The tenth Congress of the RCP (b).The transition to the new economic policy (series history of the Communist party). (1975)

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The film is about overcoming the devastation in Soviet Russia after the Civil War, the introduction of the New Economic Policy, the restoration of industry and agriculture.

Congress of the CPSU | Domestic policy | The first years of Soviet power

CPSU activity | Policy | History

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel, 1918: burned-out houses on the street after the suppression of the revolt in Yaroslavl.

Destroyed church building.

Ramshackle village huts.

The farmer feeds weakened horse.

Photos: rolled off the side engine, the destroyed bridge.

Newsreel, 1920: crosses at the cemetery.

Corpses of people from hunger, covered with snow.

Disabled person.

Invalid begging, standing against the wall of the building.

Ruins of buildings.

People take from a well worked underground working.

Cemetery locomotives.

People among the piles of scrap metal.

Photos of people cut firewood during the fuel crisis.

Samples of banknotes of 1920-1921.

Animated chart price increases.

Newsreel of 1920-1921: the ruined city buildings.

Flooded city street, people walk on their knees in water, passing fire truck.

A derailed train.

Remains of the car.

Lying on the side of the platform.

Photos speculators on the grounds of cars.

Newsreel beginning of the 1920s: passing through the station the train, people sitting on the roofs of cars.

Destroyed railway bridge.

Farmer plowing a field plow.

Lies izdohshaya cow.

The hosts are standing next to a dead cow.

Persons owners.

Photo beggars.

Newsreel beginning of the 1920s: people cook food in a pot sitting on the roadside.

Starving children.

Photo beggar.

Photo queue at the bakery.

Text of letter starving workers VI Lenin Photo of Lenin in the Kremlin office.

Portrait of Lenin.

Pictures of starving peasants, day laborers.

Photos of the surplus during the Civil War.

Newsreel: The farmers argue at the rally.

Persons peasants.

Photo of Lenin in the Kremlin office.

The text of Lenin.

Issue of the newspaper "the poor" with the texts of letters from the village.

Handwritten text of the letter Lenin editor.

Handwriting letters from the village.

Photo of Lenin at the table in his office.

Newsreel 1921: division cadets go through the courtyard of the Kremlin.

Part of the interior of the Kremlin Lenin's office.

Photo Lenin reading a newspaper "Pravda".

Newsreel, 1920: people walk along the platform station.

Lenin during an interview with an American journalist L. Eyre

Part of the interior of the Kremlin Lenin's office.

Desk Lenin.

The text of a newspaper article.

Newsreel 1921: Peasants' Congress delegates during the meeting.

The wheels of the locomotive.

Locomotive starts moving.

People walk along the platform station.

Lenin during an interview with an American journalist L. Eyre

Painting of Lenin's working on an article.

The text of Lenin.

Photo of the Kremlin.

Newsreel 1920: Moscow street view from the top.

The newspaper "Pravda" with the announcement of the beginning of the 10 Congress of the RCP (b).

The text of Lenin's speech at the congress.

Newsreel 1920: building entrance All-Russian Central Executive Committee (Central Executive Committee).

Cars with delegates approaching the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Delegate gets out of the car and enters the building of the palace.

KE Voroshilov registered delegate to Congress (Figure).

Newsreel 1920: The car drove up to the delegates to the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Group photo of delegates.

Lenin takes notes during a meeting of the Congress.

The text of Lenin's New Economic Policy.

Photo Lenin, speaking at the congress.

People listen to Lenin.

Verbatim Record 10 Congress of the RCP (b).

Game footage: sailors applauded.

Key words

Famine in Russia


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure
Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and politician, military leader







CPSU activity; Agriculture; Industry; Trains; Political figures
Domestic policy; Policy; Sectors of the economy; Transportation; Biography

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos: send campaign literature to the village.

Newsreel: a person buys a newspaper.

Photo of a man reading a newspaper.

Text on a sheet of newspaper.

Photos of agitation trains.

The title page of Lenin's pamphlet "The Tax".

Photo assembly workers.

Newsreel beginning of the 1920s: people sitting on logs, listen to speakers at the rally.

Persons arguing people.

People listen to a speaker at the rally.

EM stands Yaroslavl

He speaks from the podium.

People listen to the speaker.

Collection of peasant women.

Woman stands.

Women listen to a speech.

Texts peasant letters in the newspaper "the poor" to replace the surplus tax.

Newsreel: blacksmiths forge plowshares for plows.

Farmers repairing agricultural implements.

The face of the peasant.

People are repairing the bridge over the river.

People mow the grass.

Ripening wheat.

Poster showing a famine in the Volga region.

Map of areas affected by famine.

A banner reading "Help!".

Newsreel, 1922: Woman collects ears in the field.

Ramshackle hut.

Mature woman eats the remains of bread.

Pictures of starving Volga.

Newsreel 1920: Gorky AM of the floor.

Photo: General view of the meeting, which acts MI Kalinin

Portrait of Kalinin.

Portrait of AV Lunacharsky

Portrait of KS Stanislavsky

Portrait of Gorky.

Newsreel 1920: Vladimir Mayakovsky at work.

Posters calling for the fight against hunger.

The train approaches the station.

Photo: People stand on a steam train.

The text of a newspaper article about famine relief.

Photo Lenin, reading a newspaper.


The text on the ribbon against the backdrop of a group photo of the peasants.

Newsreel 1920: a moving locomotive.

Painting of Lenin at the telegraph.

Text ticker tape on the background of photos of people working on the grind.

Landscape from the window of a moving car.

Railway track.

Newsreel, 1920: People on the streets.

People eat in the mess hall.

Photo of children standing in line for soup.

Photos famine relief.

Newsreel, 1920: people laid to cart vegetables before sending it to the market.

A woman carries a cart products to market.

A general view of the market.

The building is one of the factory buildings, of people passing out.

Production of buckets in the factory.

People buy in lavke.vedra and zinc trough.

The buyer tries cap.

Trade in textile products on the market.

Sign shops private trader.

Buyers and sellers in the market.

Hands butcher.

Butcher cut up the carcass.

Sausage and ham on the counter of the store.

Knife, cut the ham.

Buyers at the counter.

People buy fur products.

Woman rides in a cab.

People sit in the restaurant.

People dancing in the restaurant.

Woman sitting at a table.

People dancing.

Plays the saxophone.

People dancing.

People on the street in front of shops.

Advertising open a shop.

The workers on the factory floor.

Work speaks at a rally.

Panorama of the plant on the river bank.

Fuming factory chimney.

Newsreel, 1920: People are clearing from scrap metal construction site.

Type of construction site.

Workers suffer cast iron parts.

Shop weaving factory.

Weavers working at their machines.

People are working on the construction of the power plant.

People roll of large diameter pipes.

Unloading barges with firewood in Petrograd.

Locomotive assembly in the factory shop.

Key words

Famine in Russia NEP


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - statesman and political figure
Yaroslavsky Yemelyan M. (Gubelman Izrailevich Saints) - a political and party leader
Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure
Lunacharsky Anatoly Vasilyevich - public, political and cultural figures
Gorky Gorky - writer
Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky - director, theatrical figure
Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky - a poet







Agriculture; Trade; Industry; Construction
Sectors of the economy