German surrender.

Message in the newspaper "Pravda" the signing of the surrender.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet tanks moving to Prague.

Living in Prague build barricades.

People dismantled weapons and grenades.

People walking on the street.

Burning of Nazi paraphernalia on the streets of Prague.

German troops are moving to Prague.

Fighting in the streets of Prague.

Soviet tanks are moving to Prague.

Soviet tanks on the streets of Prague.

People welcome the Red Army.

Marshal Konev IS responds to welcome people of Prague.

Girl-military adjuster at the crossroads.

Passes motorcade.

Stalin is at the Potsdam Conference.

The heads of the allied powers greet each other in the boardroom.

Delegations sit at a round table.

President Truman, during the meeting.

Stalin during the meeting.

Gates with flags of the Allied Powers.

Article in Japanese newspapers.

Newsreel 1945: meetings at the enterprises of the Soviet Union in order to clarify the need for war with Japan.

The statement of the Soviet Government to the Government of Japan to declare war.

Photos of American atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Photos of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Newsreel 1945: Soviet planes fly.

Sailing ships.

The commander of the Soviet missile boat gives the command.

Boats give volley of missiles.

Pacific Fleet ships firing at the enemy.

The landing of the Soviet assault.

Artillery fires on Japanese positions.

Soviet soldiers captured a flag on top.

Japanese soldiers and officers surrendering.

The text of a news story and victory over Japan.

Newsreel, 1945: Signing of the Japanese surrender aboard the battleship "Missouri".

The representative of the United States signed the act.

The Soviet representative signs the act.

Soviet cavalry rides through the streets of liberated from the Japanese city.

Residents of the city welcomed the Soviet soldiers.

Soviet soldiers marching down the street.

People welcomed the Soviet soldiers.

Faces of the soldiers.

Waving the red flag.


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - statesman and political figure
Winston Churchill - British statesman and politician
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - American statesman and politician
Weidling Helmuth - German commander
Ivan Stepanovich Konev - commander
Harry Truman - American statesman and politician







Battle of the Vistula River; Armed conflict between the USSR and Japan ; Soviet-Japanese War; The Yalta Conference; The Potsdam Conference; Germany surrenders; Budapest operation; Capture of Budapest; Vienna operation; Political figures; Generals and war heroes; Berlin operation; The storming of Berlin; Uprising in Prague.Prague operation
The First World War; History; World War II; Biography; Policy